A very typical hate letter against me

A Typical Hate Letter

I am never afraid to air views opposing me, I have no fear of freedom of speech, freedom of press, or debate. Why? It is because I sincerely believe that my positions are logical, factual and moral. And I believe that whem they are presented side-by-side with my critics attacks, the vast majority of readers will agree with my views rather than those of the Jewish supremacist mainstream media. That’s why they work so hard to intimidate and imprison anyone who is citical of Jewish supremacism. They are afraid of people reading our point of view in our own words rather than what they say that we say. In the Jerusalem Post article disussed in a recent post, it quotes the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center saying that the great danger is that people can read David Duke’s views “in his own words!”

Bountiful quantities of hatemail fills my mailboxes, and the emails range from outright threats of assasination to silly little diatribes. I picked out what I consider to be a typical piece of hatemail I receive. And it is absolutely typical. While attacking me for what the writer calls hateful racism, she says the most hateful, racist things imaginable about White people, things that I would never say about any other race.

While I am attacked for “supremacism,” the writer has nothing to say about the world’s worst supremacism. Instead of arguments, the writer suggest mental illness, abused childhoods, etc. Not in this email, but many of the hatemails I receive from these apostles of love and tolerance tell me how they hope I will be imprisoned for my beliefs, or even “raped” in prison, or how they would like me to receive the ultimate penalty, the death penalty if only the law would allow it for my terrible crimes of not sharing their belief system.

Here’s email I received a few minutes ago, and my short answer.– dd

David Duke,

You are a pathetic, sorry excuse for a human being. Your appearance on white supremacist (supreme – no, bad dream – yes!) websites inciting hate among people only shows you up as the weak coward you are. The rest of us normal and diverse people don’t need to hate others to feel good about ourselves.

No one takes you seriously except other social psychopaths like yourself, hungry for power that your own mind cannot supply normally, except by parasitically feeding on the strength of others. I find you contemptible, and a model I hold up to kids, to show them what not to be.

I thought since you and your merry band of socio-psychopaths seem to have such an inflated opinion of yourselves, I would set you straight as to how you are viewed by the rest of the world that is not the color of bleached cabbage. The rest of us, who were lucky enough to be born Jewish, or ebony-pigmented, or the color of golden sun-drenched honey, and not the white underbellies of frogs, don’t think you are such hot stuff. In fact, we think you are a sorry excuse, an aberration of the human race, a genetic mistake, a zit on the face of humankind. Maybe you always wanted to be brown-skinned and Jewish, could not join our club, and are so envious of us that!!

So spew your rage on your silly website. Malcontents usually have to vent somewhere like churlish children. Obviously your parents did a pretty lousy job on your manners, not to mention self-esteem. Your buddy Hitler was an abused child as well, like most of the tyrannical dictators Ceaucescu, Stalin, Shah of Iran, Marcos, etc. You have good company. I feel extremely sorry for you, since the anger you feel toward your parents is now being wreaked on anyone around you that doesn’t look like you. Sad, isn’t it? Don’t you wish you could be honey-colored like most of us in the world? Don’t feel too bad about being white. It isn’t your fault.

Oh, and in case you feel the need to assert your macho-white-guy-vigilante attitude around here and send someone over to beat me I’ll beat them right back up and send them back to you FedEx. So, don’t even think about it. You will not win. Free speech is still free in these here United States.


My response:

You better take a look in the mirror, you are the one actually full of rage and hate.

After your vicious attack on me, I guess I will respond, and my response will not be too kind. Although turn the other cheek is a great ideal, I find it hard to do in practice. When someone hits me I tend to fight back. But I will hit back with logic, not hate and invective.

Why do you bother me with your ranting? Are you so blind that you can’t read and understand the facts on my site about the world’s most extreme racial supremacism, Jewish supremacism.

How many letters have you written to the Jewish Neocons that got us into this god awful war and who openly boast of starting world war IV?

How many letters have you written to the American Jewish Committee complaining about their campaign against intermarriage of Jews and Gentiles, yet I bet you don’t approve of Gentiles who would launch a campaign against intermarriage with Jews or Blacks !!! Can you imagine the response such a campaign would receive in the press? Why is there no expose about this Jewish racism in the mainstream press?

You say you hate my “racism,” yet equate White people’s color to the underbelly of frogs and a “genetic mistake.” You are not only everything you say you detest, you are a hypocrite as well.

Frankly, I am not afraid to admit that I am relatively politically powerless , and few of my supporters have any public power at all. We are not the ones leading the world to hell. By your silence , you support the murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon, the Israeli state that has tortured hundreds of thousands of human beings. Hopefully though, people like myself will gain real political power and perhaps prevent the World War IV they so fervently seek.

You are blind to the real supremacism, the real intolerance, the world’s longest running hatred, Judaism’s hatred against all non-Jewish mankind.

And you don’t really support freedom of speech, for when will you speak out against the the suppression of my freedom of speech and those who share my political opinions? So don’t kid yourself, you don’t believe in freedom of speech at all. You believe in absolute power for Jewish supremacists; prison for those who criticize them!

I have respect for many people of different races all over the world , I seek no White imperialism, and I am no White supremacist. I am just a person who has the normal and healthy desire of most people in the world, that my heritage survives and that my people live in freedom and peace. I have come to realize that so-called Globalism is simply Jewish racial world supremacy. It is a policy of neverending war and oppression. it will eradicate all real freedom.

Take a look at who controls the world bank, much of the world’s media, has an inordinate influence in politics. Only such power can cause the world to turn a blind eye to the pariah state of Israel and the plight of the ethnically-cleansed Palestinians?

The Jewish supremacists seek the destruction and solidarity of every people on earth but their own. Can you not see that?

But obviously you don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody’s life or liberty but for Jewish oligarchs of power. You must be a Jew yourself. If not, you are definitely the one who is pathetic, a person blindly worshiping the very power who is the ultimate practitioner of the most extreme racial supremacist doctrine and nation on earth — the very thing you think you hate me for!

Even with all this said, I don’t hate you, I just wish you would read my articles with an open mind and open your eyes to the real world.

I am not the world’s foremost problem. Take a look at the enormous evil brought by 50 years of Jewish supremacism in the Mideast. How many lives have been lost, how many millions have suffered, how many have been tortured, maimed, dispossessed? How much terrorism has been spawned from the first terroristic acts of the Irgun and the Jewish ethnic cleansing of what is now Israel? Think about it.

I am not the source of this great woe. My problem is that I recognize the source of it and dare to speak about it.

If that makes me a coward as you say, then what are the many people who know of this evil but remain silent, are they the courageous ones?


David Duke