Obama Admits his Betrayal of Christians in Syria

A delegation of Christian leaders from Eastern Europe and the Middle East has visited the White House asking Obama to help support the survival of ancient Christian communities in the Mideast. They have urged him to reverse the Zio-dictated course of trying to destroy the government of the last great friend of Christians in the Mideast, President Assad of Syria.

An article in the Mint Press telling of Obama's admission to the Christian leaders . . . pictured, Syrian president Basheer Assad visiting a Christian church, destroyed by Obama-backed "rebels" in Syria.
An article in the Mint Press telling of Obama’s admission to the Christian leaders . . . pictured, Syrian president Basher Assad visiting a Christian church, destroyed by Obama-backed “rebels” in Syria.

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The Christian leaders’ jaws dropped when Obama admitted that “Assad has protected the Christians in Syria.”

Obama essentially admitted that he and the Zio-controlled U.S. Government has been long supporting terrorists who are the worst enemies of Christians and moderate Muslims in Syria, and that he has been supporting the destruction of the leader who is the only person who is preventing a slaughter of untold numbers of Christians and moderate Muslims.

Of course, as I have been pointing in the last three years, it was clear from the start that the so-called “rebels” were dominated by Muslim extremists who the U.S. Government itself has branded as the most dangerous enemy of America: al Qaeda. Al-Nursra which was the dominant early power in the terrorism against Syria, was itself repeatedly identified as an al-Qaeda offshoot.

On the other hand, President Assad and the Syrian Government has protected the Christians and the vast majority of Muslims in Syria who also see the threat of radical Wahabbism coming out of Saudi Arabia. He has fought against the al Qaeda elements who have from the very beginning been the antagonists behind the so-called “civil war” in Syria. In fact, that “civil war” is, and has been from the beginning, nothing more than an invasion carried out by the most murderous and extreme Muslim elements imaginable.

The truth is that President Assad and the majority of Muslims support the Syrian Government, as exemplified by the top Muslim spiritual leader, the Grand Mufti.

So, why has Obama and the American Congress supported policies that have directly led to the rise of ISIS?

There is only one answer to that. It is extraordinarily simple.

Israel views the governments of Syria, Lebanon and Iran as its worst enemies.

Israel wants civil war and mayhem in Syria, just as the Zionist state encouraged the civil war in Lebanon.

America and other western European states are overwhelmingly Christian nations.

At the same time, we have been told that al Qaeda and radical Muslim groups are the worst enemies to Europeans and to mankind.

So why then, have our governments, by their actions, betrayed Christians and moderate Muslims?

Why have our governments opposed Syria, certainly one of the most advanced secular states in the entire Middle East?

Why have our governments promoted the conflict in Syria?

The openly-stated world-wide Zionist policy is that they seek to destroy their strategic enemies and the any friends of the Palestinian people through a divide and conquer strategy.

The reason why our governments have gone against every true interest of the American and European people—and the moderate Muslims and Christians of Syria—is  simply because Obama and the American Congress is the grip of Zionist traitors to the people of the United States—and to the true interests of human rights in the Middle East and around the world.

Why else would overwhelmingly Christian nations support the radical Muslim movements in Syria?

Why else would overwhelmingly Christian nations try to destroy the legitimate government of Syria? Especially when that government is the only thing which stands in the way of a genocide of Christians in Syria?

The Zio-controlled Congress of the United States has expressed its horror over the rise of ISIS terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Yet it is the same policies pursued by Obama over the last 6 years that have led to the rise anti-Christian and Muslim extremist terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Postscript by Dr. Duke: In November 2005, I addressed a large crowd of Syrians in Damascus which was later broadcast on Syrian TV on the very topic of Zionist agitation against Syria:


The same month, I was interviewed by the famous journalist Nadal Kabalan (who was once the NBC chief in London). This interview also appeared on nationwide TV in Syria and throughout the Mideast. Here is a transcript of the interview :

Interview with Syrian TV, November 21, 2005

Interviewer: “How do you read the ongoing U.S.-led escalation against Syria within the context of re-mapping the Middle East?”

David Duke: “Well, you must understand that the chief architects of the war were Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Daniel Feith, Mr. Wurmser, Elliot Abrams, in the United States. They were the architects of this war. Mr. Pearl, as well as Mr. Wurmser and Feith, wrote a paper called ‘A Clean Break: Securing the Realm,’ a paper for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu. That paper said that the way to Damascus was through Baghdad. I believe that this is part of the ongoing Zionist effort, in their control of American foreign policy, to dominate the entire Middle East, and I believe, dominate the world. I think America is occupied in many ways the way the Golan Heights is occupied, the way the West Bank of Palestine is occupied.”


Interviewer: “Dr. Duke, what impact has the worsening situation of the occupying forces in Iraq and the daily shipment of body-bags of U.S. and allied soldiers to the U.S.A. and elsewhere, on Bush’s ability to plunge into another quagmire?”

Duke: “This war is a disaster for the United States, and I think that this has to put pause in some of the Zionist neo-cons about going into a new war. But the one wild card is that these neo-cons are crazy. They are insane people. They are Jewish fanatics, extremists, they are not normal people.”

“The people who are pushing Jewish supremacism, Zionism – they are absolute evil and they are crazy. All they know is more power, and so there is a real danger, I should say, for Syria, and a danger for Iran at this point.”

Interviewer: “How different is the Syria that you have [now] seen for the first time from that portrayed by U.S. and other Western media outlets?”

