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Defending Free Speech in the Face of the Jew d’état (Audio fixed.)

April 16, 2017

Dr. Slattery interviews the British nationalist Jez Turner about his legal struggles after having addressed a demonstration against a tax-payer financed Jewish vigilante group in London known as Shomrim. Mr. Turner had the audacity to claim that Britain should be ruled by the British, and not run by Jews.

Dr. Slattery also described the events that have unfolded since the airstrike on Syria as some sort of Jewish coup d’état, which he calls a “Jew d’état.” It is hard to say what role Trump himself had in this Jew d’état. Dr. Slattery feels that, in the face of an onslaught from the Jewish media and nascent impeachment proceedings in Zionist-occupied Congress, he attacked Syria in order to buy himself some breathing space. But no matter what the case, we need to call out the Jewish nature of this coup d’état, and destroy the Jewish privilege of being above any criticism once and for all. This podcast is extremely relevant to the issue of Jewish privilege and the lack of the freedom to call it out that keeps us under the yoke of Jewish tyranny.



Those who wish to contact Mr. Turner can do so either via [email protected] or via his YouTube channel.

The Whitehall demonstration, at which Mr. Turner gave the speech ‘Free Speech’ that is causing so much controversy, is in the video below: