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Listen to Dr. Duke’s Comments on the Boston Bombing

DZHOKHAR-TSARNAEVListen here to Dr. David Duke’s important radio show on archive dealing with the terrorist events in Boston. In it he talks about the Ziomedia complete coverup and suppression of the how Zio control of American policy and the massive wars and deaths there have cause millions of people to hate us and do us harm.

He speaks about the Jewish control of American media and policy is responsible and should be named as an enemy just as much as those evil men who bombed and maimed the innocent.

He also shows how the Zionists, who were the driving force for our open door immigration policy, literally made possible the bombing in Boston.

An Amazing, emotional show today.

And Dr. Duke also talks about the many wacky conspiracy theories that cloud the real conspiracy, the Zionist conspiracy that is the ultimate source of our woes as a free and secure people.

To listen to this important show, click here.