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"Non Bias Attack"

The Following Article was Titled: Non Bias Attack

Commentary by David DukeThe following article appeared in the Brooklyn Skyline publication and dealt with the vicious, brutal attack on four White little girls by 30 blacks. As you will see from the article. Although the attackers screamed “Black Power” and called their victims “white crackers” the authorities were quick to announce that the attack was not a hate crime! The attack occurred around Easter but there was no coverage of this attack other than this publication weeks later.

Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence knows that if the situation were reversed and 30 Whites violently attacked 4 little Black girls yelling “Ni–r” and “White Power” the story would have been on the front page of every daily newspaper in America and on the the evening news of every network and news channel. A huge outcry against the attackers would go up with likely comments from Hollywood stars and even the President Bush. Not only would the establishment refer it as a “hate crime” but there would be demands for felony prosecution of the attackers under civil rights laws as well as the laws of NY state.

But it was four little White girls who were attacked. We need to remember that White people have no “civil or human rights” in America. White victims of a horrendous hate crime are not even worth a local mention in the morning paper. And, to think, there are some people who think it is blacks who are the real victims of white bias and violence.

Non Bias Attack

April 11, 2005
By Marianna Hernandez

Invoking the name “Martin Luther King” and screaming “Black Power!” a gang of up to 30 black teens attacked four white girls in Marine Park in what police are saying is not a bias crime.

The March 30 attack was a hot topic at state Senator Marty Golden’s recent public safety forum.

According to witnesses and parents of the victims, four young girls from St. Edmund’s had the day off from school due to Easter recess. They were playing basketball during dismissal from nearby Marine Park Junior High School, when several Marine Park students demanded to use the court.

After adults intervened and asked them to wait their turn, the teens left – but returned in a pack of up to 30, both boys and girls, and stormed into the park.

Witnesses say the attackers were all black and called their victims “white crackers” during the bloody mêlée, which raged for almost 20 minutes.

“This is not being looked at as a bias crime,” NYPD Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn said at the meeting.

“When I pulled my car up to the park, I witnessed a pandemonium I’ve never seen in my life,” said Debbie, a mother of one victim who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Her daughter ran to the car, screaming, “They’re going to kill us,” Debbie recalled. My daughter was so scared and kids were running around like crazy.

Pursued by dozens of teens, some of the girls were “literally running into traffic to save their lives,” she said.

One girl made it as far as a nearby house, but was dragged by her hair back into the playground by a “wolf pack of children,” Debbie said.

The St. Edmund girls were bleeding and beaten to the point where they had cuts, scrapes, footprints and dirt all over them – and the attackers surrounded her car and started pounding on the windows as Debbie tried to herd the terrified children into her vehicle.

Two girls were hospitalized – one with a broken nose and one with a head injury, according to Edith, the mother of another girl.

According to Lt. Mark Molinari, from the 63rd Precinct, five of the assailants, who attend Marine Park Junior High School, were arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. But since the attackers are all under the age of 16, they are facing charges in Family Court, and were arraigned last Friday.

“I always felt safe in the area and after hearing about such an incident, you start thinking what else could happen. These situations should not be happening, not in Marine Park, or anywhere else, and the safety of our kids should be of most importance,” said Denise Williams, a parent from Gerritsen Beach.

“It’s getting progressively worse in the community – these types of gangs are not only taking away our parks, they‚re ruining our neighborhoods,” said parent Cathy Miller.

“Nobody expects their child to go to a park and get beaten, with footprints on her head and arm, everyone just wants their child to be safe,” said Edith. “Everyone should have the right to be safe from teens, to small kids, to seniors, to mothers with strollers, no one should fear of being beaten while enjoying a day in the park.”