How to Make Yourself a Warrior – In Body, Mind and Spirit!
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How to Make Yourself a Warrior – In Body, Mind and Spirit!

How to Make Yourself a Warrior – In Body, Mind and Spirit!

By Dr. David Duke

Introductory Remarks: I am an academic PhD, not a medical doctor. My formal academic studies have been in history more than biology. Yet, for many years I have read and studied the scientific literature on anthropology, human biology and evolution. I have also taken a keen interest in diet and fitness.

Since I was a young man I was a lover of nature, an outdoorsman and active in many sports, boxing, martial arts and fitness. I also was in military school and in ROTC in college.

From the age of 19 I was thin, but fit enough to carry a 40lb rucksack on 20 mile marches, yet I couldn’t seem to gain the weight and muscular strength I wanted. At 24 I learned the foundations of weight training and in that year, 1974,  I  finally developed the strength, physique and power I had long desired.

Luckily, I built my body at the time with intense weight training that also employed the traditional way of eating that Western warriors used for millennia: lots of healthy meats, fish, eggs, milk, proteins and natural fats.

Thankfully, my physical transformation came before the massive anti-meat, anti-natural fat dogma that perfectly coincided with a massive societal explosion of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

However, less than a decade after my physical transformation, the media and scientific establishment promoted a radically different diet and lifestyle from that of our parent’s and grandparent’s generations and even more radically divergent from our pre-agricultural evolutionary ancestors that still ruled over our DNA.

The scientific study of nutrition and its relationship to disease came under the crushing money power of agricultural and food giants. For instance, it took decades for us to discover that the Harvard scientists who exonerated sugar were under massive bribes from Coca-Cola. It also came under the Great Satan of the Global agricultural industry, Monsanto.

 Big Sugar, Big Grains, and Big Oils produced the best fake science money could buy for the growing soft drink industry and sugar, carbohydrate driven snack foods and the continuous eating it engendered.

Of course the global media was also part of the food revolution as they were fueled by billions of dollars of advertising for the  high profit, toxic and addictive foods and drinks. They were cheerleaders for destruction of the health of hundreds of millions of people. It was profitable.

Just as the powerful media overturned centuries of the moral values of Western Civilization, they overturned centuries and even millennia human diet traditions. In those days there was no internet enabling true debate and dissent.

The supposed scientific wisdom led millions of people to damaging eating habits that extended to me as well in the next three decades of my life. It caused me and hundreds of millions of others to have serious health issues.

 About 15 years ago, I began to delve into the latest food science and began experimenting with training and dietary fitness regimens that I hoped would heal the damage inflicted upon me (and others) by a corrupt media and government establishment promoted diet and lifestyles that created an explosion of chronic destructive, debilitating and deadly disease. It also that spawned a huge financial crisis in health care costs and insurance costs that eroded the very solvency of whole nations and governments.

I have not completely resolved all my health issues created by years of overworking, too little sleep and eating unhealthy foods. Although older and now dealing with the inevitable affects of aging, for the last 15 years I have kept up with the very latest scientific research in human health, exercise and diet in the pursuit of not only a longer life, but a longer life that is vibrant and without the pain and debilitation of disease of both the body and its most important organ of all: the brain.

 Applying what I learned has helped me make progress with almost all of my health markers.

I am committed to maintaining my strength and lean body mass as loss of such is the most powerful harbinger of mortality.  I am also conscious of how metabolic issues and insulin resistance are a powerful cause of horrific diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other conditions that lead to decline of mental cognition and memory.

I am confident that lifestyle changes can mitigate those risks in myself and for most people. I seek to maintain a strong and healthy body, a sharp brain, a healthy mentality –  and a long life that will enable me I to continue to serve the freedom and well being of my people and the world, God willing.

I love the warrior spirit and will share my views with you as to how to achieve a warrior’s body, mind and spirit.

Any diet or lifestyle changes I share here have had positive effects for me and I believe they are rooted in scientific evidence, thought and study. Still, my diet and lifestyle suggestions should be considered with consultation and advice with your medical practitioner who is most familiar to your health conditions and well-being.

Fulfill Your Most Inspiring Dreams of Youth – Despite Your Age!

