Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Forget Iraq, We Want Freedom at Home!

Elizabeth Hunt (head covered) being led to jail for daring to say “Britain for the British!”


Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair — Don’t Tell Us Anymore that You Believe in Freedom!

The latest assault on freedom of speech for European Americans. Mother-of-three faces up to 7 years in prison on racist speech charges Jan 28 2005

A young woman from Merseyside near Liverpool in Great Britain was one of six people jailed for free speech offenses in Great Britain. Elizabeth Hunt, 36, a mother-of-three from Southport, and five others are accused of publishing propaganda for the Racial Volunteer Force, an organization that, in its own words, says it wants “Britain to stay British.”

It is claimed they were involved in advertising the group’s aims, which the British government calls “racial intolerance.” It is claimed the group has criticized Jews and Blacks. In Britain, to write or speak anything critical of any Jew or non-White person is a criminal offense punishable by up to seven years imprisonment!

Of course, there is no prosecution of the thousands of books that are extremely anti-White and anti-Gentile. For instance, recital of gruesome tales of White slavery over Blacks is never prosecuted for stirring up racial hatred against White people — even though it inevitably does . However, if one writes a book exposing the fact that the horrors of Black slavery had been practiced by Africans for thousands of years longer than did Whites, and that the brutal forms of Slavery still exist among Africans in present times — that will be deemed derogatory to Blacks and could subject one to imprisonment under the “hate speech” laws in Great Britain.

One can tell tales of White discrimination against Blacks, but if one dares speak about the epidemic Black crime rate against White Britons — one risks seven years in prison!

One can publish hundreds of books about European oppression of Jews and an endless array of books on the Holocaust , and books proclaiming that all Europeans share the guilt of the Holocaust with the Germans(essentially arguing that all Europeans are guilty of mass murder).

But, if one publishes a single book pointing out the Jewish domination of the horrific present-day World-wide White Slave Trade, probably the prostitution ring in history, one faces imprisonment — for it just might foster anger against Jews.

Jews can publish books such as Hitler’s Willing Executioners which suggest Germans are inherently evil and barbarous. The pens of many contemporary Jewish commentators drip with hatred against Gentiles, but it is the Gentile who dares to quote those Jewish scribes — who will be charged with hate speech, not the Jewish patrons of intolerance.

A perfect example of the gross double-standard is the adulation by the mass media and government of Holocaust high priest, Elie Wiesel. Wiesel wrote that every Jew should set aside an hour a day for pure hatred of all Germans and everything German! Do you think he or his publishers in Britain will be charged with publishing material that could “incite racial hatred”?

Do you think that if one of the Russian victims of the Jewish Bolsheviks who said that every Russian should set aside an hour a day for pure hatred of all Jews and everything Jewish would be allowed to win the Nobel Prize and be lauded by the media?

Ask yourself a simple question in the midst of the lavish 60th anniversary of Auschwitz gatherings.

Why is there no commemoration of the 20 to 30 million Christians who died in the Jewish led Holocaust of Bolshevism! Why are there no movies, plays, or hardly any magazine articles about the world’s greatest mass murder in history. There is no real debate over the fact that the communist murders far eclipsed that of the Nazis. Most of the leading historians attest to it. But where are the commemorations, the remembrances of the victims? Where are the TV specials, docudramas, news reports, anything? Nothing but a deafening silence. Why?


It can be also be documented that the administration of the Soviet gulags and killing machines were almost entirely made up of Jews! If you don’t know this fact of history, then the fact you don’t know about this should cause to get an inkling of why the so-called hate laws exist. Could they be to prevent you and others from knowing the truth about ancient and contemporary Jewish hatreds against Gentiles?

Auschwitz and Holocaustmania are used as weapons to bludgeon down so-called anti-Semitism and racism, but in fact, are used to bolster support for the most racist nation on earth: Israel and its brutal suppression of the Palestinian people.

Other than Elizabeth Hunt, the mother-of-three, charged are father-of-four Nigel Piggins, 39, Jonathan Hill, 33, Steven Bostock, 27, Michael Denis, 30, and Kevin Quinn, 40.

All are accused of conspiracy to publish and distribute material that could “incite racial hatred.” These men and women are not criminals, they are just citizens excercising the rights as free people to speak and write freely about the important issues of the day. These people aren’t pornographers or others trying to make a sordid buck. In fact, every kind of the rankest pornography is permitted these days. These are are people who are expressing their political views, views which are supposed to allowed in a so-called free society.

