VIENNA, Austria — US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Monday it was too soon to tell if a nuclear deal with Iran is possible, as he awaited the return of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif from consultations in Tehran.

“We’re just working and it’s too early to make any judgments,” Kerry told reporters in Vienna following a weekend of intense talks with counterparts from five other major powers and Iran.

In a possible sign meanwhile of progress, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that he would arrive on Tuesday, coinciding with the expected return of his Iranian counterpart.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, speaking in New York, said he would be back in Vienna this week. It was unclear when his British, German or Chinese counterparts might follow suit.

Over the weekend officials from both sides made clear that their Tuesday deadline to nail down a deal was highly unlikely to be met, although they said they would only extend by several days.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Israel backers rally outside U.N. Human Rights Council

(JTA) — About 1,000 Israel supporters demonstrated outside the U.N. Human Rights Council in Switzerland as a commission of inquiry presented a report on last summer’s Israel-Gaza conflict.

The participants in the Geneva rally on Monday represented more than 80 nongovernmental organizations and came from a dozen countries.

At the protest, Adele Raemer, a resident of Kibbutz Nirim, near the border with Gaza, described how the kibbutz residents were nearly murdered during the conflict when terrorists emerged from a tunnel from Gaza.

“I am disappointed by the tone at times of the Human Rights Council which insinuates that Israel does not demand accountability from her army,” Raemer said. “I know that in the process of protecting my community, our soldiers have put their lives at risk to save innocent Palestinian lives, aborting vital missions when non-combatant Palestinians were in harm’s way.”
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Netanyahu was ‘smuggled’ to hospital twice in disguised vans

Netanyahu, 65, in both cases had routine prostate examinations that found “nothing uncharacteristic for a man of his age.” (Handout/Getty Images)

(JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “smuggled” to medical appointments in disguised vans shortly before and after elections.

Netanyahu, 65, in both cases had routine prostate examinations that found “nothing uncharacteristic for a man of his age.”

In the first instance, shortly before the March 17 elections, he was transported to Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center, a haredi Orthodox hospital in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak, in what appeared to be a pita delivery van, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.
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From PressTV

A vehicle with bullet hole punctures on the scene of a shooting attack in the occupied Palestinian territory of West Bank, June 29, 2015. (Tazpit photo)

At least four Israelis have suffered injuries after being targeted in a suspected drive-by shooting in the occupied West Bank, security sources say.

According to Israeli media, the incident took place near the settlement of Shvut Rachel, north of Ramallah, on Monday night.

The victims, all of them men in their 20s, were reportedly riding in a car on a road in the area when they were shot at by a passing vehicle.

Reports say that the injuries of one of the targeted individuals are serious while the three others have been moderately wounded.

The four have been transferred to Tel Hashomer hospital for treatment.
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From Russia Today

Pope Francis to chew coca leaves during visit to Bolivia – minister

Published time: June 30, 2015 12:14

Reuters / Jaime Saldarriaga

(Reuters / Jaime Saldarriaga )

Pope Francis has made an unexpected request for his upcoming trip to Bolivia – he wants to chew coca leaves, the natural source of cocaine, according to a government official. Bolivia says it will “await the Holy Father” with the “sacred” leaves.

Culture Minister Marko Machicao told state broadcasters that the Bolivian government “offered [the Pope] coca tea or something for the altitude” on his upcoming visit.

But the pontiff apparently has his sights on chewing coca leaves, which have been used by local people to ward off the effects of altitude for centuries. They are also believed to help with muscle pain and stave off hunger and thirst, and can be used for medicinal and food purposes.

From Ynet News

39% of Germans say EU doing enough against anti-Semitism

Survey commissioned by European Jewish Association finds 15% of Germans believe there is a need to reduce activity to eradicate anti-Semitism across continent; EJA director slams ‘educational failure in implementing the lessons of the Holocaust.’

Published: 06.30.15, 00:17

Only a quarter of the German population believes that the European Union should intensify the measures taken to eradicate anti-Semitism across the continent, according to the results of a newly-released survey.

Thirty-nine percent of Germans believe that the current measures taken against Anti-Semitism today are sufficient, and 15% of Germans also believe that there is a need to reduce the activity on the subject.

The survey was commissioned by the European Jewish Association (EJA) in order to monitor changes in European public opinion toward the Jewish community and Israel.

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