US Jewish Supremacist Puppet Regime Rearms Israel Once Again

v-22The Jewish Supremacist-controlled puppet regime in Washington DC has reaffirmed its commitment to the racist Jews-only state of Israel by rearming that nation with a long list of deadly and high-tech weapons with which it can continue to suppress Palestinians and neighboring Arabs, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel  has confirmed.

Hagel, who now ignores his earlier discussion about the strength of the Jewish lobby in America and its control of US foreign policy, appears to have been completely bought off by the lobby,

Speaking in Tel Aviv with his Israeli counterpart, Hagel said that the US will “provide Israel with a long list of advanced weapons, guaranteeing it a technological edge and superiority over any enemy,.”

In terms of the deal, the Israeli Air Force will receive advanced radar systems, missiles, refueling planes and V-22 planes, Hagel told reporters after a meeting with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

The V-22 planes (illustrated alongside), which can take off vertically, are something no country outside the US has, Hagel noted, adding that the aid package would vouchsafe Israel “military superiority over any enemy state, non-state or coalition,” and expand its ability to operate far from the country.

“Israel is a sovereign nation. Every sovereign nation has the right to defend itself,” Hagel said, ignoring the fact that Iran and other nations also have that right. To add insult to injury, Hagel repeated the lie that Iran was trying to develop an atom bomb, and said this fictitious “drive for nuclear weapons a top priority” of the Obama administration.

Standing alongside Hagel, Ya’alon said a nuclear-armed Iran would threaten not only threaten Israel; “it would be a nightmare… for the entire globe.”

Upon his arrival in Israel on Sunday, Hagel told reporters the US and Israel see “exactly the same” threat from Iran, which he described as a “toxic combination of nuclear ambition and support for terrorism.”

This is typical war propaganda which the Jewish Supremacist-controlled mass media repeats day after day in an attempt to whip up popular support for an attack on Iran, even though all the official intelligence agencies report that there is no Iranian nuclear weapons program and so far, there is not one shred of evidence showing that Iran has supported “terrorism” anywhere.