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Dr. Duke & Mr. Striker Expose the Jewish Ultra-Racists Who Tried to Shut Down Spencer and The Zionist Media and Deep State Who Support ISIS & Oppose Assad!


Today Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker as his guest for the hour. They started off by discussing Richard Spencer’s speaking event at Auburn University. Mr. Striker pointed out that the only opposition to Spencer’s speech was the Jewish-run Southern Poverty Law Center and the tiny Auburn chapter of the Jewish Hillel Student’s Association. Hillel and SPLC tried to shut down Free Speech because their own ideas have no power.

They went on to talk about important journalists like Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter who know what is going on with Jewish power but are unable or unwilling to mention it. It can be frustrating watching them correctly describe the problems facing us, only to see them conclude that these problems are the responsibility of “liberals” instead of identifying the 800-pound gorilla wearing a yarmulke.

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