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Watch Dr. David Duke Expose Israeli Terrorism Against America on Worldwide Press TV

Dr-David-DukeWatch Dr. David Duke expose Israeli terrorism and treachery against America in a new broadcast on worldwide Press TV!

In a last ditch effort to protect America from Israeli spying and treachery, a few senior American members of America’s Intelligence community have briefed the U.S. Congress that Israel poses a dire threat to American security.

In discussing the Congressional testimony a major American publication put it this way:

Israel’s espionage activities in America are unrivaled and unseemly, counterspies have told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, going far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan. A congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony “very sobering…alarming…even terrifying.” Another staffer called it “damaging.” 

The Jewish state’s primary target: America’s industrial and technical secrets. 

“No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,” said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, one of several in recent months given by officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the State Department, the FBI and the National Counterintelligence Directorate. 

Press TV contacted one of the very few well-known political figures who have dared to stand up to  Israeli treachery, Dr. David Duke, and completed a worldwide, live interview with him Tuesday evening on the Israeli treachery.  –Posted by Duke Staff.

Here is the video: