An Open Letter to My Friends attending the American Renaissance Conference

Commentary By David Duke

Also listen to Dr. Duke’s radio show today with Dr. Patrick Slattery on this vital subject.

Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery discuss American Renaissance!

I have known Jared Taylor and his wife for a long, long time. I consider them friends and wish them the best in all things.

I have attended some Amren conferences and must say I have counted as my friends many of the leading lights of these conferences. For instance, the recently late phillippe RushtonGlayde_WhitneyProf. J. Philippe Rushton lent me a great deal of his time in helping do some final edits and proofreading of the scientific parts of my book, My Awakening. Prof. Glayde Whitney, the former President of the Behavior Genetics Association, who has also passed on, was impressed enough by my book to write a brilliant and brave introduction. He paid a steep price for writing it, but he weathered the storm and told me it that stepping up and doing it was one of the things he was most proud of in his life.

In the years after he wrote the introduction, my youngest daughter studied under him, a protégé of his at Florida State. I wasn’t the least jealous that she seemed to love him almost as much as she loved me. For all of us who knew Glayde loved him dearly. His death was a great blow to both me and my daughter.

A number of people have written me and asked me if I am attending the Amren conference this year. I won’t be attending. Jared has requested over the last few years that I don’t attend because I am deemed too controversial for the conference. So please know that if I could attend I would, but I certainly respect the wishes Jared Taylor and the others who work hard to put on the conference.

So, from afar, I want to offer some ideas that I cannot share in your presence at the conference, and perhaps, if you appreciate my work and my efforts, you might copy this letter from my Internet site and share it among friends at the conference, and perhaps share the link for this letter from www.DavidDuke.com.

The Big Hairy Gorilla in the Room

(That too many of us don’t dare to speak about)

A lot will be said at the conference about the loss of the rights and heritage of European Americans. But I am afraid that the most fundamental reason for that loss will go unspoken.

I believe that it is critical that we all begin to tell the truth about the architects of our genocide, for only through the overthrow of the alien ethnic supremacist overlords who have seized academia, media, politics and finance, do I believe that victory is possible.

Many articles in Amren talk for instance about affirmative action, such as the endemic racial discrimination against European Americans in academia.  Here is some really straight talk I hope that you will respect and appreciate.

The most critical purview of racial discrimination in America is in the elite universities of the United States. Harvard, the Ivy League and a handful of other elite schools are the pinnacle of academia and the primary source for the rulers of the rest of academia,  as well as media, finance and politics. In short, it is the source of the real elite of America, and through America’s immense military, media and financial power, it is the source of a great portion of the rulers globalist world.

Discrimination against you by the elite universities is far, far worse than discrimination you might face in a particular job or promotion. Nothing can affect your future success in America more than the university you attend. So unlike a job you can change, your university affects you dramatically for the rest of your life. It also has a huge affect upon your potential  earnings and your opportunity to hold positions of great influence. So not only does it affect your career, it can greatly affect the leadership and direction of the nation.

It is true that African Americans and Hispanics of lower student qualifications are often given preference over European Americans in many American universities.

But in the elite universities of the United States, European Americans are far more victims of racial discrimination in favor of Jews than of discrimination on behalf of African Americans or Hispanics.

I consider Ron Unz of The American Conservative as a Jewish tribal defector. He has quietly joined the side of true human rights and has indirectly dared to expose the Jewish tribalist overlords who rule America and drive the destructiveness of Zio Globalism.

In his article, Myth of American Meritocracy, he shows that Jews who are only 1.8 percent of college age population comprise an astounding 25 percent of Harvard and the Ivy League.

European Americans, who are about 68 percent of the population and about 68 percent of the highest merited students by ability and academic record, now comprise only 20 percent of Harvard, and with similar numbers across the Ivy League.

The primary beneficiaries of this discrimination are not African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and certainly not Asian Americans.

They are Jews, massive numbers of Jews with less merit than millions of better-qualified European American students.

And I repeat, the vast majority are of less academic merit.

jewish discrimination chart harvard1

Ron Unz shows that at Harvard Jewish students are overrepresented by a ratio of 1,500 percent (15 to 1) than their merit would allow. They also have a 750 percent overrepresentation than their actual merit over Asians. So Asians face this racial discrimination as well as European Americans.

Of course the Jewish-dominated media completely suppress this information. In fact, The NY Times and other Jewish media completely switch it around and tell the world that European Americans are the beneficiaries of racial discrimination against Asians and others! They do this statistical jujitsu by throwing in Jews with non-Jewish European Americans so it appears that European Americans are being favored over Asian Americans.

