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Dr. Duke Says Julian Assange Should Be Honored as One of World’s Greatest Heroes for Peace and Freedom!


Today Dr. Duke and British author and activist Mark Collett honored Julian Assange and Edward Snowdin as a heroes for peace and freedom! Dr. Duke spoke about the great service that these men provided when they revealed information indisputably proving that Hillary Clinton and the rest of the American establishment knew full well that they were creating and sustaining ISIS. The fact is that the American government was, and unfortunately continues to be, in a Zionist-dominated alliance that includes ISIS.

Mr. Collett noted that while the British authorities have been relentless in their pursuit of Assange, the British attorney general has declared that under now circumstances will former Prime Minister Tony Blair be held responsible for lying the U.K. (and the U.S.) into a disastrous war in Iraq that killed over a million people. He added that people need to focus on the Zionist deep state that is the root of the problem, and not the various symptoms of that Zionist control like Antifa protesters.

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