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Jewish leader says Jews love immigrants in Holland, just don’t put them in Jewish Neighborhoods. Dr. MacDonald Today!

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Dr. Duke started the show by talking about news of a wave of rapes being committed by the tsunami of immigrants that have been flooding into Europe from Syria and beyond. He brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to talk about the Jewish role in indoctrinating Europeans with the idea that their countries are “proposition nations” that do not have an ethnic basis and should open their borders to immigration from anyone in the world.


They then moved on to the issue of major Jewish religious and secular leaders declaring the qualitative superiority of Jews over non-Jews. The late Chabad Lubavich leader Menachem Schneerson and the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yosef declared that non-Jews have no soul and were placed on Earth strictly to serve Jews. Just this week the Israel Deputy Defense Minister made similarly supremacist comments. They then went on to discuss how white homosexuals and white women get turned into Jewish-dominated grievance groups through ideologies such as feminism.

This is a show that would be a great one to share with friends in order to open up their minds.

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