Jewish Supremacist AIPAC Calls for PLO Offices in US to be Closed

Hypocritical Jewish Supremacist puppet masters AIPAC have called for the PLO’s offices in the U.S. to be shut down and the organization expelled from America following the vote in the U.N. General Assembly granting the Palestinians non-member status.

The Jewish Supremacist AIPAC said in a statement that there should be a “full review” of the U.S. relationship with the Palestine Liberation Organization, including shutting its Washington office.

The Jewish Supremacists are the first to claim self-determination for their Jews-only state, but at the same time are the first to oppose that very same right for any other people on earth—especially the Palestinians, and the European peoples where-ever they may be.

The outrageously hypocritical nature of the Jewish Supremacist AIPAC attitude can be seen from the wording of its latest statement.  According to AIPAC, the fact that the Palestinians merely wanted to get non-member status at the U.N. is tantamount to an act of war against Israel.

“In requesting this action, PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is effectively turning his back on talks with Israel and destroying his credibility as someone genuinely interested in a serious peace process,” the AIPAC liars said in their statement.

AIPAC’s master controller status over the American government was then inadvertently revealed in the next part of the AIPAC statement, which dealt with how the U.S. Congress already endorses policy laid down by the Jewish Supremacists.

“Congress has specifically linked continued aid and the operation of the PLO office in Washington to the Palestinians not seeking statehood status at the United Nations,” it said. “AIPAC applauds this congressional leadership and urges a full review of America’s relations with the PLO, including closure of the PLO’s office in Washington.”

In fact, laws passed by Congress to date impose penalties for full U.N. membership, not the non-member status obtained Thursday.

Incredibly, the Jewish Supremacists will now push for new laws which will extend those penalties to the Palestinian Authority and to the United Nations for merely granting the Palestinians non-member statehood recognition.

The likeliest to pass, proposed Thursday by Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and John Barrasso (R-Wy.), would cut foreign assistance to the Palestinians in the event they used their new U.N. status to press charges against Israel in the U.N. court system.

If anyone wanted further proof that the Jewish Supremacists control Congress and American policy, the next few weeks will confirm it utterly.