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New Head of CNN, Zucker, Gives Glimpse of Inordinate Jewish Influence in Media – Updated!

“Israeli Retaliation” — Zio control of media like CNN reflect the psychological programming of  viewers

Commentary by Dr. David Duke — Here is the new head of CNN who in addition to CNN in America has the ultimate control over CNN worldwide and of course even CNN Arabic.

He is a Jewish extremist by the name of Jeff Zucker, who is “utterly devoted to Israel.”

The headline reads that Zucker has “news in his veins,” but he has a lot more than news in his veins, he has Zionism, supremacism, tribalism in his veins and he like his cohorts makes sure that the media he controls are nothing but instruments to cover up the crimes of Israel and the predator global zio banks like Goldman Sachs. In fact CNN part of Time Warner, whose biggest owner, Aviv Nevo, was also the largest Stockholder of Goldman Sachs.

Pictured here is Aviv Nevo, an extreme Jewish tribalist who is not only a Zionist but is actually a citizen of Israel. Time Warner, which has a massive media empire of publishing, such as Time magazine, Cable and satellite networks such as CNN and many others, and movie studios such as Warner Brothers run by Barry Diller, another Jewish supremacist.

Diller and Zucker personify the sick creeps who run the Hollywood, news, and entertainment media that promote every kind of sickness, degeneracy, destructive human behavior imaginable. Zuckerman has been at the forefront of the degeneracy entertainment media, and now he is position to keep up the CNN nonstop Zio news propaganda!

Notice also, this fawning “news” piece on the CNN site was written by…. Josh Levs…another Jewish tribalist and of course, CNN made sure to talk to Jewish radical, Wolf Blitzer so he could tell us how his fellow tribal racist, Jeff Zucker, is so wonderful. This Jewish mutual admiration society permeates the media. It should be noted that there are certainly Gentile collaborators in the Zio media. They have to have them in nations that are 98 percent Gentile to make their domination not as apparent. But the Gentile servants know exactly what is expected of them. They will be advanced if they tow the line, but ruined if they dare to even off-handedly tell the truth.

Witness the firing of popular, long-time CNN anchorman who simply dared, in a radio interview conversation about Jon Stewart — simply pointed out the fact that Jews dominate CNN and all of the media. Speaking of Jewish Jon Stewart Sanchez said:

“He’s bigoted toward people who are not like him… I think Jon’s show is essentially prejudicial… I am telling you that everybody who runs CNN are a lot like Stewart and lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow that they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority (is ridiculous)”

As I pointed out in an interview with Wolf Blitzer (and I haven’t been on CNN since), he is not an unbiased newsman, he is a former Jewish extremist activist for AIPAC, the radical pro Israel, most powerful lobby in the United States of America. Yet, he and CNN masquerade as simply unbiased deliverers of news, when they are nothing more than Zio propagandists!

Don’t think for one minute the situation is any different at the other cable news networks, and the other largest newspapers, magazines and television broadcasters in America. The tribe completely permeates the upper echelon of the most powerful media networks and conglomerates.

Even in the few media news sources that are not Jewish-owned, Jews are often at the very nexus of management, including hiring, firing, the selection and production and writing of stories and broadcasts and are vastly overrepresented in executive positions.

Is it any wonder why Israel which is a nuclear rogue state that has ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, is honored, while the victimized Palestinians who are bombed into oblivion on a regular basis are called “terrorists?”

With this domination of media is it any wonder why almost no Americans even know that Israel was caught red-handed in terrorist bombings against the United States in the Lavon Affair? Terrorist Jews were caught so cold that Israel even had to admit that the Israeli government was behind the terrorist bombing of American movie theaters and libraries in Egypt in a treacherous endeavor meant to get America into a catastrophic war with that innocent nation. If the Jewish treachery would have been successful it would have thus cost the lives of countless additional Americans and Egyptians and cost untold billions of dollars for the American taxpayer.

Do Americans even know that the U.S. Secretary of State at the time and all the way up to his death, said that the Israeli surprise terrorist attack on the USS Liberty was a knowing and treacherous act of terrorism against America. This Israeli terrorist attack on an American navy ship in international waters took, 34 lives and grievously injuring 173?

Do they know that the Chairman of the American Joint Chief of Staff at the time and up to the end of his life said the same thing about the role of Israel in this terrorist attack on America?

Only in a nation where a terrorist enemy controls both the government and the media could a state such as Israel not get away with such terrorism without a retaliatory response, and then get billions of more dollars to buy more terrorist weapons. As said many times before, “When treason prospers, None Dare Call it Treason!” — Dr. David Duke


Watch excerpts of Dr. Duke’s interview with Wolf Blitzer in which he exposes Blitzer’s history as a Zionist lobbyist.