Jewish Extremists Make Frontal Attack Against Christmas!

Jewish Extremists Make Frontal Attack Against Christmas!

At this beautiful and thoughtful time of year, it is good to reflect and contrast our highest values to that of our traditional enemies. As all of you realize, the most beautiful and sacred traditions of the West are under attack. Jewish supremacists seek to use multiculturalism as a weapon to undermine our sense of tradition and culture.

This was illustrated in Seattle recently when an Chabad Lubavitch rabbi demanded a Menorah put up beside a Christmas tree. They at first refused because doing that violated the law forbidding public display of religious symbols, a legal battle which was sponsored by Jewish organizations to get Christian heritage symbols off of public grounds at Christmas. Then the rabbi threatened to sue with the result that the Port authority cowardly took down the tree in the middle of the night. Only the outrage of millions of Christians in the Seattle area led the rabbi to back down. Jewish extremists have led the fight against Christmas, but they like to do their work behind the scenes as not to increase the awareness of the Jewish role in these actions. Few Americans are even aware that the Jewish campaign against Christmas and other European cultural and religious traditions is primarily financed and organized by Jewish organizations.

American Jewish Committee, the ADL and other major Jewish supremacist organizations have worked relentlessly to forbid even the singing of Christmas carols in schools and public institutions. They have made sure that nativity scenes and Christian symbols are removed from community property, but they have worked for and even received court approval for Jewish Menorahs on public property. While they have said that even the singing a Christmas carol is dangerous to Constitutional principles, they have orchestrated billions of American tax dollars to be sent to a religious state, that of Israel. A nation openly in service of one religion; Judaism. So in effect, billions of our tax dollars are being sent to support a religion, and not our own religion.

To illustrate their chutzpah, take for instance a recent ADL guide for Jewish parents in their campaign against Christmas in public schools. After they have successfully forbidden Christmas carols in many of our schools, now they are targeting the very traditions and values of European civilization itself. I will quote from an ADL publication is called: Religious Issues in Your Child’s Public School A Guide for Jewish Parents and you can find it on the ADL Website. I quote:

Q. What is excessive when it comes to Christmas decorations on handouts and in the classroom?

A. First, it is important to note that while Christmas trees, Santas, wreaths, wrapped gifts, and reindeer are commonly used as Christmas decorations or symbols, the courts have decided that they are secular symbols of the season. Nevertheless, their inordinate usage is inappropriate. Talk to the teacher about the plethora of Christmas decorations on the homework assignments. Explain that while you understand that displaying such graphics on workbook assignments is legal, such excessive use makes you and your child feel uncomfort-able. Suggest alternative winter decorations, including snow flakes, gingerbread houses, and mittens that may be more inclusive.

Q. Is it appropriate for teachers to hold Christmas parties and to allow those who don’t observe to be excused?

A. The students are being told, in effect, “Come to a fun party with gifts, food, and games, or go to the library for the afternoon.” While legal, this party is insensitive to those students who do not celebrate Christmas. With a few adjustments, this party can be a positive experience for all of the students. Instead of celebrating Christmas, the party can celebrate the winter season or a variety of holidays. Finally, since receiving gifts from Santa Claus is a Christian tradition, it is inappropriate in the public school classroom.

So let’s get clear on this naked, Jewish supremacist attack upon our traditions. Now these brazen supremacist Jews say that we are not supposed to have Christmas trees, Santa, wreaths, wrapped gifts, or even reindeer, that is just too European for these aliens. Instead they will permit us to a few non-cultural snowflakes and mittens. They want to even forbid Christmas parties in our schools. They want to forbid our children even to have our traditional exchange of Christmas gifts. Their chutzpah knows no bounds.

How long do you think any of us would last trying to remove Jewish songs and celebrations from public schools in Israel and in effect by supporting the Jewish state we actually fund the Jewish religion with American tax dollars! And speaking of Jewish traditions, while we Christians celebrate Christmas concepts of peace on earth, goodwill to men Jews celebrate Chanukah, a celebration of military victory against their hated gentile enemies, a victory that was crowned by a bloody massacre of the Gentile defenders of Jerusalem. In fact Chanukah is a celebration for Jews of the very opposite principles that they preach for us. Chanukah is celebration of Jewish racial and cultural survival against what they call the threat of assimilation with the Greeks and Syrians. I quote from Rabbi Elyahu Safran in his article SEE the light on Chanukah, one of many typical articles by Jewish authorities on the Chanukah celebration:


So by kindling the menorah and placing it on the outside, we declared in demonstrative fashion our victory against the outside forces and external interference with our right to exist and survive as a people. Today, on the other hand, the forces of assimilation, intermarriage, ignorance and secularization arrogantly parade inside our very homes and institutions. Against these internal threats we demonstrate our pride as authentic Jews and assert our belief in the perpetuity of the Jewish people by lighting the menorah in our homes around our own tables.