Leading Jewish Supremacist Confirms: Zionist Interests Served by Chaos in Syria

A leading Jewish Supremacist closely allied with the Israeli government, has confirmed that instability in Syria best serves Zionist interests.


Writing in an op-ed piece in the Israeli news service YnetNews, Israeli-born but US resident attorney Shoula Romano Horing, who teaches law at Baker University and the Webster University and who regularly is involved in campaigning for the Israeli government in Israel, said “Israel and the US’s best strategy should be to help maintain the status quo where neither Assad nor the rebels are strong enough to defeat the other militarily.”

The article, titled “Assad must not win,” went on to say that:

“neither the Sunni rebels nor the Assad-led Shiites who are involved in the Syrian civil war are friends of the United States or Israel. Israel and the US’s best strategy should be to help maintain the status quo where neither Assad nor the rebels are strong enough to defeat the other militarily.

“In this context, the Obama administration’s decision to finally help arm the rebels was the correct decision… the main reason to heavily arm the rebels should be to counter balance Hezbollah and Iranian involvement and reverse recent Assad territorial gains in the strategic city of Qusair on the border of Syria and Lebanon, which has served as the rebels’ supply corridor from Lebanon.

“It must be clear that both the US and Israel’s strategic interests would be compromised if the Americans allow Assad and his allies to win.

“While the Assad regime has conventional military superiority including jets, ballistic missiles, and artillery, it also can count on a steady supply of arms and ammunition from loyal allies such as Iran and Russia.

“If Assad wins, the US will lose the remainder of its credibility and its deterrence power in the Middle East….Iran will become stronger than ever. A weakened Assad will owe everything to Iran, and become its puppet.

“Hezbollah will become stronger by sharing Syria’s dangerous arsenal and by influencing a weakened Assad to be more militant against Israel. Syria’s last war against Israel was in 1973, but since then Israel has had at least two wars with Hezbollah.

“An Assad win over the rebels will unravel decades of American influence in the Middle East and endanger Israel in the process.”

Horing is no minor player in the Zionist Supremacist conspiracy.  According to her own biography, she is a a national speaker for the United Jewish Communities, and has been a keynote speaker at many rallies for Israel.

Since 2005, she has been a national speaker for JNF educating about Israel and the “Negev Blueprint’ to flourish the desert.  In addition she has been raising funds to send to JNF’s summer camps for Israeli children.

For  10 years, she was the host of a weekly radio show called ”Oh Jerusalem”, which aired on KCXL in Kansas City, Missouri. On the show she discussed political and cultural issues concerning Israel and the Middle East. She has interviewed many guests including  Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir, and Ehud Olmert, Mr. Bassiouni, ex Egyptian Ambassador to Israel,  Walter Rodgers, ex- CNN Bureau Chief Correspondent in Jerusalem, Sam Brownback, Kansas US senator, Kit Bond,  Missouri US Senator, former US Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and  former Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott.

In February,2009, Horing came to Israel to campaign and vote  for the election of the Likud candidate for Prime, Minister Bibi Netanyahu. As a child, Shoula’s parents took her to political rallies for then “Herut” leader, Menachem Begin. When she was 20, she gave a speech about the peace treaty between Israel with Egypt, at the party’s convention, in front of then Prime Minister Menachem Begin and thousands of other delegates and was elected to be a member of the “Herut” Central Committee.

He comments on the Syrian situation are therefore likely to be representative of Zionist thinking on the issue, and confirm what Dr David Duke has been saying all along: that the Zionist game plan is to divide and conquer its foes.