Pro tip: Wish Richmond marchers luck, but stay out of the way
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Pro tip: Wish Richmond marchers luck, but stay out of the way

On Monday (MLK Day) there is going to be a rally for gun rights in Richmond, the capital of Virginia. Obviously gun rights are an important issue and some of you may be tempted to attend. But here is the thing: the media and the Virginia authorities are already hyping this as Charlottesville 2.0, where white “supremists” are plotting violence and terrorism. Obviously this is nonsense, but the authorities and their antifa allies will do their best to provoke violence, and then the media and police will try to find any connection to neon-nazism and white supremism, no matter how spurious. And to invoke Jeff Foxworthy, if you have ever turned on the internets and visited this website and are reading this article, then you just might be… no, you definitely are, a white supremist. At least as far as the establishment is concerned.

So here is a pro tip from from a sportsball legend. If your teammate is driving to the hoop, then the best thing for you to do is stay out on the three point line. If you come into the paint, you will just bring your defender with you and ruin your teammate’s chance to score.

In this analogy, your teammate is the normie gun rights group that is organizing the rally, your defender is the police and antifa, and you are… Jerry West, I guess. Anyway, Coach didn’t draw up this play for us. The normie gun people have this covered. They have all the numbers they need. They don’t want us there, and we have nothing to offer that would improve their chances for a successful rally. If you want recruits, go to Trump rallies. Hold up a sign saying “Trump 2016.” It might get people thinking. Like it or not, we will be a liability in Richmond. If the media or authorities can connect anyone at the rally with a nationalist organization or website, even after the fact, they will use it to justify whatever oppression they have planned.

The best thing to do is to wish them luck and stay out of their way. Don’t go to Richmond. Just stay home and chill.

— By Dr. Patrick Slattery