In fact, better qualified Asians and European Americans are being massively discriminated against by Jews, and European Americans actually face twice the discrimination that Asians face.

Now this is the same media that condemns the quotas limiting Jews in the Ivy league in the 1930s. When Jews are supposedly the victims of quotas and discrimination by non-Jewish Whites it is characterized as horrific discrimination and racism, but when non-Jewish European Americans are massively discriminated against in favor of less qualified Jews, it becomes a non issue.  How in the world can Asians be discriminated against in favor of “Whites” when 97 percent of Whites, non-Jewish Whites are twice as discriminated against as Asians?

Interestingly enough, the massive discrimination against European Americans is drmatically worse than anything alleged in the 1930s’ quotas against Jews. Jews at Harvard fell to 15 percent of the student admissions.  At only 3 percent of the population, Jews were 500 percent overrepresented by percentage of population over Christian students.

If today Harvard and the Ivy League discriminated against Jews by the same rate we are discriminated against on the basis of merit today, Jews right now at Harvard wouldn’t be 25 percent of the students, they would be a fraction of one percent.

jewish discrimination chart harvard2

Ron Unz does us another favor in his article. He documents the fact that Jews control the administration of these elite universities. So, the massive discrimination against European Americans is orchestrated completely by Jews. It is not do-gooder Whites who are committing this crime against our people, it is completely driven by Jews and for Jews. Of course, that is not to say there are not European American collaborators, there are many. But, never get the idea there is some sort of conspiratorial partnership between elite Whites and elite Jews, for there is clearly a master/servant relationship here.

The truth is that there is no elite conspiracy of the type alleged by Alex Jones. There is one simple reality in America. It is the same reality in academia, as it is in media, in government and in finance. The Jewish supremacists sit as tribal rulers over us. There are Gentile collaborators, or better defined as traitors, but the simple fact is that the 98 percent non-Jewish population which suffers from Jewish tribal tyranny. And all Americans suffer from the Jewish tribal hegemony, not just those of European descent.

This master/servant relationship is easy to prove. It is not a true partnership between elite,  rich Jews and Gentiles.  For the Jewish elite can promote a Jewish state, Jewish discrimination and massive Jewish financial ripoffs and Zio wars. While non-Jewish European Americans are relentlessly driven to dispossession and oblivion.

The Jewish elite can harm the Gentile world and hurt the financial wealth of most Gentile businesses and individuals, while Jewish interests and those of Israel are always paramount.  Take for instance the two largest corporate entities in the world, Apple and Microsoft. Do they benefit and sell more Ipads and software from the massive Zio wars? Of course not. Do they benefit from the trillions of dollars ripped off by the Zio international banks such as Goldman Sachs? But they know that if they dare to oppose these Zionist wars or the Zio bankster  ripoff artists, that Jewish influence in politics and the judiciary would get them prosecuted for anti-trust or some sort of other excuse to destroy them. The Jewish media bosses would also begin trashing them and their products incessantly until they would be brought to their knees.

Why must we European Americans remain silent while these racial supremacists destroy our  people and we are genocided and obliterated? Why are we ethnically cleansed even from the universities our own forebears established?

The sad thing is that Apple and Microsoft might not be able to speak out, but we can, and it is almost sinful if we don’t. If we truly want an American renaissance, we must understand that the battle is ultimately won or lost on one question:

Will the Jewish tribalist overlords be overthrown?

That is the one question upon which every speech at the conference ultimately will hinge.

So that is a quick sketch of the big, hairy, nasty gorilla in the room that should be pretty damn plain for all to see.

In the most important area of racial discrimination in America, the elite academia from where the rulers of America come…European Americans face discrimination by Jews and overwhelmingly for Jews.

Interestingly enough, it can be seen that as Jews have consolidated their power, European Americans have dropped precipitously in the universities. But, surprisingly, even the percentages of African Americans and Hispanic Americans as well as Asian Americans have declined in the most recent years!

My friends, they want it all. They will not let anything stand in the way of their total dominance, their total tyranny while they busily preside over our genocide. Ironically, they destroy us even while they use us and our fading strength to reign in and subjugate a zio-globalist world. Of course they use our money and our blood to do it.

You will be listening at this conference to all the sad facts about the decline of the West, about horrific immigration, terrible crime, cultural degeneration, every kind of destruction of the European people. But,  at some point we must confront the source of all this anti-White, genocidal perfidy!

However, the reason you are at this conference is because you recognize that your people face destruction.

There is one overriding reason why we face destruction. It is the annihilation  of our people orchestrated by Jewish supremacists. They had to weaken and divide our people so they could replace us and take control over the wealth and power of America.

