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Crime Soars in New Orleans — Decreases in Mostly European-American Covington

Satellite Image showing immediate area of New Orleans at the Jefferson Parish line. Notice the Canal break on the Orleans side. My former House of Representatives district begins just on the other side of the canal to the west (your left). Jefferson officials worked heroically to seal the breach and keep the homes dry. Other parts of Jefferson were flooded by the rising swamps and the surge from the lake. Jefferson received almost no Federal help and had far less criminal problems than those areas which were almost entirely in the African American Parts of the Parish.

A Tale of Two Cities and of Bogus Claims of White Racism.

by David Duke

Crime Soars in New Orleans — Declines in Covington: White areas actually receive far less Federal help than the Black areas of New Orleans.

“…Police Chief Jerry DiFranco [Covington, LA] reported a drop in crime during the past week. ” (As reported by the Times Picayune Sept. 6, 2005)

As most of you know, my old family residence in New Orleans has been flooded and is a total loss, and my home and office in Mandeville-Covington have been severely damaged. Obviously, I know both of these areas very well, as I do scores of people who live in them. Since the storm, through media searches and from my many personal contacts and friends, I have been following the post-hurricane developments closely and have provided a clearing house for the information that the mass media has withheld.

America’s controlled media has been an orgy of recrimination against White people, even ultimately blaming White people and White racism for the carnage from Black murder, rape and mayhem that happened in New Orleans. Black leaders and many White media have actually said that White racism in government is to blame for the Congo-like brutality perpetrated against innocent people. White self-haters have even made excuses for those savages who butchered, raped and robbed the innocent survivors of the storm.

I would call the predators animals, but that term is not adequate to describe them. I view them as far lower than any part of the animal kingdom. In addition to their atrocities, these creatures caused even more deaths and suffering by attacking the police, rescue helicopters, and the many good Samaritans who tried to bring aid to those who were suffering so terribly.

It wasn’t White racism that caused this insane Congo-like brutality, just the opposite is true. It was Black racism, brutality, and savagery that prevented help from reaching the people.

There was certainly a great failing of Federal disaster relief, a failing which should warrant the firing of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff. As hundreds were dying from his neglect, Chertoff announced to the nation how he and his subordinates were in charge and doing a wonderful job.

But, make no mistake, the failure wasn’t one that simply occurred in the Black areas. It was a complete and overall failure for all areas, Black and White.

The easily proven fact is that Federal relief was focused FAR MORE on Black areas than White ones. As usual in racial matters the media has gotten everything entirely reversed.

New Orleans dominated the attention of the press and of Government showoffs like Chertoff. It was the focus of the Federal relief effort although other areas were hit just as hard and some areas hit even harder per capita. In fact, the overwhelmingly White areas of St. Bernard and Plaquemines were hit much harder than New Orleans. These areas suffered more extensive and severe flooding.

There were huge areas in New Orleans that suffered no flooding at all to where refugees could have fled. But in St. Bernard there were almost no dry areas to which refugees could flee. Scores of White elderly and otherwise helpless Whites have perished in their homes. Relief still, as of this writing, has not reached all of the suffering and dying. Part of the reason for this homicidal delay was the mayhem in New Orleans that diverted resources and attention from some of the hardest hit areas.

Mayor Broussard, President of the overwhelmingly White Jefferson Parish, from where I was elected to the House of Representatives, organized an heroic and successful effort to prevent flooding of the 17th St. Canal which was coming through the weakened levees on the Jefferson side of the Canal. I know the area intimately, as it was the boundary of my representative district when I served in the House of Representatives. It was saved by the heroic and well-organized efforts on that side of the canal, unlike the complete failure to protect the people by the Black administration on the New Orleans side.

Broussard said Federal help from FEMA and Homeland security was zero, and in fact they hindered more than helped the emergency in Jefferson. In an impassioned, sobbing plea for help he told of his Parish Emergency Response administrator who was in touch with his elderly mother trapped in a nursing home during the flooding of St. Bernard. For five days, believing what the Feds said, he repeatedly told his mother that help was coming. On the fifth day, after never receiving the promised help, she died.

I know Aaron Broussard well and although we were political opponents in the Louisiana Governor’s race he was always decent and respectful to me. To see the pain on his face and hear his recounting of this tragedy was one of the most moving things I have ever witnessed on television. It brought tears to my eyes.

Now, I will quote from some on-location reporting by of the Times-Picayune which, by the way, is a New Orleans area paper owned and run by the super-Zionist, pro-minority Newhouse family in New York. It is one of the most anti-White papers in the United States and it opposed me viciously when I ran for Governor. So the anti-White racists can’t call this paper a racist screed.

The article points out that Covington and Mandeville in St. Tammany, a hard hit, predominantly White area, got absolutely no Federal aid save for some bottled water and ice! Now that’s White racism at work folks! We have proof of it now.

You saw a tsunami of brutality and crime in New Orleans when the lights went out.

To illustrate how fierce the storm struck Covington, here is a picture of my place which was struck by not one, but THREE huge trees.

But what happened in these areas of St. Tammany when all the power went out in the storm, when lights, alarms and phone service also went out, and when the police hunkered down in their shelters and the looters and criminals ventured forth unimpeded? How did all those terrible racist White folks react? You can read the words of this police chief below. Was there a crime wave, did anybody shoot at rescue vehicles and helicopters, was there mass rape, looting and murder?

No, my friends, CRIME WENT DOWN.

Back to Work at Covington City Hall
Tuesday, 7:55 p.m.

By Charlie Chapple
St. Tammany bureau

…Getting no recognition was the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which Mayor Candace Watkins said, did nothing to help recovery efforts in the city or parish except for three water and ice distribution stations.

“Everything that was done in St. Tammany Parish was done without the help of the federal government,” Watkins said, while praising parish officials for leading the recovery effort. Eight days after the storm, FEMA officials can’t even tell the city what needs to be done to recoup some of the city’s costs for the disaster, she said.

…Police Chief Jerry DiFranco reported a drop in crime during the past week.

These types of disasters bring out the best and the worst,” Council President Pat Clanton said. “I think we’re seeing the best in Covington.”

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