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Dr. Duke & Atty Advo on the Auburn Victory and How Zionist ultra-Racists Lost their Effort to Shut Down Free Speech!


Today Dr. Duke had Attorney Don Advo as his guest. They talked about Richard Spencer’s speaking event at Auburn University in Alabama. The Univeristy caved into Zionist pressure to cancel the speech at the last minute, but Mr. Spencer was able to get a Federal Court to side with him just hours before the event was to start. The event was a success, partly due to the fact that the police actually enforced the law and prevented the Antifa from wearing masks. With their faces exposed, the Antifa were not able to violently attack Spencer’s audience.

Mr. Spencer was well received by the Auburn student body, and this goes to show that increasingly our young people are waking up to the lies of the Jewish media and the PC narrative fed to them by their professors.

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