Jewish Supremacism

Hypocritical Zionist Extremists Start Expelling Africans to Uganda

The Zionist state has started forcibly expelling African asylum seekers to Uganda—regardless of their country of origin—as part of their drive to keep Israel racially Jewish. At the same time, Jewish extremists in America have launched a new drive to bring in as many Third World asylum seekers into America as possible—even those who have declared links to terrorist organizations.

According to an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, titled “Israel secretly flying asylum seekers to Uganda” it is revealed that the Zionists are giving a “$3,500 inducement” to the repatriated Africans, while applying pressure through “harsh conditions” of detention which, the Jewish newspaper proudly admits is “spurring detainees to go.”

According to the report, “Israel has begun to send African asylum seekers to Uganda, according to a senior government official who said that over the past month, dozens of asylum seekers have agreed to leave Israel for Uganda, and some have already left.

Haaretz has obtained information that a Sudanese citizen who had been detained at the Saharonim detention center flew to Uganda, where he was reunited with his family. The man called his friends in Israel and said there were six other asylum seekers from Sudan with him on the flight, all of whom had been released from Saharonim. The man also said he had received a grant of $3,500 for leaving the country, which is in keeping with the government’s “voluntary departure” procedure.

Asylum seekers incarcerated at Saharonim or at the Holot detention facility say representatives of the Population and Immigration Authority are pressuring them to sign “voluntary departure” forms and are specifically mentioning the possibility of moving to Uganda. “Somebody from the Interior Ministry is going around here and asking if anyone wants to go back,” a detainee at Holot said on Wednesday. The detainee said the harsh conditions at the facility and the pressure are leading some people to agree to leave Israel despite their fears.

The report goes on to reveal that once deported to Uganda, the Africans do not receive legal status and are not provided with any papers allowing them to leave if they want to. As a result, the Ugandan authorities simply deport them once again—where to, no-one seems to know, and the Zionist state certainly does not care.

Meanwhile, in America, a hearing at a U.S. House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security held on February 11, Jewish Supremacist Melanie Nezer, vice president for Policy and Advocacy at the Hebrew Immigration and Aid Society (HIAS) said that America should not bar refugees who have had “insignificant support for Tier III terrorist organizations.”


The HIAS, which is dedicated to bringing as many asylum seekers from the Third World into America as possible, and boasts as its logo “Welcome the Stranger. Protect the Refugee”) said in its submission that barring those who have had had only “insignificant” support for terrorist organizations should be allowed to enter America.

“Congress’ failure to amend the overbroad terrorism definitions that bar asylum seekers and refugees who have no connection to terrorism under the common understanding of the term . . . undermine[s] America’s leadership in the realm of refugee protection,” the HIAS said.

Contrast that opinion with the Israeli state’s treatment of asylum seekers who have had no contact at all with any terrorist organizations, and the blatant hypocrisy is obvious for all to see.

The same Jewish Supremacists who are demanding that America open its borders for absolutely anybody, are completely silent on Israel’s policy on asylum seekers.

It is the old story: one rule for Jewish Supremacists and another for everyone else.