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Frosty Wooldridge on: "The Greatest Threat to this Republic"

The Next Added 100 Million Americans, (part 13)

By Frosty Wooldridge
December 21st, 2006

The first 12 parts of this series sobered countless readers. It depressed many and caused despair for the faint of heart. However, most Americans can’t or refuse to grasp our dilemma. By checking our growth rates, not only will we add 100 million in three decades, we’ll add another 100 million on top of that, and do it again until we become one billion people by the start of the next century.

No one wants to discuss it. Everyone hush-hushes about the preacher’s daughter being pregnant. No one wants to talk about sexual or domestic abuse now epidemic in America. No one talks about 18 teenagers committing suicide every day in this country. Better not talk about the 22,000 deaths by drunken drivers annually! Let’s pretend it’s not happening.

China’s and India’s leaders did the same thing 50 years ago. They didn’t talk about their exploding populations. Guess what? They got what they didn’t talk about. Can you imagine what it means to the billions of Chinese and Indians now living within the clutches of overpopulation? (….Full Article Here)
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