In a sense that division can be seen that even at this conference. No one can speak about the greatest source of our woe, even though this is a conference about our survival, and about our renaissance. Once again we are divided by the same overlords and their considerations rather than our ultimate survival.

The reason why African Americans are being incited to violence and hate against our people is because Zio Hollywood and the mainstream Jewish media love it when non-Europeans hate and seek to harm their historic enemy, which of course is you and me.

It was not African Americans who brought the sick anti-White, violent, bloody hate of Django to the big screen. African Americans are not the ones who teach White people to hate themselves. The Jewish tribalists such as the Weinstein Bros. are the ones who do that.

African Americans were not responsible for the mass media praise and promotion of this film and it’s academy awards,  Jewish tribalists did that.

The truth is that African Americans, in similar fashion to European Americans, are suffering mightily too. They are even more affected by the Zio media and music promotion of alcohol and drugs, sex and degeneracy, violence and blood. Our own children as well are affected by this sick Zio pathology,  and many of our own are also victims of increased violence from the growing non-White community. No one should be victims of interracial or intraracial hate and violence.

Mexican Americans were not the ones who changed American immigration laws and kept the government from enforcing the integrity of our borders. Jewish tribalists did that.

African Americans and Mexican Americans and for that matter, Muslim Americans are not the ones who by way of TV and smartphones bring the disgusting sickness of the Kardashians or Paris Hilton into the bedrooms of your daughters  or granddaughters. Jewish tribalists do that.

African Americans and Mexican Americans are not the ones who tell your kids in countless films that drug and alcohol abuse are cool. Jewish tribalists do it.

African Americans are not the ones who destroyed your schools, your cities, your communities. For your schools, and cities and communities were still intact until the Jewish tribalists took over and changed the very structure of our society. And the beneficiaries of it all really weren’t African Americans, who now have millions in jail or enslaved by drugs, or hobbled by disease, or afflicted by massive levels of violence.

There can be no American renaissance until the Jewish tribalist overlords are overthrown.

The one bright light in the sea of darkness for our people is that our people and every people on Earth are awakening to the real threat against every race on this planet, including the European people.

At this perilously late juncture, I am happy to see the continued work of American Renaissance to create increased understanding and respect for the differences among mankind and the right of every people to preserve their unique expressions of humanity. This is at the very core of my own beliefs, for us and for all.

And I also know, that there can be no salvation for our people, or for the world unless the tyranny of the alien Jewish overlords is overthrown.

We are still the vast majority.

Our path to our salvation  is breaking the their chains over our minds and hearts.

I believe that a revolution in thought and action can take place at a lightning speed in the a digital world.

I share your beliefs as you know.

But, I also know that there is absolutely no path to survival and freedom for our people…

No path to the infinite stars above, for our sacred progeny, unless the enemies of our people and of all mankind are deposed from power.

This is my one overriding task now.

There is nothing even remotely as important  as the task of defeating the Jewish supremacists who rule over us.

It is time to rethink everything in this existential crisis we now face.

Only when the Jewish extremist overlords are put on the defensive by relentless exposure of the evil they do to us and all humanity, can we survive, much less have a renaissance.

Please spread the word person to person of this ultimate truth.

No matter what messages are delivered from the podium, make sure this message permeates to our own elite.

Anyone who purposefully covers up, or facilitates, or supports the Jewish tribalism that dominates America, is an enemy of our people. The Jewish power over us is the ultimate source of our genocide.

Any Jew or any Gentile, no matter what he preaches on any individual subject, is an enemy of our people if he defends the Jewish tribalists, and Jewish organizations that control so much of our society. He is an enemy if he minimizes it.

Gilad Atzmon, who is of Jewish descent makes it clear. No Jew can be anti-Zionist and no Jew can be on the side of freedom as long as he supports Jewish loyalty, networking and the Jewish organized community. Jewish tribalism and power in finance and politics and media are the driving force of our destruction. This is independent of any individual Jew who might say things we agree with. Anyone who facilitates the tribalism of the Jewish community, ultimately supports the Genocide of the European American people, and ultimately  their subjection of all peoples on Earth.

Only when this truth is fully understood, can we pave the way for a European American renaissance!

But, across the world, I know that our people are awakening on this subject and I ask you among your friends to relentlessly focus on this subject.

Understanding it, and dedicating ourselves to the overthrow of the Jewish tribalist overlords. It is the only path to our survival.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. David Duke

Also listen to Dr. Duke’s radio show today with Dr. Patrick Slattery on this vital subject. Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery discuss American Renaissance!