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A Powerfully Revealing letter and My Answer

Even after it was shown that 8 and 9 year old little girls and boys were raped and vivisected in the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., actually called on Americans not to harshly judge wrongdoers: “Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?”

A Powerfully Revealing Letter and My Response–
By David Duke

Here is a letter from Simon. It is typical of the hate letters that condemn me for exposing and condemning the rampage of vicious racial attacks against White people in New Orleans.

Mr. Duke,

You really are the scum of the earth. Your article, “New Orleans Descends into Africa-Like Savagery” is blatantly racist and biased, and shows no compassion or consideration for those trapped in New Orleans. I’m utterly dumbfounded as to how you could even fathom the thoughts in your article, let alone write and post them.

People like you are the scum of the earth.


My Response

You sir, are clearly the one with no compassion. You feel no compassion or sympathy for the Whites who are falling victim to Black racial attacks, brutality, and inhumanity

I vigorously condemn the rare White person or group of Whites who would attack innocent African-Americans. I have sympathy for the victims of such attacks and I’m outraged that any people of my heritage and culture would do such a thing to an innocent.

But where is your outrage for these attacks against White people?

I bet you would be livid if massive numbers of Whites were screaming racial abuse at Blacks, raping and beating and murdering Black women and children.

But, my poor hypocritical friend, why are you calling me scum for protesting the Black brutalities against White people?

Where is your outrage about these racial atrocities against Whites?

You call me “the scum of the earth” but where is your venom for those who rape, assault and murder? Why don’t you call them “the scum of the earth”?

You had better look at yourself and then you’ll see that you are everything you think you despise in me.

You are a perfect example and a product of the incredibly anti-White racism and hypocrisy exercised by the mass media in America and around the world. It has gotten to the point where a White person can’t even protest the intentional rape and murder of our people without himself being condemned!

The media voices its outrage over the rare White racial attack against non-Whites but makes excuses and actually offers sympathy for Blacks who are committing massive numbers of atrocities against Whites.

Maybe by sharing your email and my reasoned response, other people may begin to see some of the hypocrisy in their own thinking and realize how they have been manipulated by the media. The hypocrisy is so blatant, the double standard so damn obvious, and yet those hypocrisies are never brought to light by the mainstream media or by the politicians.

Thank you for writing for I will share your letter and my response to it with the world.


Former Member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, and President of EURO

David Duke