Human Diversity

Police Looting — Sign of the Times

By David Duke

MSNBC reporter Martin Savage asks the three Black female cops who are looting baskets full of shoes: “What are you doing here?”

Black female New Orleans cop: “I’m doing my job.”

MSNBC reporter: “Taking shoes?”

Black female cop: “No. Looking for Looters.”

MSNBC reporter: “Looking for looters? …And what do you do when you find them, cause I think I see one! [pointing out that the officer herself was one]”

Black female cop: “Get ‘em out the store that’s all I can do with them right now.”

MSNBC reporter: “Uh huh, but they are all around us though.”

Black female cop: “That’s what I see, including you. What are you doing in here?”

MSNBC reporter: “I haven’t taken anything.”

….MSNBC Reporter: “In a city where their mayor has just said he believes that hundreds if not thousands may be dead; the looting of one Walmart does not rank very high in the Richter scale of problems. However, when you have the police in there looting that is a problem. Because if the breakdown of law and order happens on the very first day after the hurricane how far will it go in a couple of days?”

He was right of course. We have seen the tragedy that has happened over the past few days in New Orleans. We saw hundreds of officers (mostly African-American) desert their posts and leave helpless citizens for the prey of savages who raped, murdered, robbed and threw the city into a Somalia-like environment.

ABC quoted one female tourist as saying that when she asked one of these African-American police officer for help, he told her, “Go to hell! It’s every man for himself.”

The few decent police officers left ended up trapped in their own police stations from the raging Black mobs, until rescued by the National Guard which finally poured in with automatic weapons and orders to “shoot to kill!”

Now in the face of this, for daring to expose the anti-White hatred, assaults, rape and murder that has gone in New Orleans, I have received a flood of emails from the pitifully brainwashed condemning me for simply protesting this horrendous racist assault against Whites. White people have been subject to the worst of racial abuse and physical attacks by raging mobs of savagely behaving Black predators, yet, nobody is screaming bloody murder about their racist atrocities. I am the one supposed to be guilty of hate for exposing it!

As you know, when certain liberals and blacks condemn the exceedingly rare racist attack against Blacks, they don’t get any emails saying that by doing so they are haters. But, if you are White and you protest racially targeted rape and murder, God save you from the abuse that will be heaped upon your head.

Now the media is in an orgy of covering all kinds of Black leaders who claim that White racism was the reason why the National Guard wasn’t sent in earlier. Aren’t these the same people who claim that every time police get tough with Black crime they are racists?

Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, blasted “disparate treatment” of Katrina victims, referring to alleged reports of Whites, not blacks, being able to flee in boats.

Rapper Kanye West, appearing on “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” simulcast Friday night from New York on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Pax, said America was set up to help black people as slow as possible. West added, “They’ve given them permission to go down and shoot us.”

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., actually called on Americans not to harshly judge wrongdoers”: “Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?”

So now the big issue in the controlled press is whether the government is racist or not because of the slow response to stop the mayhem. In this bizarro media we live under Whites are being criticized for racism, at the very same time Blacks are physically targeting, assaulting and, terrorizing Whites on a massive scale. And hardly a word is uttered about it!

The media has done everything it could to suppress the story of racial murder and rape and mayhem against Whites. To accuse White officials of racism or incompetence is no problem, but to point out the undeniable facts of Black incompetence and neglect racism, murder, and brutality will bring instant condemnation, not against the perpetrators, but against those who dare to object to it!

It is not White racism that caused this bloody disaster. It is a media that cultivates racism and hatred in Black people toward White people by a chronic portrayal of Whites as racist. And, it is blindness to racial differences that precisely led to this disaster. U.S. government administrators, bogged down with attention to Iraq rather than the United States, believed all of the establishment’s egalitarian malarky. They thought people in the face of human suffering from the storm would pitch in and help each other and help the helpless, pull together in the face of hardship. Oblivious to racial realities, the administrators concentrated on rescue and food relief and the attempt to procure shelter for those forced from their homes. They thought that the overwhelming African-American population of New Orleans would act like decent human beings. They didn’t. And that behavior hurt both their own people and White people in the city.

