Boston Bombing: America Pays the Price Once Again for Supporting Israel

The Boston bombers have been identified as a pair of Muslim brothers from the  former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan and Kurdistan, according to a report in the New Observer. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26 and his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, were formally identified after a shootout in the outskirts of Boston this morning.


The two entered the United States with family in 2002, and became permanent residents in 2007.

This means that the attack was perpetrated as part of an ongoing Jihad  by Islamists against western targets in general and America in particular, in retaliation for those nations supporting the state of Israel in its battle against the Palestinians and the Arab world.

The power of the Jewish lobby over American politics means that US foreign policy (and that of many other western nations) is dictated exclusively by what is in Israel’s interests.

This in turn allows Islamists to identify the west and western targets as “helping the oppression” of Muslims, and serves as powerful propaganda to incite attacks on the “infidels,” even soft targets such as the crowds at the Boston marathon.

Although there are huge numbers of unanswered questions about 911, even from the “official explanation”  of 911 shows an  identical motivation for the attacks of 9-11, where Islamists hijacked aircraft and smashed them into major buildings in the US. At the time, the president of America, George W. Bush famously lied that the terrorists “attacked America because they hate our freedom.” That is probably one of the silliest lies ever uttered by an official in the history of cataclysmic events. American freedom had nothing to do with any motivation of the attackers, it was America’s policy on behalf of Zionist terror and war. Truly the Ziowars were not in any way in the interest of the American people and were in fact incredibly harmful to America. If one accepts the government 911 story, was 911 worth allowing ourselves to suffer and die and bankrupt our own people to fight for Israel in these insane wars.

In reality, terrorist attacks against America are the result of two factors:

1. The power of the Jewish lobby directing the affairs of state;

2. The policies of mass immigration pursued by the political establishment which has allowed millions of people to enter the US (and other western nations), from which the Islamists can easily recruit.

Terrorism will not stop, and the “war on terror” will not end, until both these situations change. If they do not change, Islamists will continue their assault, at least until western nations are overrun by mass immigration—and no longer have any interest in, or capability of, supporting Israel.