From my earliest memories, dreams of doing daring and heroic acts, or accomplishing great feats of athletic or competitive accomplishment inspired me. I think these desires stir the hearts of almost every young man. Can you remember as a child watching the films of the great warriors and wishing to be one?

I am here today to tell you can be a true warrior and create in your own life a warrior’s mind, body and spirit.

For hundreds of thousands of years, the most honored members of the tribe were their greatest warriors. They were the ones who ensure the freedom and survival of their descendants. Even today, no one is honored more than a nation’s warriors and heroes of war.

Today I speak about the fundamental underlying drive that is epitomized in the essence of a warrior. The warrior spirit and mind and body has an impact in almost areas of your life.

Millions of boys grow up dreaming to be a strong, powerful hero. Whether in the mode of the sagas of mythical characters such as Ulysses or a Hercules, or even the modern day James Bond or Thor.

Male psychology and male physique is at the root of the warrior. The admiration of the strong, powerful, beautiful and heroic – drives hundreds of millions of men to the movies, and women as well, to revere the ultimate expression of manliness, the consummate warrior.

For a woman, her attraction to such a man is deeply embedded in her evolutionary brain and psychology. Such a man embodies the evolutionary fitness to compete for her and win her, protect her, and provide for her and her children to be, and thus provide for the continuation of the genetic heritage that is the ultimate drive of all life.

Nobody is heralded and revered in life and in myth as the great warrior. It is a path to status, reproductive and material success. It carries with it an association with the strength, beauty and power of a well-formed body.

It symbolizes a man of self-discipline and self respect, a man of honor who would not flinch even at the risk of his own life, whose self confidence enables him to triumph over the far more mundane nuances of life, success and elemental survival.

Interestingly enough, in the last million years not much has changed.  A warrior’s physical power, health and beauty has a huge impact in success in areas of life and human interaction. This attraction is first rooted in physical appearance.

Let’s be honest about it. The desire to “look good” is embedded in the deepest and oldest and most enduring parts of brain, the Limbic and Reptilian Brain which has been around for the last hundred million years  It is intrinsic in our evolutionary psychology.

Until the most recent years of human evolution, a few minutes of evolutionary time, all of our ancestors lived in small tribes. Tribal acceptance is critical to one’s survival and status.

In the Paleolithic period, if you are liked or loved, you have a much better chance of surviving than if you are despised.

In prehistoric times of constant danger, from predatory animals, enemy tribes, or environmental conditions that demanded bonded group action to survive, to become an outcast from your own tribe was most often a death sentence.

Today, we have the same DNA and brain structure and behavioral instincts forged in our distant ancestors.

Of course, It is not just how we look to others that’s important, it’s how we see ourselves.

This begins by what you see in the mirror. Those who see themselves as fat or skinny, weak or sickly, can slide down a cascading decline of their self respect that becomes a self-filling prophecy of failure in important aspects of their life.

However, if those who embark on the warrior’s path, and take action, and who begin to see improvement in their physical selves, they will be emboldened by the progress they make beyond simply their physical appeal but in other areas of life as well.

It is not vital that one see’s himself as the epitome of strength and form, but that process is where one find’s true satisfaction and happiness. In fact, happiness is not really in the fleeting feeling of achievement in a goal, the longer term process of achieving the goal.

The warrior’s training and the battles he fights, the trials and deprivation he suffers and overcomes gives him a mentality of “come what may, I will find a way to prevail.”

Why attempt anything if you believe you will fail anyway? The true warrior mentality is one of irrepressible optimism. It is the kind of spirit in which historical warriors going into terrible physical risk and suffering and knowing that they may die, still can ride into battle singing.

No matter the odds, the warrior feels that he can prevail, even if he loses his life, his courage and sacrifice will leave his honor intact, living forever in the blood and  heritage of his people he helped save from death or slavery.

The warrior’s positive spirit has a positive impact on everything one does. If one doesn’t think he can create a more effective spear point or bow and arrow, he’s far less likely to try. If he is convinced he can’t be a great warrior he’s far more likely not to endure the hard and dangerous training demanded to become one.

