Jewish Rabbi says Anti-Semitism is Driven by Jewish Defilement of American Culture!

Prominent Rabbi blames Jews for degeneration of American culture
by David Duke

Daniel Lapin is a famous Jewish Rabbi who sometimes is very critical of the direction taken by Jewish organizations and leaders. In a recent article called “Our Worst Enemy” [ourselves], he shows that Jews themselves are the real source of so-called anti-Semitism in the modern world.

He complains about the very Jewish movie called Meet the Fockkers and how the movie — which was financed, written, produced and starred in by Jews — was a vile film which does disservice both to Jews and the Gentile community

Furthermore he points out that revulsion toward Jews does not emanate mainly from so-called anti-Semites but from the nefarious activities of Jews themselves.

Here is an excerpt from his article,

Radio shock-jock Howard Stern intersperses his displays of dehumanizing depravity with a constant stream of “Oy veys” as if subconsciously compelled to highlight his Jewish ethnicity.

Jerry Springer, widely known as the Jewish former mayor of Cincinnati, normalizes depravity by projecting a deviant sub-culture and its cheering hooligans right into America’s living room.

A few years ago, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal gushingly profiled a Jewish pornographer whose stage name is Ron Jeremy. The piece praised the huge sums he’s been paid to “bed more gorgeous women than James Bond.” Jeremy, who proudly admits to have acted in or directed over 1,500 porn videos, cited the preponderance of Jewish men in porn and explained, “Jewish families tend to be more liberal than Christian ones, they aren’t obsessed by the fear of the devil or going to hell.” As if to eliminate any lingering doubt about Ron Jeremy’s Jewishness, the Jewish Journal breathlessly assures us that Ron Jeremy plans to marry in a synagogue.

You’d have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of our culture. Almost every American knows this. It is just that most gentiles are too polite to mention it.

Naturally, I am not suggesting that Americans of Jewish descent should conceal their ethnic identity. I am urging those for whom Judaism is a link to the eternal values of Sinai, to wake up and realize how other Americans increasingly perceive us. Furthermore we ought to recognize that this unwholesome perception of Jews is the result of anti-Semitism perpetrated by Jews rather than by non-Jews. It would seem that Isaiah’s twenty-eight hundred year old prophecy to the Jewish people has come true today—“Those that destroy you and those that wreck you go forth from thee.” (Isaiah 49:17)

By now, some Jewish readers will be cringing. You might be cursing me for making public the role of Jews in debasing the culture. Perhaps you subscribe to the notion that nobody has noticed. I sympathize and want you to know that I write about it only for the purpose of trying to solve the problem. Make no mistake, it is a problem, and the solution lies not in attempting to defame the critics, but in stepping forward to criticize the defamers. Indeed, if we Jews do not ourselves condemn the wrong that our brethren do, others with less sympathy eventually will do so.

Lapin does the unforgivable in many Jewish eyes actually admitting that Jews may have some role in the opposition to them around the world. This of course is never admitted by the supremacist Jews who dominate the mainstream press. Anyone in the mainstream press to do so would be quickly called an anti-Semite, the worst moniker in the modern world, a term equivalent to being called a witch in the times of the Inquisition.

Lapin goes on:

This excerpt from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf shows how that evil megalomaniac roused his nation to hurl an avalanche of destruction at the Jewish people:

Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? What had to be reckoned heavily against the Jews in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature, and the theater….It sufficed to look at a billboard, to study the names behind the horrible trash they advertised….Is this why the Jews are called the “chosen people”? The fact that nine tenths of all literary filth, artistic trash, and theatrical idiocy can be set to the account of a people, constituting hardly one hundredth of all the country’s inhabitants, could simply not be talked away; it was the plain truth. (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Chapter II)

It does not excuse Hitler or his Nazi thugs for us to acknowledge that this maniacal, master propagandist focused on a reality that resonated with the educated, and cultured Germans of his day. Not once in Mein Kampf did that monster charge Jews with being complicit in the killing of Christ two thousand years earlier. He knew that long-ago event, shrouded in mystery and theological profundity, would never goad enlightened people to murder. Instead, he drew attention to the obvious and inescapable; that which every German knew to be true.

The sad fact is that through Jewish actors, playwrights, and producers, the Berlin stage of Weimar Germany linked Jews and deviant sexuality in all its sordid manifestations just as surely as Broadway does today. Much of the filth in American entertainment today parallels that of Germany between the wars.

Indeed, it does. It is interesting to note that there a few Jews in America who are concerned about the destructive influence of many powerful Jews. He is concerned not only because he believes that such evil is against his own morality but that it also inevitably brings down Gentile wrath upon Jews. The amazing thing is that there are so few honest voices like that of Rabbi Lapin. Leaders of the Italian community routinely denounce the nefarious activities of the mafia, but almost no Jewish leaders are willing to denounce the nefarious activities of the Jewish supremacists, the driving source in the trashing of European American culture.
Lapin closes his article with these words:

It would be foolish not to realize that most decent Americans are bothered far more by the trashing of American culture today than they are by our possible complicity in the killing of Christ two thousand years ago. Because so many of the most prominent trashers possess Jewish names and proudly proclaim their Jewish ethnicity, it becomes a Jewish responsibility to condemn the vulgarity by means of which they defame Judaism.

Since Jewish leaders don’t do this, it is left to people such as me to defend our people from such vile cultural annihilation.
Lapin puts in clear words that should be evoked every time a Jewish supremacist tries to lecture Gentiles on the evils of anti-Semitism. The primary source of anti-Semitism is not European-American blind hatred of Jews. It is revulsion to the actions of the Jewish overseers of our mass media.

It is not “anti-Semitism” to oppose the Jewish supremacist defiling of our heritage and destruction of our freedom. It is the same moral imperative followed by all freedom-loving people throughout the history of the world. In the face of this destructive Jewish supremacy over both our media and politics, to resist their power is not anti-Semitism or hatred, but simply an act of courage.

May our people find the courage to resist!

You may find Lapin’s original article in the Jewish Press.