Jewish Supremacism

Jewish Supremacists on Retreat in Poland and EU

Poland-protestThe Jewish Supremacists are not currently having things all their own way. Poland has just confirmed a ban on ritual kosher slaughter while the European Union has issued rules banning funding on Israeli institutions operating in occupied Palestinian territories.

The Polish ban is not the first time a European country has put concerns for animal welfare above the religious demands of Jews, which insist that an animal must be bled to death while still conscious in order to be kosher.

In January, a Polish constitutional court, responding to a petition filed by animal welfare activists, outlawed religious slaughter. A law that would have reinstated the practice, called shechitah, was rejected by the Sjem, the Polish parliament, on July 12 by a vote of 222-178.

In 2011, a large majority of the lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a bill banning the practice, but it was scrapped by the Dutch Senate.

Laws banning kosher slaughter also are on the books in Norway, Switzerland, Latvia, Sweden and Iceland.

Meanwhile, the new EU rule which forces all European nations to condition cooperation with Israel upon an Israeli acknowledgement that it does not have rights to any lands it holds beyond the “Green Line” (the pre-1967 borders of Israel), has been met with outage.

According to the Zionist Times of Israel, Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “may find it more difficult to keep the most right-wing elements of his coalition committed to the government’s pursuit of the negotiations track” as a result of the EU rule—as if the Europeans are the cause of the problem!

According to that paper, Israeli Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett said it was “the Europeans who are torpedoing those talks” [alleged ‘peace talks’ between Israel and Palestinians, which of course don’t even exist].

“The EU is taking a unilateral step on Israel,” Bennett added. “If it goes down the unilateral path, it will be completely disconnected from the process. It has removed itself from the process.”

Other Israeli ministers, including Elkin and Housing Minister Uri Ariel, suggested the European Union did not clearly understand what it was doing, and that the new directive could cause “accidental damage to negotiations.

The typical Zionist Supremacist hypocrisy is at work in this “logic.”

The facts are as follows:

1. The Zionist Supremacists have seized Palestinian land;

2. The Zionist Supremacists have employed terrorism, murder and ethnic cleansing to drive the Palestinians out of the UN-demarcated division 1947 division of land;

3. Not content with seizing that part of Palestine, the Zionist Supremacists have waged—and are still waging—a decades-long campaign to seize, by war and physical occupation, the rest of Palestine.

4. Now, when the EU objects to the illegal seizure of even more Palestinian land, the Zionists turn it around and claim that the Europeans are the cause of the trouble because their demands for justice will “torpedo peace talks.”

Zionist Supremacist hypocrisy and lies know no bounds.