The ISIS Horror: Created by Zionists

By Former Member of the House of Representatives, LA, Dr. David Duke. President Barack Obama is so controlled by Jewish extremists the Chicago Tribune proclaimed him the “first Jewish President.”

He has now announced that he will launch bombings against ISIS in Syria and at the same time support “moderate rebels” in Syria.


America’s entire policy from the time of the Afghanistan War, through the lies of the Iraq War, right through to supporting the al Qaeda “rebels” in Syria, has been directly against the true interests of America.

The truth is that the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad has, from the very beginning, been fighting al Qaeda and ISIS.

Traitors such as Barack Obama have supported Jewish-orchestrated policies which have directly led to the rise of al Qaeda.

Now, Ziobama says that America will fight ISIS—but at the same time, support the “moderate rebels” in Syria.

That is, of course, is a completely insane position.

1) The real power among the “rebels” in Syria is ISIS and its al-Qaeda offshoots.

2) The Assad Government is supported by the entire Christian community in Syria, and most of the Muslim community, including the spiritual leader of Muslims in Syria, the Grand Mufti.

3) If the Assad Government falls, ISIS will completely take over the country. This will be contrary to “human rights”—and certainly contrary to American interests.

4) If the Assad government is destroyed, ISIS will be freed up to flood into neighboring nations, and the threat it poses will be enormously amplified.

5) America should never have worked to destabilize Syria. The only correct policy should have been to promote peace and reconciliation, not to arm fanatics from all over the world who claim to be “rebels.” Working to stabilize Syria, not wreck it, would be the only truly pro-American, pro-human rights policy position.

6) America has been on the wrong side in Syria and the entire Middle East because of the Zionist control of the American government and media. This has been the primary driver of America’s insane support for the criminal Jewish Supremacist State of Israel.

These seemingly insane policies can only be explained when one understands the treasonous Zionist grip on the American government and media.

Background on Obama’s Zionist Treason

The Jewish-run Chicago Times proclaimed Barak Obama as the “first Jewish President” because his entire academic political career had been completely orchestrated by Zionist Jews.


The political handler who orchestrated his campaign for U.S. President was the Jewish Zionist politico David Axelrod, whose previous claim to fame was the defeat of Senator Charles Percy of Illinois—who the Zionists hated because he dared to defy them on one small matter as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Jewish millionaires and Jewish organizations provided the bulk of Obama’s campaign funding.

The Jewish dominated media portrayed him like a saint waiting to be anointed.

His biggest campaign corporate contributor was the Jewish criminal bank Goldman Sachs.

His first appointment as Chief of Staff was Rahm Emmanuel, a Jewish Israeli-USA dual citizen—who served in the Israeli army, not the American Army!

Yes, the Jewish Chicago Tribune was right, Obama is the first Jewish President, and as such he commits Zionist treason against the United States.

The Iraq War was actually a war against a true American ally, Saddam Hussein. America had supported Hussein with militarily aid for decades. That nation had an advanced secular government which was as opposed to al Qaeda long before Americans were even aware of that organization’s existence.

However, Israel considered Saddam Hussein their biggest enemy because of his support for the Palestinians.

Because of Jewish domination of the American government and American Policy under George Bush, the Israeli extremists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, along with their co-conspirators in the American media, launched the “weapons of mass destruction” lie.

In truth, Saddam Hussein protected the sizable Christian community in Iraq and worked hard to maintain sectarian peace among Shiites, Sunnis and a number of other religious sects.

But Israel saw him as an enemy, and got Americans to fight a multi-trillion dollar war against their enemy—Saddam Hussein. Thousands of Americans were killed, and hundreds of thousands endured all manner of traumatic injuries, including severe brain traumas. Trillions of dollars of taxpayer’s money was spent

And at the end of it, Iraq was thrown into civil war and became a massive terrorsit hibernation center.

Instead of the world—and America—becoming safer, everywhere became more dangerous.

In addition, America became the most hated nation on earth—only because of the government’s support for the insane Zio-wars. Americans are today endangered all over the world as a result.

Saddam, who hated al Qaeda and Islamic radicalism, was destroyed. The ultimate result of the war is that today, al Qaeda offshoots now control at least half of Iraq.

Any intelligent person could see where this was heading.

I warned about this for years.

Now we have the Syrian conflagration.

Anyone who visited Syria before the present troubles will confirm that that nation was one of the most peaceful and advanced nations of the entire Middle East.

President Bashar al-Assad is a British educated medical doctor, who has always been a moderate. He presides over a religiously and ethnically divided nation, and always fostered peace among them.

He was warmly loved and endorsed by the 2 million Christians of the country. In fact, the hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq who became persecuted there after the fall of their protector, Saddam, fled to Syria.

Not only were the Christians supportive of Assad and the government, but so were the leading Sunni Muslims, such as the Grand Mufti.

I met personally with both the Grand Mufti and head of the Christian community, the Great Patriarch in Damascus, when I visited Syria. Both were—and still are—supporters of the Assad government.

However, the Zionist Jews in Israel and the around the world hate Assad because he supports the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom against Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing policies.

Assad also supported Hezbollah in Lebanon—an organization which fought the Israeli invasion forces in that country to a standstill and ultimately compelled the invaders to withdraw.

Syria was at the top of the Jewish Supremacist hit list. In fact, years before the Iraq War, American Zionists Richard Perle and others had written a paper for the Israeli government, called “Securing the Realm.” In this policy document, they called for the instigation of American wars against Iraq, Syria and Iran.

The “realm” to which the paper referred was Israel’s not America’s.

And now, Israel, in combination with the bought-and-sold, infiltrated and subverted, proxy U.S. Government, and the Zio controlled media, have orchestrated the Syrian Civil War.

It didn’t matter to the Zionists that the “rebels” are Jihadists of the most extreme and murderous nature. In fact they loved it. The more murderous, and the more destructive the conflict in Syria, the better it was—for Israel. They knew that it would destroy a healthy, peaceful and powerful nation who the Zionists saw as their enemy.

The Bottom Line

Now Ziobama has announced that he will “bomb ISIS” because of the “threat to America”—but at the same time, will support “moderate rebels” in Syria.

The truth is that if the Syrian government falls, nothing could keep ISIS from taking over all of Syria and becoming a much bigger threat than now.

Any support—money or weapons—given to “moderate rebels” will obviously be used against the Syrian Government. This actually helps ISIS because the Government of Syria is their biggest enemy!

Again, the only way anyone can understand this insanity is to comprehend that America is controlled by Zionists who don’t give a damn about the US—and only care about Jewish Israel and Jewish power.