Can a Synagogue Honor a Prostitution Trafficker?

(jews can honor a pimpCommentary by Dr. David Duke) Can a Synagogue Honor a Prostitution Trafficker? Leading Rabbi says yes, but only if the prostitution involves no Jews!

The Failed Messiah is an amazing website run by a group of Jews who expose the racist, supremacist nature of Judaism and Israel. It examines horrific aspects of Judaism and Jewish racism and tribalism that are never discussed by the mainstream media.

In this article it points out, with documentation, the pronouncements of a leading rabbi of when a pimp can be honored in a Synagogue by the reading of the Torah. In accordance with the Talmud and Torah, he says it is fine to honor the Jew in Aliya (which is the honor of reading from the Torah to the Synagogue) as long as prostitutes he runs are Gentiles and as along as no Jews are involved in the acts of prostitution itself. In other words it is fine for the White slavery trafficker to defile and exploit women and men as long as they are not Jews. Once more the incredible, even hateful, racist and exploitative nature of Judaism is revealed.

Can you imagine such a teaching being officially taught at a Christian church or in a Muslim mosque? Can you imagine any of those two telling their people that sexual crimes are not wrong if they are committed against non-Christians or non-Muslims?  It would not happen!

The Torah and the Talmud, for instance says that Jews are told by God that they have a right to own Gentile slaves and pass them down for generations, but are forbidden to own Jewish slaves.

Leviticus 25:44-46

44 Regarding male or female slaves that you are allowed to have: You can buy a male or a female slave from the nations that are around you. 45 You can also buy them from the foreign guests who live with you and from their extended families that are with you, who were born in your land. These can belong to you as property. 46 You can pass them on to your children as inheritance that they can own as permanent property. You can make these people work as slaves, but you must not rule harshly over your own people, the Israelites.

Here is the quote from Leviticus. It looks like the same applies to sex slaves as well. Here are quotes from the article from Failed Messiah complete with documentation on it. – Dr. David Duke

Can A Synagogue Give A Known Pimp An Aliya?

Can a synagogue give a Torah honor to a known pimp? This question was asked of a gadol, leading haredi rabbi, and was answered. The answer may surprise you.

Can a synagogue give a Torah honor to a known pimp? This question was asked of a gadol (leading haredi rabbi) and was answered by him.

That rabbi was the Ben Ish Hai, Rabbi Yosef Haim ben Elijah Haham of Baghdad (1835-1909), the leading Sefardi haredi rabbi in the world and the Av Beit Din, president, of the Baghdad rabbinical court. His answer was published in a book of his responsa, Rav Pe’alim.

The question and his paraphrased answer posted below comes from Trafficking and Prostitution: Lessons from Jewish Sources, Naomi Graetz and Julie Cwikel, Australian Journal of Jewish Studies 20 [2006]: 25-58:

Question: What happens when there is only one Cohen in town and he happens to be a Shabbat violator, can he be called up to the Torah? And what happens if in this small town there is only one Levi and he is a pimp, can he be called up to the Torah for an aliya?

R. Joseph qualifies the question: it wasn’t stated if this is a pimp who practices exclusively among “goyim” or among Jews as well. “I will relate to both cases.” In the first case, if the clientele is non-Jewish the bottom line is that it is possible to honor the pimp. But in the second case, (if Jews are involved) if he brings a non-Jewish prostitute to Jews or Jewish women to non-Jews, he cannot be called up to the Torah.

But it is not easy to deny a Levi his honors and so R. Joseph in his final judgment writes that despite the fact that the profession of pimping is frowned upon, if it is just alleged that he deals in prostitution with Jews, he can still be honored.