It must also be admitted that the Black administration did a damn poor job as well. The City, for instance, has over 350 shiny public transportation buses which could have evacuated the people rather quickly, about 12,000 per trip! But they sat idle while the Black mayor was screaming that the federal authorities were not doing enough to evacuate the people.

A number of commentators are claiming that somehow that Whites are really the ones responsible for all the Black viciousness. It was White racism and the racist environment of America that caused Black folks in such great numbers to behave like …well, for the sake of propriety, I will let you fill in the appropriate description.

New Orleans happens to be in the United States of America. The perpetrators of these heinous acts have lived all their lives here, gone to American schools, were immersed in American culture, had the opportunities of the American education and economic system. Most of their ancestors have been here for at least a hundred and fifty years many of them for over 350 years!

Yet, at the very first sign of cracks in law and order, they reverted to the savagery that we witness in Africa every day and in a matter of hours transformed a great American city war into an image more resembled war torn Somalia than the rest of United States. The breakdown occurred all through the system, from the almost entirely African-American city government administration and African-American Police Chief on down to the officers in the streets such as shown by the police looting in Walmart.

They were too slow to understand that when savages take over a city and shoot rescuers and aid-givers that relief cannot be delivered to the truly needy. They just couldn’t believe it when roving carloads of Blacks terrorized and forced sick and frail elderly from their homes, and sick and suffering children from their hospital beds in an orgy of looting, license, murder, rape and mayhem.

For pointing this out, protesting it, and demanding an end to this evil, I am the one the media calls inhuman and hateful, racist and evil! How the world is turned upside down my friends.

While many people, both Black and White, suffered from the storm, more were were terrified from the inhumanity of the Black mobs than from the forces of nature. George Bush, and the man in charge of the security and safety of this nation, the Director of Homeland Security and top supervisor of FEMA, Michael Chertoff, has the responsibility for our citizens’ safety. That’s his job.

He failed. He failed in such a spectacular way that he could be charged for the first mass murder by negligent homicide. As the biggest disaster in American history unfolded, he stood around at the White House taking credit for the emergency response in New Orleans and posing for the press and praising his administrators whom he said were doing such a wonderful job in New Orleans.

This while raging Black mobs where terrorizing their fellow African-Americans and especially targeting White men women and families in something that resembled more an old Tarzan movie than the United States of America. If any official ever deserved to be fired, Chertoff does.

Although this may sound outlandish to many, but I can prove the fact that over a year before 911, Michael Chertoff defended Magdy Elamir in a New Jersey Court. Elamir is believed to be the man who financed the 911 attacks. The Chairman of the US Congress House International Relations Committee, Ben Gilman says Mady Elamir, who was Chertoff’s client, had quote, “financial ties to Osama bin Laden for years.” So now we have Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, closely tied to the two greatest disasters of American history. Now that’s quite a record. But, Chertoff is safe in his job as this radical Jewish supremacist is right where the Jewish dominated media wants him to be.

Just as the media has suppressed this sensational story, that the Head of Homeland Security had ties before 911 with a man financed the radicals at the Mosque where the first WTC bombing was planned in 1993 and who financed bin Laden for years, so the press has worked to suppress the story of horrendous Black racial attacks on White people in New Orleans.

At least with the Internet we can get out these provable facts to people who would know almost nothing about it from the mass media. We can also offer our commentary so people can have a better understanding of the big picture and what New Orleans portends for the rest of the nation. We can blow the whistle on the traitors in Washington that demographically transform us from a First World to a Third World nation.

In past years, before the Internet existed, the only source of instantly transmitted written, video and audio news and commentary was from the controlled media. Now that has changed. But it is up to everyone reading this to make available to your fellow European-Americans the information available on and

This tragedy, as horrible as it is, at least affords us an opportunity of letting our people learn a terrible lesson that may help prevent further tragedies like this one. We must help our people learn this lesson and avert the unfolding tragedy befalling the Western World.

