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Dr. Duke Calls out Jeffrey Lord & Cuckservative Anti-White ZioLies about American History!


Today Dr. Duke responded to former CNN panelist Jeffrey Lord’s ridiculous assertion that Hillary Clinton is “the new David Duke.” Hillary supports each and every war for Israel, wants to replace whites with immigrants, and insists that the only reason blacks commit so much crime and have such low education and economic achievement is because of white racism. Hillary, the new David Duke? Right.

Rather than pointing out that for over 50 years the Democratic establishment, along with loads of Republican collaborators like Jeffrey Lord, have implemented massive anti-white oppression in this country via affirmative action, the effective banning of organizing or advocating on behalf of whites, and trillions of dollars in asset transfers from whites to blacks via welfare, public schools, and other programs, Jeffrey Lord responds to spurious claims about Trump being racists by claiming that “Democrats are the real racists.” And he is not implying that they are anti-white racists, either. Jeffrey Lord is the new Al Sharpton.

Dr. Slattery joined the show for a discussion of the movement to repatriate American slaves to Africa that was supported by Presidents Madison, Monroe, and Lincoln.

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