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Jews who run CNN blackmail troll who proved CNN is run by Jews

By Dr. Patrick Slatery — The following video is could not be more incriminating. Here you have CNN saying that they have received an apology and a promise to stop trolling from one of the people involved in the short video that President Trump tweeted out with him body slamming a someone with the CNN logo superimposed over his head. Not only that, they will refrain from releasing his name, which they guarantee the audience would put his safety at great risk, provided he never troll again. They clarify that this protection (and they emphasize that it is protection), will cease and they will expose him if he trolls again.

What’s more, them make it clear that the Trump video was NOT his real crime, but rather his “anti-Semitic and racist posts,” with the only example given in the following on-air segment being his posting of a list of all the Jews at CNN, which CNN did not deny the accuracy of. So CNN is saying that identifying Jews as Jews is anti-Semitic. Wow.

I am providing a link to the list below. It would be a lot of work to put this together and not have any mistakes on it, but to the extent I can tell it looks pretty correct. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

So CNN is in the protection racket, and people are seeing through it. The Daily Stormer has an article that includes Twitter reactions to CNN’s extortion. If you watch to the end of the video, you see clearly that CNN acknowledges that the apology was made under duress but doesn’t even care. And now, please enjoy the show.