Jewish Agency Board Member Confirms Israel’s Hold on America

A leading board member of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Eitan Haber, has inadvertently confirmed the Jewish lobby’s complete control of America in an article published in the Israeli media which complains that this total hold might be loosening.


The article—which is Jewish chtuzpah exemplified—appeared in the Israeli news service Ynet news under the title “Israel losing America.”

Haber is one of Israel’s leading journalists and was a close associate of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He served as media adviser to Rabin and wrote most of his speeches. As a Jewish Agency board member, Haber is a key player in the Zionist state and its tentacles across the globe.

In the article, Haber writes that “A Jew in the Land of Israel goes to sleep at night with at least one thing not to be concerned about: He knows that the United States – the great America – always stands by Israel. And he knows that as long as this great world power stands by us, we have nothing to worry about, at least in terms of international support.

 “One hundred and ninety countries envy the special relations between Washington and Jerusalem.

“And we, our lives very much depend on the man sitting in the house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, and he is the one who makes sure that we have wheat to bake our bread and he is the one who sends us F-16 jets so that we can sleep peacefully. America is with us,” Haber said.

“The good relations with America improved over the years, and in the days of Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush they reached unbelievable heights.

“If the forms of ties between Washington and Jerusalem are ever revealed, the world will be flabbergasted.

“Yet the heads of the government in Israel always made certain to maintain the relations and ensure that they are not a passing dream.

“We’ve already had American presidents whose telephone operator at the White House was the only person that could be reached, and that is the nightmare of every Israeli prime minister.”

Haber goes on to bemoan the fact that this total control appears to be slipping of late, and in doing so, reveals just how closely American policy is determined by the Jewish lobby.

“In recent years, the US map of interests in the Middle East is changing. The American interest in our region is decreasing, not to mention the fact that the US is getting rid of the dependence on Middle Eastern oil. We are losing the special status of the eldest and spoilt child in the eyes of the White House.

“To put it explicitly, the current president (and the next president, whoever that may be) no longer “works for us” and is increasingly returning to the format of the “problem child.” To put it in our words, it seems that we have burnt our dish in the kitchens of the White House and Capitol Hill. They are getting increasingly tired of our conduct.

“We always have good answers to the American conduct: Look, listen, they’re unfazed. What can you do, that’s how our friends overseas are: Unfazed. But we receive the small answers from Washington both in leaks from the White House, including the president’s statements, and in appointments of senior officials who directly influence the US policy.

“Many of those recent appointments are not fond of us, to put it mildly. Even US Jews, especially the young ones, no longer obey every single command coming from Jerusalem.

“And so we are slowly losing hold of the source of our life, thousands of miles from home. That may not be so crucial at the moment, but if and when it becomes crucial, it will be too late to wake up.”