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Hear Dr. David Duke on Zio-Treason against Christians and Moderate Muslims in Syria

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke on Zio-treason against moderate Muslims and Christians in Syria—and how increasing numbers of prominent people are supporting the work of

Christian church bombed by Obama-backed "rebels" in Syria.
Christian church bombed by Obama-backed “rebels” in Syria.

He points that leading set of doctors issued a letter in Lancet, the most-read medical journal in the world, about the Zionist crimes in Gaza and the Mideast.

Jewish newspapers pointed out the doctors have, in a Google news group, also been promoting a video by Dr. Duke—the “CNN, Goldman Sachs Zio Matrix” video.

Then Sr. Duke with Patrick Slattery discuss the meeting of Christian leaders with Obama in which Obama admitted that President Assad has defended the Christians of Syria.

It shows clearly how the Zio traitors in Washington know clearly that in supporting the Zio policies they are betraying the true interests of Christians and Moderate Muslims.

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