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Hear Dr. David Duke on the Jewish Supremacist Terrorist History

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Dr. David Duke has a foundational show that begins by condemning the death of 4 Jews in Jerusalem that has been one of the biggest news stories in the world.

While condemning any bloodshed, Dr. Duke points out the incredible disproportionate Zio media coverage of Jewish victims as compared to non-Jewish victims of Jewish terrorism and murder!

Zio-terror: phosphorus bombs on Palestinian civilians.
Zio-terror: phosphorus bombs on Palestinian civilians.

He recounts the history of Zionism in the Middle East and shows massacre and terrorist act after terrorist act by the Jewish extremists, and shows how one cannot understand the rage of Palestinians unless one also knows and understands the history of Jewish terrorism and genocide against the Palestinians.

Dr. Duke also adds the incredible Jewish-led terrorism against Europeans by the Bolsheviks and the incredible human toll of the destructive Jewish entertainment media that has made drug and alcohol abuse fashionable, as well as pornography and sexual mores that have destroyed millions of lives and families across the Western World and indeed across the entire planet.

A powerful show that will enlighten you and embolden you to stand up for the truth. Hopefully you will also be moved to support the publishing of the Jack London book which will inspire and motivate our people to act for our freedom and heritage! Great show! Share it! And be sure to support this book project—this very moment!

Click here and look for the show dated 11-18-14.

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