Great warriors and achievers make the sacrifices and do the tireless work it takes to make a great warrior.

It was true in Paleolithic times as true today.

Physical work and training, overcoming pain and disappointment, being diligent and committed is the surest way to willpower. The surest way to train your mind, will and spirit is to train your body.

Of course, the same thing is true in athletic pursuit. Physical training and athletic competition are forms of warrior training in a more peaceful world. But, the first demand of life, is your very existence, your body. When it lives and breathes and thrives with all of its potential, then in life you conquer.

The Mind, Body and Spirit are One!

The interesting thing is that that success is only made possible by the life and quality of the body. One of the great errors of our time is the idea that the body and the mind are separate entities. Actually your brain, your mind and your body are parts of the one whole organism. If you do not have a healthy body, ultimately one cannot have and maintain a healthy mind. For a healthy mind is fleeting when not supported by a healthy, living body.

A strong, vital body is a necessary path to a powerful mind and fulfilled life.

There are good reasons for people to instinctively want to look good, because looking good denotes a strong, healthy and powerful individual. People often seek to “look good” by wealth, possessions, or status in the tribe, or even in modern society, by styles of dress that represent that status and power.

But ultimately, looking good is most rooted in actually looking good in a physical sense, not in fine clothes, but the obviously strong, healthy body beneath them. And yes, your body itself is also viewed through the lens of your personality, your spirit, in effect, the posture of your body and your spirit.

When you look good, you enlist other people to your efforts. You make friends and allies easily. You are more persuasive. Your are more attractive to the opposite sex. Why? Because people are instinctively attracted to those who look great, act great, and are great!

I remember seeing a film in 1970 called “Z.” It was a fictional account of a an assassinated Marxist political leader in Greece who was an enemy of the Fascist Junta at that time. He obviously had the very opposite of my political beliefs.

Although the hero in the film was opposite to my philosophies, as I watched the film, I couldn’t help but respect the character because of his physical strength, stature and courageous, indomitable nature.

After the film, the more cerebral part of my brain kicked in and I rationally realized that it was just a fictional propaganda film meant to appeal to the most powerful emotional parts of our brains, our reptilian and limbic brain.

It taught me a lesson at that young age, that at the most elemental level, the way people evaluate others begins with their physical appearance, which is most powerfully based on how strong and healthy their body looks. It can extend to the way they dress and act, but it all starts with the physical, and no fine clothes or possessions can relieve the inherent repulsion people feel for the slothful and disgusting corporeal body.

The ancient Greeks and Romans understood this. In their highest art forms of painting and sculpture they revered the greatest warriors and they artistically expressed the Gods themselves as healthy, muscular and strong. From the first artistic glimmers of ancient Greek culture  the strong, beautiful warrior is idealized.

Greek artistic nudes in nothing or in scant togas expose the fit and beautiful bodies of their warriors and the women of their society.

Stand in the presence of the great sculptures rendered of their female Gods of ideal beauty, such as Athena and Aphrodite, and three thousand years removed, you will feel the same awe as your ancestors did when those statues were first unveiled.

Vanity is pervasive. Everyone is vain in some ways. Whether it be about their wealth and  financial success, political success, achievements or trophies or diplomas.

Everyone has vanity.  Whether it is to look good by the clothes they wear, the jewelry they flaunt, the cars they drive, the homes they live in, everyone has some form of vanity. Even the beauty of the woman a man has won and who walks beside him, is a source of deep pride.

Everyone though, cannot afford  the finest of clothes or sleekest of cars, or the finest of homes. Few men marry a woman who could win Miss World. Few women marry a man of herculean might and power.

But almost everyone is blessed with the genes that can build a beautiful, strong, healthy body.

It must be said, obviously, that someone’s physical health, strength and beauty is not necessarily his greatest attribute, nor can it forgive the greatest failings.

There are certainly “beautiful people”  who are viciously immoral, and who act horrifically against everything moral and noble.

Although criminals and evil doers are often debauched in both body and mind, the most dangerous ones are the intelligent ones who understand and utilize the elements of physical strength in combination with strong mentality and will, to do their nefarious deeds.

The evil ones must be opposed and fought tooth and nail for supremacy in our society. You who are noble and moral and righteous, you have a duty to harness your body for the right.

Many of your enemies use their physical and psychological laws of power and influence against you. That fact makes it even more incumbent upon the good man to be a more powerful defender than evil has a predator.

It is true that those who are physically weaker, sicker or less intelligent — but who act morally and conscientiously are far more valuable to society than the more physically gifted yet more morally corrupt and degenerate.

That being said, there is a reason why the noble Greeks believed in an immutable connection between physical strength, health and beauty to the highest values of mind and spirit. When the Greeks exalted “body, mind and spirit,” the body comes first because they understood that body is the 1st pillar upon which mind and spirit are built.

No great mental or moral powers we have are even possible without life itself. The existence of a healthy, strong body is in itself the most elemental foundation of a great mind and higher spiritual attributes.

Those of us who are awake and know what is truly moral and noble have a relentless obligation to eradicate any and all addictions and weaknesses that keep us from rising to the highest fulfillment of our genetic blueprint. We must make ourselves so strong and honorable that we will be a light and inspiration to all those who cross our path. Never have our people needed true leaders more than today.

When you look in mirror and see that your discipline and lifestyle has created a strong, healthy body, you get positive reinforcement and encouragement to strengthen every aspect of your life.

The striving for a healthy body is ironically, the surest way to a healthy mind. The mind is part of the body, so a healthy diet, and following the precepts of a healthy lifestyle are the surest way to a more cognitive and focused mind expressing its full genetic potential and  spiritual strength.

In fact,  the word “diet” itself has a Greek origin. It is diaita via diaitan. It means far more than only what you eat, but encompasses your entire lifestyle.

The Three Pillars of Health and Power

The ancient Greeks saw the three pillars a healthy life in a Great Body, Great Mind and Great Spirit.

In turn, the three pillars of the body are in order of fundamental importance are: healthy sleep, healthy nutrition and healthy exercise.

So which of the three pillars of lifestyle are really the most important? Let’s start with what is most essential.

First Pillar: Sleep

Many people can go through many months or even a centenarian lifetime of health without a purposeful exercise program as long as there is frequent movement, even if it as simple as frequent walking.

I do believe that in the modern lifestyle of sedentary living and toxic foods and lifestyles of the modern world, purposeful exercise is vital to achieve the highest levels of physical and mental health and strength. But, the most essential element of health is often the most overlooked: sleep.

Most people can go weeks or even months without a single bite of food. Yet, fasting for a few hours or even d few days does not damage the body or the brain. In fact, it can actually make the body and brain more healthy.

Lack of adequate sleep however is devastating to both the body and the brain. Scientific studies show that no human completely deprived of sleep can survive longer than a few days or weeks.

In experiments, when scientists intervene to prevent sleep in rats and other mammals, all of the subjects die within 7 to 14 days. Even small amounts of chronic sleep deprivation over time can kill relatively quickly by development of cancers and other fatal chronic diseases, or more slowly it can take years off of your life and drastically diminish your cognitive ability and memory function.

Sleep deprivation not only makes healthy eating and exercise far less beneficial to the body, it inflicts terrible damage on the brain and healthy mentality, ability, memory and mood.

Recent scientific studies have shown that just an hour or so less of good sleep can markedly lower a person’s inhibitory control. In other words, even small amounts of sleep deprivation weakens a person’s willpower and focus dramatically. Studies have shown that even when subjects are only marginally sleep deprived, the next day they have less inhibitory control to resist urges to binge at a junk food buffet. Sleep deprived subjects will binge on 300 to 400 calories more than subjects with a good night sleep.

Lack of adequate sleep will have cumulative deleterious effects on your body and mind that cannot be made up for by proper healthy nourishment and/or by exercise.

Optimum sleep is absolutely the most fundamental and basic rule necessary for healthy body, mind and spirit.

Recommended Actions:

1) Prioritize sleep, preferably between 7 and 8 hours per night. Set an alarm not just to awaken but also when to sleep.

