How the Internet is Undermining the Jewish Supremacist Media Stranglehold

trashedThe announcement by the Canadian Jewish News (CJN) that it is to cease production of its printed newspaper at the end of June has underlined how the internet is steadily eroding the power of Jewish Supremacists to control the news.

In its formal announcement, made yesterday, the CJN said that “For some time, we have known of the ravages that printed newspapers and magazines have been experiencing across the world.

“The digital age, in which news and commentary are retrieved instantly on smartphones, on computers and on all kinds of new devices, has overtaken the printed word.

“For the most part, the attractions of printed paper are welcome experiences only for an older generation and appear to be destined to be things of the past. Added to this that much of the world believes that news and commentary should be free.”

In addition, the CJN announcement said, it had become increasingly difficult to persuade advertizers to buy space in newspapers.

While the CJN was a relatively small newspaper, the pattern has been repeated for the large media conglomerates as well, with a reported 25% decline in UK newspaper circulation since 2007, and a 30% decline in the US.

As the CJN statement said, the Internet has allowed a much greater—and easier—access to news and opinion. No longer do a small handful of Jewish Supremacists have the ability to dictate what is news, how it is reported and which facts to suppress.

There can be little doubt that the future belongs to free and independent media sources, such as Dr. Duke’s davidduke.com which is, according to the Alexa web tanking service, already the 172,466 most popular website in the world.

The decline in the power of the traditional media moguls is good news for freedom-loving people everywhere in the world—and bad news for the Jewish Supremacists, whose era of oppression and world-wide censorship is at least coming to an end.