Canadian Jewish Supremacists Demand “Open Borders” for Canada

JREN2Jewish Supremacists in Canada have formed a new organization to oppose common-sense restrictions on bogus asylum seekers seeking entrance to that country—while maintaining solid support for Israel which violently expels almost all asylum seekers, real or bogus, as detailed in a new report by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization.

The new Jewish Supremacist organization in Canada, named the Jewish Refugee Action Network (J-RAN), was founded by Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld who hypocritically claimed that it was “rooted in… the ancient summons to welcome the stranger.”

Israel, however, the subject of rabbi Bielfeld’s devotion, has no such policy. Instead, as the new HRW report showed, the Zionist state imprisons and deports “strangers”.

J-RAN was founded by Rabbi Bielfeld, Sephen Lewis, former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations and former leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party, journalist Michele Landsberg, Mary Jo Leddy, founder of Romero House, and Ken Rosenberg from the law firm Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP,.

Bielfeld, rabbi emeritus at Temple Emanu-El, criticized a new Canadian law, Bill C-31, saying it “contradicted Canadian values of tolerance and diversity” while targeting the “Roma in Hungary for exclusion.”

The Canadian law changes how prospective refugees are dealt with. The key change was the introduction of a list of “safe” countries.

Those nations considered stable, democratic and unlikely to produce credible refugee cases (called “Designated Countries of Origin,” or DCO for short) have their asylum applications fast-tracked.

Unlike refugees from non-DCO countries, they can’t enroll in national healthcare while they wait for their claim to be processed and their ability to appeal a negative decision is significantly curtailed.

This is hardly a major deterrence to asylum seekers, but even this slight shift is enough to enrage the Jewish Supremacists.

“This legislation clearly turns back the clock,” Rabbi Bielfeld said. “Some of us feel [the changes] are draconian and very much at odds with what we consider the essence of Canadian culture.”

Well-known Jewish extremist in Canada, Bernie Faber, who is former leader of the Canadian Jewish Congress, added that he “believed that Hungary was specifically picked to target Roma refugees who the minister himself designated as ‘bogus.’”

J-RAN’s plan is to “muster support for a repeal of the immigration legislation by mobilizing their board’s considerable contacts within the Canadian political system and generating public outrage over the changes.”

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch organization has announced July 15 that “Israeli authorities are using new procedures to pressure at least 1,400 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers, some detained for over a year, to return to their countries.

“Under international law, asylum seekers should be detained only in exceptional circumstances, their claims should be fairly examined and they should never be forced or pressured to return to a country where they face a serious risk of persecution.”

The HRW report went on to reveal that detainees “are told that if they do not agree to be sent home, they face years in detention. On July 14, 2013, 14 Eritreans detained for many months left Israel for Eritrea via Istanbul. Some of the group told the UN refugee agency they would ‘do anything to get out of prison.’

“’It doesn’t matter how Israel dresses this up, this is using the threat of prolonged detention to force Eritrean and Sudanese nationals to give up their asylum claims,’ said Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch. ‘Israel should end its unlawful detention policy and release all asylum seekers while their claims are fairly examined.’”

Once again it is clear that the Jewish Supremacists have two standards at work: one for non-Jews, where “open borders” and mass immigration are encouraged; and another for Jews and Israel, where closed borders and compulsory deportation of non-Jews is the norm.