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What about the Human Rights of Whites?

Does This White Child Also Deserve Human Rights?

What about the Human Rights of Whites?

Recently I met a gentleman in an Eastern European restaurant I will identify by his first name only. He was a pleasant Italian fellow named Jose. We exchanged a few pleasantries and as I always do, I explained I was American, but that I do not agree with the policies of George Bush. We spoke about the evils of the Iraq War and I explained to him how the war was not an American war or American imperialism, but it was a war for Israel which was actually doing great harm to America. I gave him my website address,

A couple of days later he looked it up, read it hastily, and fired off a scathing email. I answered him and I think he saw some of the logic behind my position of decrying the Black hatred and inhumanity to Whites in the disaster torn city of New Orleans. Then he sent me an email, without any abuse and simply containing the following statement:


For my answer–

So, I wrote him once more. I think my letter to Jose explains my position for those who can still think a little for themselves. I think it also offers for our own people an expression of our own morality in this struggle for our heritage and freedom and affords a way that we can express it that brings more light than heat. Here it is:

Dear Jose,

You know Jose, it may seem pretty damn strange to you, I know, but I believe in many of the same things that you do. I desire the same thing for all the people of the world that I want for my own — for them to be free and for them to preserve, maintain and enrich their heritage. I think that’s what you mean by the same rights. And in this we can completely agree.

I think that we all, no matter what our differences, have a right to preserve our culture, our way of life, the style of our community, government, and civilization that suits us and our children. I don’t think anyone should be subjected to brutality, murder or repression — including my own people in our own communities. I believe the Black people, Yellow people, Red people, all people, have a right to live, but it is so important in this hypocritical world to say: and so do we people of European heritage!


I defend my people when we are attacked, when we are threatened, when we are excoriated and portrayed to be evil by the media. If a non-White defended his people in that way, I think you’d applaud. But, we in the West have been taught to hate ourselves or at best not give a damn if our unique and beautiful expression of life on this planet is driven out of existence.

What you don’t seem to understand yet, is that our people are dying. I don’t know what I can do or say to make you care about that, for you have endured a lifetime of media propaganda that teaches that it really makes no difference if Whites cease to exist as a people, if our characteristics, our mores, our physical expressions of beauty, the continuation of our traditions and our ways are ended for all time. The current in vogue propaganda is that we as White people don’t really exist, that race itself doesn’t exist, that race is just a social construct with no basis in reality. So if we don’t exist, what is there to defend or preserve?

Of course, none of that drivel is permissible rhetoric when discussing other races. How many countless articles have been written about the threat to a particular people or culture around the world? Have you not read hundreds of articles and seen hundreds of references in the media that the greatest evil in the history of the world was the alleged attempt to wipe out the Jewish people in Europe during the Second World War? Non-Jewish politicians all over the world talk boldly about how Israel must continue as a “Jewish State” without any fear of the slightest criticism. But we Europeans, who are concerned about our own ancient homelands enduring as “European,” are condemned. We who are concerned about the preservation of our people are labelled as “haters” and “bigots” and “evil.”

You don’t really know the realities of New Orleans or its history. That’s why you don’t understand why I am so upset about what is happening to my city and people. Natural disasters are one thing my friend, but when people die by the hundreds or thousands because of savage behavior, or when my own people are targeted and attacked because of racial hatred … and I am talking about children, women, old people, anyone who happens to be White, it disgusts and angers me, and justifiably so.

I grew up in one of the most wonderful cities in the world, with great art, music, food, and community spirit that was beautiful and brotherly. All of that, over the short period of the last 30 years, has been eroded away. When I went to school in New Orleans it was mostly White. The Whites who attended their own schools were safe and sound and the Blacks in their own schools were safe as well. There was none of the hatred and tension between the races that resulted when they were forced to live together against their will by the Federal Government. Many Whites and Blacks lived side-by-side in some of the old neighborhoods in New Orleans, but the social structure was separate and each culture was preserved and frankly, relations were overwhelmingly good between the races.