Duke: “I have defended Syria for a long time, so I was admiring Syria, I have admired your president very much. I hope at some point to be able to meet him and shake his hand. I think he is the greatest man in a very difficult period, and especially with what’s going on right now, in terms of Lebanon and its relations with Syria. But absolutely, even from my perspective, and it shows you how the Zionist media around the world controls and affects all of us. Even those of us who are aware of it – it’s subtly affecting.”

Interviewer: “How badly, can you tell our viewers, is the policy making process hijacked by those neo-cons?”

Duke: “Well, as a patriotic American – and I come here not as a Syrian partisan, but as an American patriot – it’s more shocking for me than it should be for you, because our sons and daughters are being killed in Iraq, are being wounded, innocent Iraqis have died, America is being hurt, and yet we have this policy which is only for Israel. This war is completely about Israel, and I would like to suggest to people in the Middle East… Sometimes I believe that the Zionists run a mystification on us. I find, with some of the leftists around the world who say this is a war for oil or this is an American imperialist war – No, this is a case of the Zionists using America to fight their war with our blood and our money.”

Interviewer: “Now, Dr. Duke, is there room for other than the Jewish extremist supremacists to actively engage in the changing of this pro-Zionist hegemony in the U.S., and how?”

Duke: “Well, first off, I think we have to understand that there are certainly some Jews who oppose the Zionists. There is no question about that. But it also must be understood that every major Jewish organization in the United States, including the Council of Presidents of Jewish Organizations, supports this Iraq war. The largest and most powerful lobby in the United States government is the Israel lobby. Now as an American citizen, I find it pretty strange that a foreign country would have the most powerful lobby in our government. So I think… My book is dedicated to Israel Shahak, who is in fact a Jewish person. I don’t consider myself antisemitic. But I am aware of the fact that I think more Jews need to stand up against the extremist dominance within their faith, within their nation. And until that happens, we cannot continue that road. But even more importantly, we – not only in America and Europe, but also in the Middle East – we must stand up and start telling the truth. If we don’t talk about some of the realities of this conflict… You know, Israel is really an apartheid state in many ways. And Israel is a state… that we wouldn’t tolerate actions of the American people. The New York Times is all against… It’s all for intermarriage in the United States of America. But The New York Times supports Israel, where a marriage of Jewish person and a non-Jew is illegal, where a Jew who is a member of the Cohanim, which is the elite element of the Jewish tradition – they cannot even marry a Jewish person, a person who is a full-fledged Jew, of the Jewish faith, who has one drop of [non-]Jewish blood. I mean, these people… Israel makes the Nazi state look very moderate in terms of its views.”

Interviewer: “How have you been treated by American media since you have been taken this stance?”

Duke: “Very bad. I would say that I’m treated about as bad as Saddam Hussein.”

“The number one problem, political, economic, and social, on this planet now is what we call Zionism and more specifically, Jewish supremacism. These radical, extremist Jewish elements such as Ariel Sharon, such as the neo-cons in Washington, believe this strange [idea] that they have a right to control the world – not just Palestine, not just Syria, Iraq, and Iran and the rest of the Middle East, but also London, New York, and Toronto. All over the world you see the same pattern of control over the media, the same pattern of influence.”

Interviewer: “You’ve mentioned London. London’s mayor, Ken Livingstone, whom I suppose that you know or have heard of…”

Duke: “Yeah, I admire him…”

Interviewer: “…has actually described Sharon as a war criminal, and said Sharon should be tried at The Hague.”

Duke: “Of course, if anyone should be tried for war crimes, it’s Ariel Sharon. The idea that the president of my country sits down and breaks bread and shares wine with Ariel Sharon, to me is amazing. I mean…”

Interviewer: “And he described him… Bush described him as a man of peace.”

Duke: “Exactly. I mean, Bush is totally… Bush is not a very smart man, and he is totally under the thumb of the Jewish supremacists. The president of Canada said it very well. He said that Bush is like a puppet. He knows what he has to say to get the support of the media, and political support. I think right now, they dangled him, they created… The Zionists created the lies of this war. In fact, Steven Cohen was the CIA person who manufactured the evidence… Even Israel’s CIA, even Israel’s Mossad actually put forward evidence to the United States about weapons of mass destruction. Israel itself basically [knows] that they lied, they know Bush knows that he lied, so now they say to Bush: OK, either you continue on with this program, with securing the realm, with this war, either you continue on with this or we will have you impeached.”

“It’s interesting. This is something the Arab community also is not aware of. The neo-cons, the people who founded this were actually Trotskyite communists originally. This is not well known…”

Interviewer: “Trotskyites?”

Duke: “Trotskyites. Yes, exactly. Russia has worked to free itself from the Jewish supremacist Bolshevists.”

Interviewer: “On last week’s talk show, a senior Anglican Syro-Lebanese clergyman cited on this show that there is a biblical background to what the world in general, and the Middle East in particular, is witnessing nowadays. What is your input on that? He was talking about the Old Testament and the process through which Jesus Christ was tried by the Jews and the way now they are treating [figures] like the Syrian leaders.”

Duke: “I may not be the most popular person for saying what I think needs to be said, but many people in the Middle East distinguish between Zionism and Judaism. As you know from reading my book, the evidence is overwhelming: Judaism at its core – not all Jews, but Judaism at its core – is a racist religion, a supremacist religion, and non-Jews are considered not even of human caliber. It’s not all of the Jews, but it is certainly something that is strong in it.”