2) Following your circadian rhythm is critical.

b) Set your circadian by being fairly consistent on your bedtime and awake time.

c) Get outdoor light exposure in the morning, and use blue light blocker settings or glasses when using TVs or any electronic screens at night. (Blue light shuts down the essential sleep hormone melatonin) Eating in the daytime rather than late night, sets good circadian wake and sleep patterns.

d) Limit caffeine or alcohol drinks long before sleeping. They can cause insomnia, and even if you can fall asleep while under the influence of caffeine or alcohol, scientific studies show sleep is far less restorative.

Second Pillar: Healthy Food & at the Right Times

After sleep, proper nourishment is next in importance. Just as in prehistoric times, the first rule of survival is avoiding dangerous things, which include predators, enemy tribes and of course, toxic or poisonous foods.

For the first time in our long evolutionary existence we are eating huge quantities of foods that are toxic to our health and that promote chronic disease. They include sugar, refined carbohydrates, and vegetable seed oils that catastrophically damage our bodies and our brains.

The most basic rule of good nutrition is to eat naturally whole foods and the types of foods that our ancestors traditionally ate during our pre-agricultural, evolutionary development.

Our ancestral evolutionary lifestyle, and the unique races of mankind, gave us our genetics of today. We evolved with certain behaviors of sleep, and environmental factors that affected what we ate, how much we ate and how often we ate.

Also, the almost continuous feeding by continuous grazing like herbivore animals, combined with eating unhealthy foods is alien to the eating habits of our entire pre-evolutionary human history.

Also, anthropological studies show that just about all of our ancestors had frequent periods of hunger and periods of fasting, whether involuntary or voluntary.

In regard to macronutrients, our ancestors ate minuscule amounts of sweets and fruits, and dramatically fewer grains and carbohydrates compared to today. In addition, the few and limited wild seasonal fruits had far less sugar and fructose than the high sugar bred fruits of today,

Europeans and East Asians did not evolve in the tropics. The epitome of our evolution took place in response to the vastly colder temperatures of the great ice ages which extended far beyond the borders of glacial coverage. One can imagine the frigid temperatures and deep snow and ice cover for most of the year, and the dearth of fruits or even wild edible green vegetables or wild grains.

The great herds and animal life, as well as plentiful fish and marine life were the most bountiful and certainly the most nutrient and energy dense foods available. Our evolutionary diet was overwhelmingly composed of the high nutrient content of land and marine animals.

Up until the last seconds of our of our long evolutionary history, our ancestors in Europe and Asia ate almost no grains and no refined grains or carbs. All that changed about twelve thousand years ago with the rise of agriculture.

Anthropology shows that hunter gatherer societies, especially in the colder regions, subsisted on diets primarily of diverse animals and fish.

Our ancestors who ate those animals from “head to tail,” grew taller, healthier and had far fewer chronic diseases than the agricultural communities that replaced them.

In fact, examination of the remains of hunter and gatherer tribes and agricultural tribes of the same periods show the hunter and gatherers to be far healthier. Hunter-gatherers’ children grew to be taller adults, were more robust, and were far less diseased than their agricultural counterparts even when living just a few Kilometers apart. (Discover: (Early Farmers Were Sicker and Shorter Than Their Forager Ancestors June 17 2011)

Science shows that even our large brains themselves evolved over thousands years by eating nutrient dense foods such as meat and fish. We were not herbivores designed to spend almost all of our waking hours grazing on leaves and fruit. Eight million years ago we broke off from the great apes that were mainly plant and fruit eaters. Meat-eating, scavenging and hunting had a huge role in our human evolution.

By spending far less time eating more nutrient dense foods such as meat and fish, our ancestors had far more time socialize, converse, invent and make tools and weapons and use their large brains for survival more than their guts.

Even the design of human shoulders is revolutionarily different from great apes who cannot throw objects with high speed, force and accuracy. The ability to throw a spear was critical for human beings because they were hunters.

Apes are mostly what people would call vegans in human terminology, In fact, it is often touted by vegans that great apes are mostly frugivores and herbivores and proclaim that humans are designed to eat what apes eat.

Humans diverged from other primates over 8 million years ago, and changed their diets primarily to meat and fish along with some limited available tubers, nuts, greens and fruits. For eight million years humans have been eating dramatically different foods from apes.