Do you have any idea what the racial percentages of our schools are in New Orleans right now? They are 94% Black, 3 percent other, and only 3 percent White! Living in Europe, I bet you had no idea of that fact. Don’t think for one minute that such a situation will not eventually come to Europe.

Do you have any idea of the racial abuse with which those White children must contend?

I don’t think you have an iota of understanding because the media does not tell you about that. All they tell you is how Black people are downtrodden by Whites.

Don’t you know how anti-White and hateful, violent and disrespectful of White people and of women gangster rap is? Don’t you know this is now the predominant music of Blacks and, sad to say, of too many young Whites as well, and is promoted by the Jewish-dominated record industry.

Do you have any idea of the huge amount of drugs, brutality, robbery, rape, intimidation and even murder there is in the Black community these days, and in the Black majority schools? It is like a nightmare, Jose. It all came to full bloom after the hurricane.

Even without a Hurricane Katrina, it is hell for those Black kids and frankly it is even more of a hell for the tiny, terrorized White minority who are hated and psychically attacked by the Blacks.

The media acts like the situation doesn’t even exist. Most Americans are not very concerned about it because it is never talked about in these terms. If a beleaguered Black or even Jewish minority anywhere in the world faced such a horrible situation of racial attacks and abuse there would be non-stop media coverage expressing complete outrage.

In Europe you have probably heard a lot about the dragging death of one Black man in Jasper, Texas named James Byrd, Jr. but you have probably not heard a damn word about the tens of thousands of innocent White men, women and children who have been murdered, raped, robbed or abused by Black criminals. You don’t know any of their names, not even one of the White women and children who have been kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused for hours before they were suffocated or had their throat’s slashed.

I bet you can’t tell me the name of any one of the thousands of young European woman who have been the victim of non-European gang rape, or the hundreds who have died from such unspeakable atrocities.

You probably don’t even know that the cross racial crime ratio is at least 50 Whites attacked or hurt by Blacks for every one Black hurt by Whites!

Somehow this causes you no outrage, no anger.

But maybe you feel outrage because I am bringing up these horrible facts.

I don’t hate you Jose, and I wouldn’t insult you as you did me even before we got to really understand each other’s point of view. I think I do understand your point of view though because I once thought almost exactly as you do.

I experienced some grim realities which were very different than the reality and the theories portrayed by the media and I began to think for myself. I dared to read the forbidden books and listen to the forbidden thoughts. I found that there was a whole body of science, created by men at the absolute pinnacle of scientific thought that supported the idea that human population groups are intrinsically different, not only in skin color, but also in the physiological configuration of both body and brain, and in even more important psychological ways. The mainstream media doesn’t talk about it much but there is overwhelming scientific evidence that even personality has a powerful hereditary component that is at least equal to, if not more powerful than, environmental influence. These factors can actually be measured quantitatively. That’s another subject that can only be satisfied by a person’s willingness to research, read, and attempt to think critically about this vital subject.

I am not talking here about superior or inferior; I am talking about different. It is true that all races of humanity have a lot in common. We can all smile and laugh, cry and sing. But, we also have deep differences in personality and in the kinds of intelligence which are expressed in a variety of cultural, technological, and societal organizations around the world. If you travel the world and are really observant in a scientific, unprejudiced way, you will begin to see these powerful differences.

These differences can be good. They give us the variety and diversity of mankind which find expression in forms of beauty, life, and culture.

But when government bureaucrats force a population who doesn’t want immigration to be ethnically cleansed (and that is the right word for it) my friend, when the founders of their own societies are being ethnically cleansed from our own communities, something is damn wrong.

And that is precisely what is happening in Europe and America. If it continues, Europe will cease to be. The creators and sustainers of European culture will have vanished. What will Europe then resemble? Try North Africa, the Mideast, Middle Africa, South America, India or Asia. But, my friend, it will not resemble Europe or America.

The magnificent, beautiful people of Europe, the people who brought us Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Mozart, and a million other artistic and cultural treasures and achievements will be no more. I tell you they won’t even be remembered.

