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White Genocide in New Orleans

Mass Racial Attacks Against Whites in New Orleans


Whites in New Orleans are Facing Rape and murder at the Hands of Black Mobs
by David Duke

Friday, September 2, 2005

I can’t believe I am writing these words. I am always careful not to overstate things, not to exaggerate. I’m not exaggerating now. All the things I have written about and warned about for years are coming true in a great American city in the very moments you read these words.

I lost my family home (since childhood) in New Orleans. The water is up to the attic. My daughter lost her car and all her possessions. Fortunately, we were not in New Orleans when the storm hit.

Even with those heart wrenching losses, my daughter and I are among the lucky ones.

Many thousands of European Americans are not so lucky. They now face absolute terror. And because of a near blackout of the press, most people, outside of the ones who are under seige, don’t even know that these Whites are being racially targeted. The victims have no way to communicate their plight to the outside world.

Many Whites stayed in their homes because they were either too sick or infirmed to leave or simply because they had a suspicion that they would have to protect their homes from that criminal element that makes New Orleans one of the most dangerous cities in America even in times of relative calm. Even though the jails are always bursting with apprehended criminals, the only thing that has stood between having a situation like Somalia or Rwanda was that “thin blue line” of police with high powered weapons and the punishment that awaited a tsunami of potential lawbreakers.

When the gasoline tanks in the police patrol cars went dry, the batteries went dead in their radios, when the lights and alarms went out in the streets…New Orleans turned into Somalia.

And now White people are the brunt of racial attacks, murder, rape and mayhem. I am not talking about the fact that Whites are simply victims of indiscriminate Black crime. I am telling you that Whites are being racially targeted for rape, assault, and murder! And it is not just me saying it. Even though you have to look hard to find it in our biased media, you can find the evidence on quotes on ABC News and from leading journalists around the world. In fact, the foreign press in America has reported it far more accurately than the American press. The controlled media here is doing everything it can to hide the racial component to the robbery, rape and murder. Still, Americans watching the spontaneously shot videos are gradually beginning to get the idea.

Here’s an excerpt from the Manchester Manchester Evening News in the United Kingdom:

British students reported the horror of death and rape.

The early morning blasts were a few miles south of the French Quarter and jolted residents awake. The extent of any possible damage was not immediately known.

The explosions came as British students caught up in the horror of Hurricane Katrina spoke of their four days of “hell” at the New Orleans Superdome.

They described how their place of refuge descended into a scene of terror as people ran wild with knives and guns, used crack cocaine and hurled racial abuse.

Tourists, meanwhile, were turned out of hotels to face terror on the streets. Debbie Durso of Washington, Michigan, said she asked a police officer for assistance and his response was, “Go to hell – it’s every man for himself.”

Up to 30 British students who huddled among the thousands in the Superdome were forced to set up a makeshift security cordon to fend off abusive locals. [“locals” is obviously a code word for the Black mob]

Jamie Trout, 22, an economics student from Sunderland, kept a record of his terrifying ordeal. He wrote, “It was like something out of Lord of the Flies – one minute everything is calm and civil, the next it descends into chaos. A man has been arrested for raping a seven-year-old in the toilet, this place is hell. The smell is horrendous, there are toilets overflowing and people everywhere.”

Jamie, who had been coaching football with disabled children as part of the Camp America scheme, said people were shouting racial abuse at the Britons because they were white.

And this from Austrailian journalists as printed in a major Austrailian news service,

Hurricane’s trail of anarchy
From: By David Nason and Geoff Elliott
September 03, 2005

Explosion … fire on the east side of New Orleans: THOUSANDS of US National Guardsmen were heading for New Orleans last night with orders to shoot to kill as armed African-American gangs terrorized the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
By David Nason and Geoff Elliott…

Police escorted a group of white tourists, including Australian Anthony Hopes, 30, away from the Superdome after they were subjected to race threats. The tourists are now under armed guard in the foyer of the Hilton Hotel.

