The Holocaust Conference in Iran — How the Jewish-controlled Media Lies!

At the Holocaust Conference in Iran

Do Jewish-Extremists have a powerful influence in mass media?

Over the past few days I have received about 15,000 emails from all over the world. About 80 percent were very positive. 20 percent were opposed, and perhaps 9 out of 10 of the negative emails were nothing more than obscene hate mail, mail calling for my imprisonment, torture, or murder. All I did at the Holocaust Conference was to call for free speech on this and all historical matters. All I did was to decry the imprisonment of scholars in Europe for simply questioning Holocaust dogma. I have never physically harmed another human being. I am not a supremacist, or racist, or hater. I do want to preserve my heritage in Europe and America just as all people of every nation and heritage want to preserve their own.

People like Bush and Blair have met with and shared meals and wine with war criminals such as Ariel Sharon, a mass murderer that even an Israeli Commission found responsible for the butchery of over 1000 Palestinian men, women and children at Sabre and Chatila. He has gotten a free pass from the media, and I, for daring to simply for voicing politically incorrect opinions, am called “evil.”

The media distortion of the Holocaust Conference is a lesson in the lies of the media.

Let me make a short recap of a few of the lies for you.

1) The Holocaust Conference was said to be dedicated to Holocaust Denial.

Actually the stated purpose of the Conference was not Holocaust Denial but simply allowing free speech on the issue. That is a vital distinction almost completely omitted by the world’s controlled media. Instead it was said to be a conference “Dedicated to Holocaust Denial.”

2) Tony Blair, George Bush, and much of the media condemned the conference as a “disgrace.”

Yet, hardly a voice in the media or government has condemned the prosecution and even jailing of thousands of men an women in Europe, even people in their 80’s for simply voicing an opinion. In other words, the media condemned a Conference for promoting academic free speech and the media supports the denial of basic human rights of free speech. True lovers of freedom know that voicing an opinion is not a crime, but persecuting and putting people in prison that you disagree with is a crime against humanity. Even David Irving who is one of the best read historians in the entire world, sits in prison near Vienna for simply voicing an historical opinion concerning the Second World War. The true disgrace is that Bush and Blair and the media don’t work to stop the imprisoning of historical dissidents.

3) The media alleged that there were no mainstream Holocaust views presented at the conference.

Actually many of the papers presented supported the “official view of the Holocaust.” I heard many of those speeches and any audio tapes of the conference can easily prove that fact.

4) The media consistently maintained that there were no real scholars at the conference.

Actually over 60 academics were present at the conference, including professors from dozens of accredited universities all over the world. For instance the Dean of the revisionists present was Dr. Robert Faurisson, a former highly-acclaimed professor of comparative literature at the University of Lyon, that is until he was deemed as a “Holocaust Denier.” Even though I have a completely legitimate PhD in History from a large and fully-accredited university, not one international media story even mentioned that undeniable fact.

5) Much of the media reported that in my speech I denied the Holocaust and stated there were no gas chambers.

In fact, my complete speech can be heard right here on www.davidduke.com and on www.altermedia.info. The text of my speech is available as well. Not only did I not contest the existence of gas chambers or any other aspect of the popular version of the Holocaust, I specifically said that I take no hard position on questions of Holocaust, but that I do take an unshakable position on freedom of speech. I defend freedom of speech because I support basic human rights and I do so in acknowledgment that the only way to discern the truth about any historical event, especially the most controversial or emotionally charged event of history, is by freedom of research, speech, press, conscience, and expression.

Note, that for defending Freedom of Speech, I am called the “evil one” while authorities such as the German Chancellor who seeks the imprisonment of human beings that she disagrees with, are put forth as moral paragons!

To sum it all up: The media overwhelmingly condemned the Holocaust Conference for simply allowing freedom of speech and the same media power actually praises the imprisonment of human beings for exercising the the human right of free speech and free thought!

The media treatment of this conference is a lesson in how much the media is Zionist-influenced. The same media that covers up the fact that Israel is a racial supremacist state, that it has committed crimes of terrorism and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and other peoples of the region, and that it is the true danger to peace and stability in the region, is the same media that has lied to the world about the Holocaust conference. It is the same media that lies about me.

But now you have come to www.davidduke.com and you can read my own words rather than what the controlled media says about me. You will find my own words to be quite different from how the media portrays me.

If you like, you can start with the shocking facts of the Zionist-extremist influence in the media. You will find it to be a far more pervasive influence than you may imagine.


David Duke

Here is the link for the chapter in my book, Jewish Supremacism on the Supremacy of Zionists in the media. Read it for yourself! Judge for yourself!