New Anti-Zionist Resource Launches Website

ZW-screenA collection of “concerned individuals” have launched a new anti-Zionist website, called ZioWiki, which aims to “bring the world’s attention to the foremost racist threat to all mankind: extremist Zionist Supremacism.”

According to that website, the ideology of Zionist Supremacism “threatens not only the Palestinian people, but also the entire world through its control of many European or majority European nations—America, Britain and others—which in turn drives numerous illegal wars, economic exploitation and many other crimes.

“Until the world understands, and deals with, extremist Zionist Supremacism, world peace and stability will hang in the balance.

“A small number of ethnic Jews have courageously stood up against Jewish tribalism and racism, not simply the Zionist crimes of the Israeli state. This is because they understand that Jewish racism and tribalism is what make Zio-globalism and the Zionist state possible.”

The site appears to draw its information from a number of different sources, and also contains a link to a bookshop which stocks many hard-to-find works.

This site deserves the support of all genuine anti-Zionists from around the world.

Visit Ziowiki here.