Nothing about this appeared in the American press which has been very reluctant to even identify the criminals as Afro-Americans. But if you scan the American press you can quickly discover the racial hate and violence that is going on.

And here’s another excerpt from an AP story:


Police Chief Eddie Compass said there was such a crush around a squad of 88 officers that they retreated when they went in to check out reports of assaults.

“We have individuals who are getting raped, we have individuals who are getting beaten,” Compass said. “Tourists [read White] are walking in that direction and they are getting preyed upon.” Col. Henry Whitehorn, chief of the Louisiana State Police, said he heard of numerous instances of New Orleans police officers – many of whom are from flooded areas – turning in their badges.

Here are some quotes compiled by ABC News

Chaos in New Orleans
New Orleans has descended into chaos in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Following are quotes about the situation on the ground.

Baron Duncan, describing the time he spent inside the Superdome:

The last few days were utter hell. The stench was unbearable. We were treated like animals. “There was shooting, our lives were in danger. A seven-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy got raped.”

Audrey Jordan who sought refuge in the Superdome

“We are lost. We are tourists [read White]. We don’t know how to get around, how to protect ourselves. It is like being in a jungle. “People were staring at us, waving clubs [when we walked through one inner-city neighborhood]. “I was scared. For the first time in my life I thought I would die.”

Australian woman Kelly-Rae Smith, whose parents are hiding on a road overpass with 40 other tourists after their hotel was flooded:

“The violence is escalating. There are shootings. They have three dead bodies at the bottom of the stairwell where they are.

“They have a pay phone but have to strategically plan when they go.

“There’s so much violence going on even the SWAT team has locked themselves in their building.”

CNN reporter Chris Lawrence, who is holed up with a group on the roof of a police station in the middle of New Orleans:

Right now it’s the only safe place to be in the city. We were on the street earlier but the police said under no circumstances would you be safe on the street.”

“They said anybody walking in the streets of New Orleans is basically taking their life in their hands. “As they hustled us off the street some of the officers told us that groups of young men had been looting the city, shooting at people, attempting to rape young women. “They directed some of the young women to get off the street immediately.”

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco:

“Three hundred of the Arkansas National Guard have landed in the city of New Orleans. “These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle-tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets. “They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded. “These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will.”

A New Orleans police officer, who asked not to be identified:

“”People were raped in [the Superdome, where refugees were living]. People were killed in there. We had multiple riots.

Dr Andrew Sandler, working at a hospital in New Orleans:

“It’s very easy to get from our point to the bridge that can get us out of here. The problem is that the buses that have been ordered … that were supposed to come here today … two were commandeered by FEMA and the other four, they were told that it wasn’t safe for them to evacuate us because of the snipers.

“With 60 residents, the average aged 87, that have not had air-conditioning in five days, three have died and another eight – no matter how much water we give them, could expire because it’s too hot for them.

“The variable I never, that I hadn’t planned for, are the snipers – in fact that nobody would give the buses, they won’t let the buses get us out.”

And here is an piece from the NY Daily Post

The guardians of the public order in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, where mobs of gunmen openly loot and rape and car jack and bus jack and peg shots at police officers and soldiers at will – and where anarchy, Mogadishu-style, is just around the corner if they’re not stopped hard and fast – must regain control immediately. They must do whatever it takes to curb the hard-core, armed, violent felons who are making it impossible to save the city. These are a very different breed from desperate citizens who are trying to get food and water.

…Who’s in charge? Random lawlessness went un-addressed in the early hours of Katrina’s aftermath, search and rescue clearly being more pressing a concern. That was then. Today, New Orleans is spinning wildly out of control, as armed-to-the-teeth killers carve out post-apocalypse gangdoms with little fear of consequences. The critically ill are under siege in hospital beds. The elderly are driven from nursing homes. Snipers fire at evacuation points. These are budding warlords. The city must be taken back from them. The members of this lawless army need to know their own lives are in danger.

From the Independent newspaper in UK

The potential for racial conflict has been quietly side-stepped in much of the US media coverage to date, but it is also impossible to ignore.

