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Hear Dr. David Duke on Jewish Spying against America

Now on the Rense Radio network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke discusses the amazing revelation by Newsweek magazine about the “terrifying” Jewish, Zionist spying against America that is causing great damage to the United States, and certainly to the world by the influence of the Zionist partisans over American Policy.

He also shares the behind the scenes aspect of the great interview he did on Press TV that is an incredibly hard hitting expose of Jewish Tribalism.

Then, with Kay Whalen he goes in a Life, Health and Fitness segment where he gives his only personal prescription of the path to a happy, meaningful life of love and achievement. Specifically, today he talks about the most elemental building blocks of a great life, the clarity of how one sees their ideal self!

It involves clearly denoting the kind of person you want to be in all areas of life, and then the first and most critical step: cleaning up what Dr. Duke calls the opiates, addictions, degeneracies, destructive habits in our lives. Before one can build the great structure of a life, one must drain the swamp!

Click here and look for the show dated 05-07-14.