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Personal from Dr. David Duke & His Unique Christmas Card – 2014!

Dear friend,

I want to first give you my Christmas Card for 2014. It is composed of a humorous graphic sent to me by a long-time supporter with my face superimposed on Santa, with my bag of gifts by the Christmas tree, from which comes the most important gift of all: TRUTH!

Also included is a poem with my Christmas wish. Please enjoy it and may you and your loved ones have a great Christmas wherever you are.

As you know in the Western World there has been a War on Christmas waged by the Jewish tribalists. In truth, they have waged incessant war on all the fundamental cultural values of our people.

2014 has been a Year of Great Breakthroughs—

Let’s Make 2015 Even Better!

This year, 2014, has been the most successful year of my life in awakening the people of the United States, the Western World and indeed the whole world to the Zio-globalist threat.

Never have our efforts have been so successful and so widespread!

My Website DavidDuke.com, received millions of individual views this year.

Every day I post astonishing well-documented articles exposing the Jewish supremacists. No website in the world more powerfully educates and motivates people on the Jewish Question.

On YouTube I am reaching millions and millions of people with my videos! And as clearly proven by YouTube’s rating system, never have people been so receptive to my message. My video CNN, Goldman Sachs and the Zio Matrix has reached over 760,000 views and viewer ratings are an astounding 96.5 percent positive.

Amazingly, tens of thousands of people have independently made videos from my radio shows, university lectures, media appearances and they now total over 60,000 different videos that can be found all over the internet.

Every weekday my live radio show on the Rense Radio network, reaches countless people all over the world, and it is now available on satellite and cable systems of Europe and the Mideast in 130 million homes.

We are turning the tide!

But remember: I and my staff are only able to do what we do, because of support from people like yourself.

We have no big fat cat backers, no mass media conglomerates, and certainly no state subsidies, unlike the Jewish Supremacist organizations set up to advance their tribalist interests. But still we press on and gain ground!

Our website costs money; our video production costs money, and our radio network costs money.

Our hardworking, tireless staff must be provided an adequate compensation for their hard work, for without them our work couldn’t be done!

We rely on ordinary freedom-loving people like yourself to keep up this campaign.

Can you play your part in aiding our common liberation?

Can you make a gift to me and my work? Click here right now to make a secure, safe, online gift.

This is our annual Christmas-New Year fundraising period. This period is critical to our growth and to setting practical goals for growth during the next year.

This year, those who give a 100 Dollar (or Euro) or greater donation will get a special thank you, certified, and personally autographed copy with my Preface, and numbered copy of Jack London’s timeless masterpiece: The Mutiny of the Elsinore.

Free Audio Movie!

As Special Thank You, I will rush you this Jack London Masterpiece, and absolutely free, a copy of the audio movie of the book written and composed by Robert Lloyd.

The audio movie is similar to old time radio shows, professional actors, sound effects, music and a great storyline.

It will entrance you! And with your gift you receive this exciting show… free!

The Mutiny of the Elsinore is Now Shipping!

Just in Time for Christmas!

Great news: The 100th Anniversary edition of Jack London’s fantastic book The Mutiny of the Elsinore is now shipping!

Get yourself a copy of this wonderful and inspiring book for Christmas. Not only will you be enriching your own life, but you will be helping our work at the same time!

The retail price of this beautiful hardcover, dustjacket special edition—which contains a new introduction by Dr. David Duke laying out the history of the manuscript and its allegorical meaning— has a retail value of $29,95.

You can now get this book for just $24.95 (plus shipping) off the Retail price of $29.95 by going to DavidDukeOnline.com and going to the book section, and even better, if you buy 5 or more, you can get them for a total of only $100 or 100 Euro. That’s 33 percent off retail price — regular 150 price for only 100.

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In addition, your copy of the book will contain a special certificate authenticating its low number edition version, and will contain Dr. David Duke’s personal autograph.

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Thank you once again for all your support throughout this past year. I am sure you will agree that together, we can, and are, changing the world—for the better.

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Best regards, Dr. David Duke