The chaos, inhumanity, brutality worsens day by day. The government was prepared for mass hunger and thirst. For days before the Hurricane, formal government reports predicted a nightmare scenario of “lake New Orleans.” But the government officials weren’t prepared for the “citizens” to be shooting at rescue helicopters, police, literally besieging Police stations, mass robbing and raping and murdering of innocent civilians, many of whom came to help. They had expected the citizens to act like human beings, and endure hardship, and take care of themselves and each other the best they could, to pull together in the midst of deprivation and loss.

They were wrong, dead wrong.

Not all the people of New Orleans are acting like savages, but unfortunately there are significant numbers of the African American community behaving that way. Sorry, but I have to call it as it really is and not with some politically correct jargon spouted by too many media reporters and politicians.

Many White people just don’t get it either. In the midst of the media hiding the anti-White component in all this, many decent White folks took their boats and headed into New Orleans to help people stranded by the flood. Most of the people they helped were in fact African-American. They didn’t realize that they’d likely run into heavily armed thugs who would murder them and steal their boats just as they have done to countless automobile drivers in city. Many are now reported missing. Their bodies may never be found in the destructive sewage-laden waters. Boat jacking will now likely enter the vernacular of America much like the African-American specialty of car jacking.

If the events of horror described above can take place in the presence of reporters and police, you can be sure it is happening on a massive scale in the remote and cut off parts of New Orleans. There is no reasonable doubt about that.

Another thing we know from this crisis is that we must rely upon ourselves. The White lady tourist who was told by the policeman that he “couldn’t help her because it was every man for himself” is indicative of what we face in the future. The mass desertions of the heavily minority New Orleans Police Department is indicative of the future as well. We must begin to rely on ourselves for our own family’s welfare, and that means we must unite together in a common community and a common faith.

Our hearts go out to our brethren in New Orleans, and my hopes are with those whom I know that are now going into parts of New Orleans by boat (heavily armed for self-defense) to come to the aid of White people who now face the greatest terrors that can confront a human being.

And the media is silent. And the political leaders are silent. I and the other belittled leaders of our people are almost the only honest voices on this crisis.

If our words would have been heeded, this incomparable human suffering would not be happening. A storm would have taken a lot of property and a few lives. You see , nothing can equal the brutality and death of man’s inhumanity to man. Hurricane Katrina has blown away with her fierce winds and raging floods the lies of multiculturalism, the lies of egalitarianism. She has exposed the underlying danger to our people that is growing like a slow moving Tsunami across the European-American world.

My God, may our people understand the warnings we have been given. May we awaken in time!

Unless these words are heeded quickly and intelligently, courageously and committedly by the best of our race, the atrocities happening in New Orleans will eventually come to all of us, wherever we may dwell in America or on the planet. Unless we act to preserve our homelands, it will come more certainly than the wind and the rain, the storm, or any ravage of Nature.

The greatest damage in New Orleans was struck by the ravages of Nature, but not of the wind or water, but of the nature in the breeds of men.

There will be some who say that I feel no sympathy for the decent Black folks who have suffered in New Orleans. I feel sympathy for all who suffer in this catastrophe who comport themselves like decent human beings.

But right now, my greatest focus must be on my forlorn and forgotten brothers and sisters who face terror and genocide.

Imagine after a natural catastrophe, if Whites were mass murdering, robbing and raping Blacks while shouting racial abuse. The media, the entertainment stars , the government spokesmen from one end of the planet to the other would be bemoaning this racism and demand and end to it.

But what do we have today but a deafening silence.

Are White lives any less important when attacked by Black marauders?

The world must know of this racial genocide going on against White people in New Orleans and demand its end!

And once and for all Whites must understand in the starkest terms that we are in a great struggle for our survival. Not only in New Orleans but wherever we live in the world.

God Bless You All,

And May God Save the people of New Orleans.

Rep. David Duke
President of EURO,
European American Unity and Rights Organization.