Humans evolved big brains and small guts, while apes remained with relatively small brains and big guts. In addition, human stomachs have far more acid than apes, in part because early humans also scavenged meat from animal predator kills that often became bacterial. High acidity offers some protections from pathogens found in spoiled meat.

Because of seasonal and other factors, our ancestors  experienced periods of famine and eating as much as they could, feasting. Frequent Involuntary fasting adapted our bodies to survival in times of little or no food. It encouraged our bodies to feast and store fat after big kills and we used our fat stores to nourish us in periods of famine.

These periods of intermittent fasting also evolutionarily adapted to body to use fasting as a way to heal and rejuvenate the body. Most mammals in fact developed an evolutionary response to sickness and injury by not eating. Our ancestors always had periods of little or no food which caused evolutionary adaption of our physiology to feed off of our fat stores to maintain energy and muscle mass for extended periods of time.

 Fasting triggers higher human growth hormone that saves lean muscle mass which is spared until the body uses up the energy dense and nutrient dense, available fat stores. Fat is the most energy dense food at more calories(9) a gram which is twice the calories of protein(4) or carbs(4).

It is easy to see how in the last 60 to 70 years massively increased and unbroken consumption of huge amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates have led to incredible increases of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. We have an eating lifestyle today that does not match our evolutionary determined DNA.

So the lesson today is not only to eat the whole foods our bodies were evolutionarily designed for, but to have a true break-fast each day and to have short periods of time-restricted eating, and longer, occasional  times of intermittent fasting.

 The father of modern method medicine, Hippocrates said fasting is the greatest physician.

Recommendations :

1) Eat natural whole foods most similar to what our ancestors ate. Unless you have certain allergies, don’t be afraid of Wild varieties of Fish and marine life, and pasture raised or wild meats and poultry.

2) Eat natural foods that contain naturally occurring saturated fats and oils, such as from animals and fish. Natural saturated fats also are found in coconut and avocado, and mono-saturated fats, such as cold pressed olive oil, and certain nuts. Cook in natural animal fats or in olive oil.

3) Don’t eat the poly-unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) oils such as made from seeds, soybeans and from non-foods such as cottonseed.

4) Avoid as much as possible, sugar, and refined grains such as flour products. In general avoid grains, as many contain anti-nutrients and inflammatory triggers that can cause a host of degenerative joint and other diseases, plus they cause repeated high insulin levels that lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. If you need higher carb intake for growth or gaining weight, in addition to meat and fish it is better to eat rice, baked or boiled potatoes (and not fried in pufa oils!) as a source of relatively clean carbohydrates, as well as moderate carbohydrate green, high fiber vegetables.

5) Intermittent fasting (eating in windows) during the day, or for as long as few days, does wonders on healing metabolic and autoimmune disorders. Nothing burns unwanted fat while preserving lean muscle mass than fasting.

The third pillar of health strength and vitality: Exercise

Exercise is not defined only by specific aerobic or anaerobic running and resistance training. It can be part of athletic participation or physical work or recreational activities like swimming, skiing, surfing, biking, mountain climbing, or any other kind of activity that is not sedentary. It even includes walking.

Specific exercise regimens are remedial restorative responses for the more sedentary lifestyles of the modern age. For the purposes of this talk exercise includes both traditional lifestyles and exercise regimens.

I think in today’s world the most powerful, beneficial exercise in the world is resistance strength training (weight training). It can be both anaerobic and aerobic and adapted to both goals.

More importantly, resistance training is necessary for maximum strength, power and the muscle mass of a warrior.

I believe that with few exceptions that weight training is probably the most efficient way to build dramatic muscle and aerobic fitness in the shortest possible time. I believe it gives you the biggest bang for buck in health benefits.

The beneficial effects of periodic exercise and movement have been shown by both scientific study and life history. Other factors of human health are seen in time spent outdoors and the positive effect of natural light.

Sunlight and the psychological effects of being in nature, as well as being exposed to extremely cold temperatures adapted and refined Europeans and Asians to many evolutionary acquired abilities and positive health factors.

