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Listen to Dr. David Duke Expose the Zio Media – KKK/Communist double standard.

jews mind control israeli-Brain-Powe controlled media internet sizeDr. David Duke has an absolutely stunning show exposing the Zionist-influenced media lies. The Telegraph newspaper ran an article headlined attacking Doctors who exposed Israeli atrocities against Gaza, as “Scientists who promoted the Ku Klux Klan.”

It would be laughable if not so incredibly dishonest and hypocritical. Dr. Duke today goes into the incessant media headlining his KKK history as young man almost 40 years ago, which is proof positive of the fact that his work has been so world-changing.

He noted that the same media does not even mention Mandela’s Communist leadership and terrorist activities in South Africa, much less headline them.

In truth the incessant Jewish attacks on Dr. Duke are simply proof positive that he is the most effective writer, researcher and spokesman against Zionism in the modern world.

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Click here and look for the show dated 10-6-14.

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