Think about it, without the blessings of multiculturalism, multiracialism and massive immigration our nations would not endure the intolerable rates of non-White criminality visited almost every European-American major city. We would not endure the enormous economic losses from this criminality, and the inflated criminal justice system necessary to deal with it. Without their hugely disproportionate numbers on welfare, we wouldn’t face the overwhelming gobbling up of social services, medical and educational resources. We would not have endured the 911 tragedy or the Metro bombings in London. We would not find ourselves losing our constitutional rights and freedoms in response to these burgeoning threats.

I am not the only one to predict these things, but I have been writing and speaking and warning about them since I was a teenager in the 1960s when the population of America and Britain and France and Belgium and Scandinavia were far more ethnically European, and of far higher European standards and culture. I talked of the coming dangers when I got over 60 percent of the White vote in two statewide elections in Louisiana.

When I was a teenager, America was still a 90 percent White nation, when hurricane Betsy struck hard against the city of New Orleans, when we had a White mayor and almost entirely White police force and a safe and excellent school system, there was no mass rape, murder and mayhem against the White people. Nor did Black people face the horror that has gone on over the past few days. There was order, organization, civility, human kindness and the best of human traits that seem to emerge in crisis. Could you even imagine the cops casually looting before the TV cameras during those times?

No one shot at good Samaritans in boats or helicopters. No one forced sick elderly or children from their hospital beds. There were no mass rapes in refugee centers for God’s sake.

There are those who call me a hater while they call themselves purveyors of love and human goodness.

My dear friends, when America and New Orleans were run by men who said openly what I say today, what were the conditions like for both Blacks and Whites? What was the level of love, kindness and human goodness?

Were our jails bursting, our streets burdened with crime, drugs and murder?

Were half the young Black men in the major cities of America either in jail, awaiting trial, or on probation or on parole for serious crimes?

Were such a heartbreaking number of Black people enslaved by drugs, were their families as broken and fractured as they are today?

Were the schools places where one was more concerned about being beaten and raped than about learning, and where standards of learning were as they are today, on Third World levels?

Who was the cause of this destruction of our state and of our nation? I read an article recently bemoaning the damage that “David Duke has done to Louisiana by being elected to the House of Representatives.” I also read of the proud accounts how the media and establishment got rid of pesky ole me. Now what do you have?

Is it I that caused this journey into darkness, crime, ignorance, inhumanity, or have I been in this state the most prominent, almost lone political voice opposing it?

I find no joy, no pleasure in saying that I was right, that my predictions are coming true for New Orleans and America. My heart breaks to see what is happening to our people, our once great city, and our fast-fading nation.

I am painted as a person who hates minorities, but unlike many ivory tower liberals who never hardly been around Blacks, I have lived among them all during my childhood and younger years and worked, ate, conversed, even played sports along side of them. In politics I have met many I came to trust and respect, including that famous Black leader James Meredith. And he trusted and respected me enough to urge the people of Louisiana to elect me governor!

If I would see a Black family or child was in danger I would not hesitate to try to save him or her. But don’t ask me not to save the White children and the White families of my community, of my city, of my nation when they are threatened with rape, assault and murder!

Ignoring group reality, race reality, has put White children and adults in extreme danger. It is transforming our society into something completely alien to what America was and was meant to be.

Look at us now. How much of America is “America” any longer. How much of America is on the verge of becoming like Africa, or like Mexico, or God knows what?

I don’t want this tragedy to befall us. I have dedicated my life to preserving and preventing the destruction of my people and reconstructing society based on sound and healthy principles that will not only restore excellence, beauty, and security to our nation, but will even allow our people to someday go the stars — to literally touch the heavens.

It seems strange to speak of that vision in the midst of all the utter degradation and desolation occurring in the city I love so much, the city of my boyhood home, the city in the nation our European-American forefathers built. But, I will hold fast to my vision of what America can be and to the fundamental truths that are demonstrated to us every day and every hour by reality rather than a false liberal dream of love and kindness that only has created the basest brutality and inhumanity.

Can you see the truth that New Orleans has laid out so graphically before you?

Can you embrace it and let it help motivate you and our people to survival?

The time is now. A dark tomorrow will take us all unless we act. Night approaches. Let us gather together in the fading light. Let us light a beacon of love and hope for our people and prepare to tear through the dark skies if need be and find the dawn that follows the storm.

Yours for our heritage and freedom!

David Duke