Jewish Supremacists Encourage Anarchy in Neighbor States—But Start Building New “Security Fence” to Keep out “Infiltrators”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement that the Kurds “need their own state” in the wake of the anarchy which has engulfed Iraq, is yet another indication of the Zionist Supremacist’s openly declared intention of keeping any possible opponents divided and conquered.

Yet, in an incredible move of chutzpah which also reveals the Zionist Supremacist hypocrisy and strategy, Netanyahu has at the same time announced that Israel will build a new, massive “security wall” along its border with Jordan which will serve to keep out the chaos and bloodshed which  its policies have caused amongst its neighbors.


According to a report in the Israeli Ynet News service, Netanyahu said Sunday at a Tel Aviv University’s think tank meeting that “Our first challenge is to protect our borders. Extremist Islamic forces are knocking on our doors in the north and south and we’ve set up obstacles against them, except for in one sector. The first thing we must do is build a fence in the east.”

The project is massive in scope: A 400-km fence, larger than the one built along Israel’s border with Egypt to prevent migrant workers entering the country illegally. Netanyahu views the project as a national mission and is thus expect to allocate billions of shekels for its construction.

The International Business Times reported that “Israel is to build a security barrier along the country’s border with Jordan which will stretch from Eilat all the way to the Golan Heights in light of the ongoing crisis in Iraq.”

The IBT report quoted the Israeli Commander of the Eilat Territorial Brigade, General Roi Alkabetz, as saying that Israel was preparing the security fence to protect Israel from “infiltration dangers”.

“Millions of refugees who arrived in Jordan from Syria and Iraq could pose a clear security threat to Israel and it is likely that they include hostile elements which carry weapons and threaten the security of Israel,” he said.

As pointed out on this site before, Netanyahu openly admitted that Israel is perfectly happy with the ongoing bloodshed in both Syria and Iraq, and furthermore declared that the conflict should be kept going because it was in Israel’s interests (although not America’s).

At the same time, the Zio-state is taking steps to protect itself from the very same chaos that it encourages in its neighbors.

* The Ynet news article also speculated on who would pay for the new security fence, reporting that the Israeli Defense and Finance ministries had eschewed responsibility. There is therefore little doubt that it will come from the in excess of $3 billion in “aid” which American taxpayers give to Israel every year.