I am no alarmist. This is happening now and will continue to happen unless we change the deadly mechanism that is demonically accomplishing this evil goal. The destruction of a people is rightly called genocide and that is exactly what our people face. This is the greatest tragedy ever to befall our people in our long history, and ever to befall the world. The European people who have brought forth so much medicine, art, culture, beauty, and science are literally being wiped away, erased from this planet.

China is all Yellow, Africa all Black. Europe and America used to be overwhelmingly White nations. Soon they will have non-European majorities and ultimately White people will be just a vanishing minority themselves.

A perfect example is Sweden, a small nation with a beautiful people of only 9 million. In the space of only 25 years they have gone from all Swedish to a 15-20 percent non-Swedish population and this change is accelerating. The peaceful Swedes are suffering from gang rapes which they never suffered from before. Violence escalates. What is their future when the original Swedes themselves become only 15 to 20 percent of the population in an overwhelming non-Swedish, Muslim nation? Wake up my friend, for God’s sakes wake up! And by the way, I have nothing but respect for Muslim nations, and I side with them against the injustice of our Israeli, Jewish supremacist policies. But, we must claim the right to keep our own societies European!

Africa is a huge, immensely rich continent. There are hundreds of millions of Black Africans there. About a billion Indians live in India and surrounding nations, and a billion and one-third Chinese are thriving. Why can’t little Sweden and the rest of our small European homelands have the right to exist and prosper?

I am dedicated to the right of the people of Sweden to preserve their people and their nation. And I am dedicated to the right of all European homelands to do the same. Not because I am consumed with hatred toward others but because I am filled with love for my own people and I want them to continue to exist as a people, and to cherish their freedom and heritage!

I don’t see you as an enemy. Even though I may disagree with you, I understand that you have good intentions and you are sincerely promoting what you think is good and right. I will share this missive with millions of people around the world through the Internet. I know the same may apply to them. You who are reading this may well disagree with me.

Maybe you, Jose, and the other readers can find the wisdom to acknowledge that although you might not agree with all I say, I am simply someone with a different opinion about how to build a better world and that my intentions are honorable and decent We simply have differing ideas about how the world can work for the benefit of everyone.

One thing we can probably agree on. This world is in a damn fine mess. I believe that is because we fail to recognize the fundamentals of ethnic differences, and instead of trying to solve the world’s problems in cognizance of those differences, we pretend they don’t exist. Do you realize that the vast majority of wars and internal strife in nations are rooted in ethnic differences and the failure to structure things in recognition of that fact? The artificial nation of Yugoslavia was created with complete disregard for those differences. How much murder, bloodshed, and inhumanity has resulted because of that blindness? Yet, I am sure that the creators of Yugoslavia were thinking that in spite of those differences everyone would love one another. A nice thought that has produced incredible human brutality and suffering.

I am one of the most vocal Americans opposing the Iraq war and the insane level of bloodshed and insanity being engineered by the Jewish extremists in America and elsewhere. We are now approaching the goal of the Jewish supremacists — and it’s called World War IV in their Jewish Neocon lexicon and it will wash the world in blood.

I don’t want this war. I don’t want America to rule the world, and frankly the American people don’t want that either, it is the Jewish supremacists who dominate our media and government policies and who lie and tell us America is threatened by non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

I am not interested in ruling the world, but I damn well want to preserve my own nation and the European people wherever they may dwell. I believe in the right of all people everywhere in the world to do the same.

That’s why I am hated by the real racial supremacists, the Jewish supremacists who have such enormous power and influence in media, government and finance all over the Western world.

They seek to destroy all people, create an obscene tyrannical government and economy called globalism, and to destroy all real diversity on the planet. All people except, of course, their own “Chosen People” — “Chosen” with a capital “C”.

And admittedly this globalism is being launched from European and American soil. But,my friend, their target is not simply Iraq or the Third World. They are implementing their evil vision first right here in our own homelands.

All men and women of courage and honor must resist this growing evil.

If we don’t, we will not survive.

With my hand extended in friendship and with good wishes and good faith to you,

David Duke