Conspiracy Theorists Never Mention the Zionist Conspiracy that is Right in Our Faces

Conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones serve the establishment well in continually diverting the public’s attention away from the Jewish Supremacist control of our society, mass media and foreign policy, to instead focus on way-out and weak made-up “conspiracies.”

The most recent example has come with the Boston Marathon bombing. Alex Jones and others have attempted to create a conspiracy over the bombings, claiming that men in “military uniform” were spotted moving around the bombing site, carrying black backpacks and even hand-held detonators.

This was, Jones and others said, proof of some sort of false-flag operation and a “conspiracy” in the bombings. This theory was then taken up by others on the Internet, and soon it became very widely spread—and who knows how many people believed it.

However, this “conspiracy” is, in Henry Ford’s words, bunk.

The men in uniform were in fact members of the Massachusetts National Guard’s Civil Support Teams (CST), who were stationed at the event to provide support and help in the case of an incident.

The backpacks the men were wearing, are standard issue for the CST, and contain first aid supplies and other kit essential to emergency response teams—including hand-held Geiger counters to check for radiation spillage in the event of a “dirty bomb.”

It was these Geiger counters, spotted in photographs, which led to the “hand held detonators” claim. The backpacks, ironically, hid the CST identification tags the National Guardsmen were wearing, although in some pictures, (see alongside) they had taken off the packs and the tags were clearly visible.

Conspiracy theory example 1.
Conspiracy theory example 1.
Conspiracy theory example 2.
Conspiracy theory example 2.
The truth: National Guardsmen Civil Support Team members.
The truth: National Guardsmen Civil Support Team members.

CST is the Civil Support Team set up in every National Guard on the state level in every state. It is meant to help provide security for possible terrorist acts. For some reason, the men identified by Jones and others as operatives were not correctly identified as members of National Guard Civil Defense units!

It is not just a problem that the Jones-type conspiracy theorists lead people up the wrong path—they deliberately ignore the real conspiracy which is before our very faces, namely that of the Jewish Supremacist control of our society, mass media, financial institutions and government.

You will never hear Jones—or any of that ilk—mentioning this Jewish Supremacist conspiracy. They will never talk about the fact that it is the Zionist Supremacist directed control of America’s foreign policy that is the cause of terrorism in the world today.

They will never talk about the fact that it is Jewish Supremacists who run the banking system, and are the ones directly responsible for the “credit crunch” disaster which has wrecked millions of lives around the world.

It is important that people be aware that the real “false flag” operations are the ones who do seek to divert attention away from the real cause of the world’s problems: Jewish Supremacism.

There is no question that there have been Israeli false flag operations, such as the Israeli-admitted terrorism of the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty. In both these incidents, they hoped to blame Egypt and incite Americans into a disastrous war which would cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

The truth is that a great deal of terrorism is real, and is committed by the people who feel victimized by American subservience to Israel–which has cost many millions of lives and has destroyed whole nations.

The Boston bombing occurred because of the fact that America is a Zionist-controlled nation, which puts all of us in danger by pursuing a foreign policy which is against the interests of the American people.