Jewish Supremacism

Jewish Supremacist Media Control Reveals its Hand in Coverage of Latest Israeli Violence

The fact of Jewish Supremacist control of the West’s mass media has never been more obvious with the blatantly biased coverage over the latest Israeli attack on civilians in Gaza.

All of the major news outlets—from CNN to NBC, have studiously followed the “official line” laid down by their puppet masters in reporting the Israeli aggression as “a crackdown” upon the “Islamist Hamas” as a retaliation for an alleged increase in “rocket attacks” on Israel.

CNN's "coverage" of the latest Zio-terrorist attack on Gaza: carefully moderated by the open Zio-agent and former full-time employee of AIPAC, Wolf Blitzer.
CNN’s “coverage” of the latest Zio-terrorist attack on Gaza: carefully moderated by the open Zio-agent and former full-time employee of AIPAC, Wolf Blitzer.

The reports all refuse to mention that  these “rockets” are mostly home-made weapons which are little more than pipes filled with gunpowder. The Zionist Supremacists always announce that “hundreds” of these “rockets” have rained down on Israel—trying to create the impression that the Jewish state is under a constant barrage of sophisticated missile attacks.

These projectiles, commonly called Qassam rockets, are propelled by a solid mixture of sugar and potassium nitrate, a widely available fertilizer. The “warhead” is filled with smuggled or scavenged TNT and urea nitrate, another common fertilizer.

The rocket consists of a steel cylinder, containing a rectangular block of the propellant. A steel plate which forms and supports the nozzles is then spot-welded to the base of the cylinder. The warhead consists of a simple metal shell surrounding the explosives, and is triggered by a fuse constructed using a simple firearm cartridge, a spring and a nail.

The home-made nature of the Qassam rockets is obvious from this file picture of a warehouse where the used--and useless--rocket casings are stored.
The home-made nature of the Qassam rockets is obvious from this file picture of an Israeli  warehouse where the used–and useless–rocket casings are stored.

Because there is no guidance system, these “rockets” almost never even land close to any Israeli settlement—legal or illegal—and the number of injuries, fatalities or damage inflicted is minimal (not that any harm of any sort is justified, of course).

The point is, however, that Israel hardly faces any sort of “massive threat” and the Israeli Defence Force has formally admitted that these rockets are “more a psychological than physical threat” and that “statistically they cause the fewest losses.”

In spite of this, Israel has now launched a new wave of attacks, using highly sophisticated and American financed and supplied jet fighter aircraft and missiles, to bombard large numbers—in excess of 100—targets in Gaza, which they claim are the centers of these “rocket attacks.”

All of the mainstream media reports have portrayed the latest Zionist state-sponsored terrorist attacks on Gaza as “retaliation”—when in fact it was the Palestinians “retaliating” to decades of Zionist racist aggression and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

The controlled media’s attitude on the matter was succinctly summed up by courageous anti-Zionist campaigner Gilad Atzmon, who, on his website, pointed out that the “Western media displays little interest in covering the current Israel/ Palestine clashes.”

Atzmon continued:

“The Israeli Hasbara prefers to keep a low profile right now. The current collisions between Israeli policing forces and Palestinians are taking place well within Israel’s pre-1967 borders. This means that for all practical purposes, the Two State Solution has lost any viability.

“The so-called Israeli-Arabs, or shall we say, the Palestinians who possess Israeli citizenship are confronting the brutality of the Jewish mob. There have been calls for pogroms against Arab-Israeli citizens from all quarters of Israeli society.

“Israel’s ordinarily hawkish government appears relatively restrained in its reaction to Palestinian resistance and Hamas’ action in Gaza. How come?

“Israel is waiting and hoping for a disaster. A tragic event would provide its military with an excuse to implement its harshest measures.

“Bearing in mind that ‘by way of deception’ is deeply rooted in Hebraic culture and Israeli tactics, Israel doesn’t really need a Palestinian to provide a pretext for a war.”

As Atzmon points out, no matter what the outcome, it is in the interests of the Zionist Supremacists:

“The conclusion is inescapable, we are at the brink of a disastrous scenario. The question remains open; is it the 3rd Intifada or Nakba II? Is it a Palestinian uprising or are Israelis ethnically cleansing again?

“Although the terminology differs, from an Israeli perspective there is no contradiction between the two, they are complimentary steps to the same goal namely, a Jews-Only State.”

Meanwhile, the western mass media, controlled by the Zionist cabal, pretends that it is all about “innocent democratic Israel” protecting itself against evil “anti-Semites” once again…