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Dr. Duke: Shocking Poll Shows 1 in 5 Students Support Violence Against Free Speech! ZioBrainwashing Must Be Exposed!


Today Dr. Duke talked about the shocking results of a new poll showing that Dr. Duke: one in five students support violence against hate speech, which is vaguely defined as speech that is biased and offensive. The rationale for violence against free speech that is being pushed by the Jewish-led academic left is that hate speech itself is a form of violence, so “communities” have the right to use violence to shut down that speech in order to defend themselves. Of course, this is a complete redefinition of the word violence, which Merriam Webster defines as “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.”

Dr. Slattery pointed out that while push polling (the intentional phrasing of a question in order to get a favored response) no doubt played some part, it is clear that Zionist brainwashing is penetrating the attitudes of our young people.

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