Egyptian officials astonished by Israel's honoring of Jewish terrorists, but absolute silence from American politicians

Israeli Defense Minister Lavon who oversaw Israeli terrorist attacks against American facilities — pictured with Moshe Dyan

Egypt officials astonished at Israeli awards for terrorism — no objection from American politicians —

Excerpts from Deepika Global (India), April 3, 2005

Note by David Duke — This article shows how Egypt is quite shocked by Israel’s recent honoring of Jewish terrorists who attacked American installations. A good question is: why is not America furious about it? Most Americans have not even been informed of this incredibly anti-American act by Israel which should be big news in America. Of course, the fact that this story has been blacked out it is one more piece of evidence exposing the press control that America suffers under. Imagine for a moment if the Lebanese government had a celebration of the bombing of the Marine Barracks? Think there would be any indignation? See my article on Israel officially calling these anti-American terrorists, “heroes” — a little further down this Web page.

“Egypt is astonished at Israel’s tribute to nine Egyptian Jews recruited by the Jewish state to carry out ”terrorist operations” in Cairo and Alexandria in the 1950s, the foreign minister said. Israeli President Moshe Katsav last week honoured the Egyptian Jews recruited by Israel as agents to ruin Cairo’s rapprochement with the United States and Britain by firebombing sites frequented by foreigners the cities. Israel hoped the attacks, which caused no casualties, would be blamed on local insurgents. But the young Zionist bombers were caught and confessed at public trials. Two were hanged and the rest served jail terms and emigrated to Israel. ”We are utterly astonished at this tribute, especially at this time after 50 years have passed since they carried out (the attacks),” Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said late yesterday. ”What calls for astonishment in this matter is that those people were Jewish Egyptians and, likewise, they carried out explosions in cinemas and in American and British establishments in Egypt and they are all clear terrorist operations.” Egypt made peace with Israel in 1979. It was the first Arab state to do so.”