Israel Shamir Blasts World-Wide Zionist Media

They Met In Teheran

By Israel Shamir
December 20th, 2006

The Teheran Holocaust Conference caused quite a storm in the world media. One might ask: what’s so special about that? There are so many holocaust events and holocaust museums and holocaust festivals, sometimes attracting presidents and prime ministers galore, so why did the Teheran (or Tehran) conference draw so much attention and criticism; why were the White House, Frau Merkel, the Vatican and the EC willing to take some valuable time to condemn this small gathering in far-away Iranian capital?

The difference is that all other gatherings were amen-sayers accepting the official version provided by Jewish organisations as the Holy Writ given to Moses on Mt Sinai. The official version of the Holocaust goes even farther than Writ: you may deny Immaculate Conception and Resurrection of Christ, you may besmirch Muhammad, but if you have any doubt that six million Jews were executed by Germans in gas chambers within the framework of a total annihilation project you may find yourself in a jail in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and other ‘free’ countries. The Teheran Conference is the first one ever to deal critically with the sad events of the World War Two. (….Full Article Here)