This was especially true in the periphery of great ice ages, and there is abundant evidence we still have DNA that causes limited cold exposure to trigger hormesis, positive effects as it has numerous positive impacts on the body and brain.

Our ancestors, were for the most part not sedentary, as we are today in office jobs and the classic couch sitting, chronic TV watching of modern times.

Our ancestors moved a lot, were outdoors in light and nature most of the time, they lifted heavy things, such as carrying heavy game, including dismembered Mastodon kills, as well as buffalo, reindeer, bear, and other large animals back to our abodes to use for food, shelter and tools.

Europeans and Asians had to build heavy, powerful structures to withstand heavy snowfall and protect them from the extreme temperatures of the ice ages. They also slept in darkness and awakened and ate in the morning light. Evolution genetically fashioned their circadian rhythms which we still need today for optimum sleep and health.

In the modern times of sedentary living, resistance training is most efficient way to quickly and effectively build both strength, lean body mass and health. (Watch for upcoming guides on how to build strength and muscle).


1) Even though exercise is usually defined today as specific exercise programs of running or sports activity, it is really about movement, especially in our current age of chronic sitting and immobility in closed, heated and temperature controlled rooms and offices. The first task is to move frequently, even it is to simply walk.

2) I believe that weight training is the most efficient way to build the warrior’s strength and physique.

If weight training is done with the heaviest weights possible, and with each exercise and set done with extremely slow movements of both concentric and eccentric effort, and done to true failure – your muscles and strength will grow dramatically.

The necessary caveat is that to get the maximum results you must eat adequate protein and other nutrients. And again it goes without saying: get good sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours per night! It is the rest and recovery period when the gains in muscle are strength are made.

I believe that walking or biking at a moderate pace for longer periods or the use of exercise bikes or ellipticals are excellent for cardiovascular, metabolic and brain health. One can easily also do short duration (6 to 12 minutes) of High Intensity Training (H.I.T) training while watching a TV Show, film or documentary.

3) What kind of weight training do I recommend?

I suggest the best way to get started is at a gym with quality resistance weight machines. That way you don’t need a person to spot you to get maximum resistance levels and to go to complete muscle fatigue.

 Depending on your age, I suggest one or two sets to failure for every exercise. Working alternately all major muscle groups such as bench press/rows, pull-ups/vertical press, dips/curls, curls/triceps, deadlifts/leg curls/leg press machine pushups, pull downs.

Sets should use the maximum weight you can handle in slow movements that will reach muscle failure in 6 to 15 slow movement reps. Slow movements with maximum weight will also cause deeper impact from sets lasting from at least a minute and one half to over two minutes.

Furthermore, the machines done with slow movement are far less likely to cause injury than free weights.

I have done split routines and I have done periods of working all body parts per session. I believe the most effective way for both time and effectiveness is doing all muscle groups per session. Each set is done to true muscle failure.

Sessions need only to be two or three times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you do these exercises with absolute the heaviest weight possible and do them slowly for both positive and negative movements to absolute failure, your gains will be astounding.

If done properly, you will feel a whole body fatigue at the end that will trigger the hormones and enzymes and body repair and building mechanisms you need. Doing all body parts is a terrific way to get strong, big and fit.

Done with intensity is has much greater hormetic response than split routines as the whole body response to the short term stress triggers more growth hormone, more fat burning, more testosterone and of the vital muscle building kinase of MTOR (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin  a powerful muscle enzyme of muscle synthesis critical to strength and growth) and longer activation of MTOR.

4) In addition to weight training, I recommend heavy occasional exertion sports and activities that that have anaerobic affects, including cross fit, mountain climbing, and sports training.

I also agree with former World Class Triathlete Mark Sisson of that chronic hardcore competitive type marathon running or excessive road work will actually trigger health problems in everything from joint deterioration to chronic inflammation and ultimately mortal danger from heart disease and stroke as you get older.


The simple truth is that everyone cares about how they look to others and themselves.

There is no way you can look better to others, or to yourself than by improving the strength and beauty of your body, and the confident powerful mentality that accompanies fitness.