They are also charged with a lesser charge of conspiracy to publish or distribute material “likely to stir up racial hatred” between August 1, 2002, and October 31, 2003.

All six sat in the dock of Bow Street Magistrates for their committal to Crown Court yesterday. They are also charged with four counts of publishing or distributing the RVF magazine Stormer, and two counts of publishing or distributing material on the website.

Piggins, of Hull, is also charged with two counts of possession of the magazine Stormer editions, two counts of publishing material on the website, two counts of publishing or distributing the RVF magazine and and two counts of distributing the DVD “Screwdriver Live in Germany” ( a White rights band video) Wow! charged with possession of a forbidden magazine!

Quinn, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, is also charged with two counts of publishing or distributing the November Ninth booklet “The Longest Hatred” and possession of the booklet with “a view to distribution to stir up racial hatred.” “The Longest Hatred” is not a book that promotes hatred of Jews but one that exposes historic and contemporary Jewish hatred and intolerance against Gentiles.

Each pair of counts relates to an intention to stir up racial hatred and a lesser alternative of it being likely to stir up racial hatred.

The six near Liverpool were charged last week after a national police operation Attend involving six police forces in Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Surrey, London, Merseyside and Manchester.

That’s right, a “national police operation” to root out any vestige of free speech in Britain. Cast them all into dungeons, or better yet, burn them at the stake as the equally motivated zealots of the middle ages burned witches.

Not only does Britain have a draconian law that makes intention to stir up racial hatred is a crime, (a “thought crime” if there ever was one) the law can cast you in prison even if you had no intent to stir up hatred. In other words, if you wrote or reported a news event that might inadvertently cause resentment against a group, whoosh — to prison with you!

My dear friends, this is not freedom. Criticism is an essential part of free speech. Freedom of speech is not about protecting popular thought, such needs no protection, it is about protecting thought and speech that challenges the status quo. Under the so called anti-racist laws, which should be classed with old anti-witch laws. any author or speaker could be prosecuted and thrown into jail: right wing or left, White or Black, Jew or Gentile. Of course, in the height of racial hypocrisy, the government of Britain itself prosecutes these thought crimes on a racial basis itself.

It doesn’t prosecute Jews who write hateful things about Britons and Gentiles. It doesn’t prosecute Whites or Jews or Blacks who write hateful things about White people, and my God, the mainstream press, and mass media is full of it anti-White bias. However, if you are White and you defend yourself from these attacks, watch out! Because — whoosh you could be off to prison for 7 or more years!

Even a peaceful mother of three children is not exempt. Of course, in Britain, robbers, rapists, and even some murderers get off with less than 7 years, but let’s make sure we have a national police force to stop any manifestation of free speech. Throw people in prison for 7 years for distributing a printed pamphlet, but praise the media masters who put on mass media extravaganzas of hatred against our European heritage.

In the present world, calling someone a racist or anti-Semite is the equivalent to calling someone a witch during the Middle Ages. Saying someone is promoting racism is equivalent to saying someone is promoting blasphemy in those dark years. In fact, in the middle ages, offenders were sometimes called haters, they were “haters of God.” Those words were meant during those times to justify the most terrible crimes against freedom of thought and conscience. Today, history has repeated itself, for the words such as racist, hate, anti-Semitism are used to strip away freedom of speech, thought and conscience and to cast the man or woman of conscience into prison.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, please don’t tell us anymore that we are going to bring freedom to the Iraqi people. Although the constitution clearly protects freedom of speech America has already enacted “hate crime” legislation that punishes a lawbreaker more severely if he had the “wrong beliefs.” Bush has also sent representatives to Europe supporting European restriction of freedom of speech for those who oppose Jewish supremacism. Bush himself in his last speech in Britain equated anti-Semitism (or opposition to Jewish supremacism) and terrorism and therefore rhetorically justified making illegal the uttering a politically incorrect opinion!

In America, there are no laws yet making what happened to Elizabeth and her friends in Britain illegal, but the Jewish supremacists are furiously working toward that day. They already filter the Internet and prevent many millions for tuning in to dissident websites. The fact that the American people don’t get a balanced view of these questions shows we are not living any longer in a land of freedom. The fact that the lie of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction could so easily be sold to the American people shows the overwhelming power of the Jewish supremacist media to create this war for Israel in Iraq, a war devastating to both the Iraqi people and the interests of the American people.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, Don’t tell us anymore about bringing freedom to Iraq.

We want freedom here at home first!

David Duke