Just about everyone can heal obesity or a weak muscle-atrophied body. Most people can build a healthy, powerful, body, mind and spirit by adapting lifestyle changes based on optimizing the genes fashioned by our ancestors in their evolutionary ascent.

I want our young people and yes, even older people to to focus on the most elemental things first: making a healthy, powerful and energetic body that everyone can build.

We must remember that each of us is first and foremost a living organism. We are not our mind. In fact our mind comes from part of the body called the brain and is not independent of it. Our health, strength and vitality is necessary for us to live, to think, and to thrive. Our body is also the root of a healthy brain and healthy mentality.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle means prioritizing good sleep by optimizing our genetically instilled circadian rhythm.

It means eating healthy natural nutrition of whole food that we have evolutionarily been adapted to eat.

It also entails how much and how often we eat those healthy foods, and times of not eating and thereby letting our bodies, rest, rebuild and restore.

Exercise regimens, especially resistance training and short sprinting or types of high intensity training can be remedial antidotes to some of lifestyle induced physical degeneration and chronic health problems.

Keeping an exercise and diet protocol also disciplines your mind and effects your spirit in ways that go far beyond advancing health and strength attributes.

Being dedicated to improving your body and your bodies healthy brain and acting upon on it has a cascading effect on all aspects of your life.

A lifestyle promoting the Greek ideal of body mind and spirit will make you happier, healthier and a much more powerful human being. It is the path to becoming  a true warrior in a world where the strong are given the blessings of life and its highest rewards.

I urge you to embrace our ancestral, evolutionary imperatives.

The revolution for our people’s freedom and very existence begins with you as an individual.

Embrace your DNA, the genealogy of your ancestors.

Aspire to reach the fullest potential of the incredible legacy and abilities that lie within your genes, passed on to you by sacrifice and life struggle from countless generations.

Science now tells us that genes by themselves are not enough to assure your greatness, and that there is an epigenetic effect that activates or deactivates genes for good or ill based on the actions that you take.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy is a man being born with a winning royal flush of genes, but who never acts in ways that turn the genes of greatness on to their glittering promise.

By the three pillars of sleep, nourishment and exercise you will ascend to the Greek warrior ideals of Body, Mind & Spirit.

The three pillars of the Greek ideals begin with the physical body. That is the place to begin your own revolution which is necessary for the political and cultural revolution needed for our nation and world.

I will publish more on sharpening your mental and spiritual aspects in the coming days and weeks, but today I have begun with what is most important, fundamental thing of all. It is your life.

It is the sacred living organism you are, and which has been passed down to you, entrusted to you by countless generations and 4 billion years of evolution.

It has made you what you are the promise of what you can be.

Our revolution begins within you. Take personal responsibility for your own revolution and our coming victory. Conquer yourself, and free yourself from the habits and values that keep you chained to wishing rather than winning.

Be proud. Look at yourself in the mirror with pride. Be an inspiration to your friends, to your people and to the world around you.

Save yourself, save our people and save the world.

Be a Warrior for your own genetic potential and our people’s evolutionary destiny.

Dr. David Duke

From Staff: Here a few pics of Dr. Duke over the years. As you can tell practices what he preaches and is truly a warrior in body mind and spirit. Actually. seeing him and meeting him in person is far more impressive than any pictures. When he walks into a room, even before they recognize him by his fame, his affect on people, even strangers is “bigger than life.”

Dr Duke at 51 in Europe in 2001 and a pic of his girlfriend – at the sea in Croatia having a cup of coffee.
  Duke on an Alpine Mountaintop craig after climbing 6 hard hours in a fasted state at 58
    Climbing in the Alps in his 60s with his girlfriend then, an attorney holding his dog Torri
                     Duke rock climbing a steep mountain in the Alps at 64
Dr. Duke likes to refer to himself at 60 (above) as his “prime.” He still looks in his prime to us at 68 (below) and most people 28 would likely trade their own strength and fitness for his. He truly practices what he preaches!
Current – Dr. Duke very recently – November 2018 (at 68) caught on camera by a friend at a gym in Tennessee (with his headphones). Duke often listens to scientific lectures on health, nutrition and fitness. He is sought out constantly at gyms for his health, fitness and training advice.